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  1. Coming out for those type of balls are his weakest area. Did something similar against rangers when he elected to punch rather than catch a the cross that led to their 3rd goal. Time for Brett to get another run out, need to have some competition to keep it fresh imo
  2. What on earth was going through Hart's head for their goal?
  3. Was it Hart at fault for the goal? If it was the surely Long needs to be brought back on
  4. Was just waiting for us to concede from reading the tweets coming in. So so frustrating to keep dropping points when we have so many chances and just don’t take them. If you had offered me second in the league at the end of the first round of fixtures I would have bitten your hand off at the start of the season but it’s still a disappointing to know we would be top if we had taken our chances early doors. If we have genuine ambition to go up we need to start killing teams off. Also just had to be that useless b*****d jones to score the equaliser...
  5. Great to see Wallace back in and with a goal, sounds like we should be 5 up at this point!
  6. Great to see Wallace back in and with a goal, sounds like we should be 5 up at this point!
  7. Rightly so, shocking decision. Just hope we absolutely pump this lot, always provided a good game in the past
  8. Ultimately cost them the game in the end, got to feel for Stranraer been absolutely done out of a win
  9. Continuing on from last week, if you want to see the state of the referees in this league go and watch the Airdrie/Stranraer highlights. The red card for Stranraer is one of the worst decisions I’ve ever seen
  10. Any update with Vaughan? Genuinely gutted for the lad
  11. I agree with you, and yeah it would be a strange decision if he did somehow get the job. I have no doubt Darren will go on to bigger and better things at some point but to do it now would be a mistake imo, especially at partick given their last couple of years.
  12. Exactly what you need to see on a Sunday morning
  13. The allure of full time football may be too good to turn down, that’s the only worry I have. I do think McCall is the more likely candidate
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