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  1. 14 shots on goal, the opposition 0 Used to be the other way round not so long ago
  2. An opportunity to tighten up at the top of the league, but then when have we ever been good at doing that? Still - how about Airdrie?
  3. Algeria means Joy Joy is Algeria scoring Alegria is now in the hearts of the Falkirk faithful Tan orgullosa de ti, mi hijo, nuestro “bairn”!
  4. He’s a big name so worth a go Ah sorry, I meant he has a big name You do remember him in games against Airdrie, don’t you. Because playing for us he was forgettable (like the vast majority of our team last year) Your choice, I won’t discourage
  5. Perhaps with our new management team it might see a different opening from Lewis: ”Quite an atrocious performance John, would you agree” or ”Frankly a disappointing day for the fans and yourself, John” But then perhaps stick to a losing formula like the team does “Well John, something something something something something office?”
  6. Want to hear from our coach - We were god awful - names of those to be shamed and who can expect to be gone soon Do not want to hear from our coach - We did well in training
  7. Is Morrison the only one having a go at goal? That’s what I get from the BBC anyway
  8. Another one that went to the Conor Sammon Smile Institute Still, I wish the lad well and so should all of us
  9. I've said it before but I think it would be an idea for the club to sell shirts without a sponsor on them. Wouldn't mind if I had to pay extra. Anyone have the best email address to use for such a suggestion?
  10. I remember his interview when he joined - it was either not understanding the question or giggling , thought he was high as a kite
  11. 3-0 win awarded to Greenock Morton against Hibs. Wonder how the Hibs fans are thinking about the upcoming season now (but then who the hell cares) Now, just avoid defeat against Clyde, something we haven’t been good at for a while but I feel we’ll grab the most ugliest of win / bonus point Better season already than the last two!
  12. I laughed when I heard McGlynn saying that Kai Kennedy would be out for two months. When a player on loan is seriously injured, is it not the idea that they return to their club? I believe this happened with Mills and Kabia, but I may be mistaken. On a separate note, and while not squeaky clean media performances as recent coaches / charlatans, it is refreshing to hear those who need to do better be called out for improvement by the man giving them a chance. We’ve thankfully dropped the Sporting Director and hopefully replaced that with a Director of Arse Kicking. Lastly, If we only win 1-0 game after game, I’m happy with that - because we’re winning, and while it’s ugly as sin it’s the result that counts. So word to our Twitter - never mention Silky Soccer again, as it only gives ideas to those who don’t need them!
  13. BBC has Morrison as a CB with Mackie in midfield and Williamson on the wing! A mistake but we’ll allow it (God forbid if the club published it first, there’d be protests at the stadium
  14. 1405 in attendance - quite a lot of Falkirk support?
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