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  1. A phenomenal night and well, I can only feel good things happening now. For a few years we had players, and now - we have a team! My own thanks to all those fans from our rivals and other teams who have been very sporting, wishing us well. It's much appreciated.
  2. Oh well, must settle for the playoffs Nice change from last season COYB!
  3. Enjoyed the highlights but my goodness, when Oliver scored you'd think by the commentator's reaction that we were the minnows! (BBC production team saying to themselves "that was not in the script") Loved the roar of our fans as the goals went in and seeing them around the ground reminded me of a cold night at Meadowbank many years ago when we filled the stand, and the cerry-oot brigade surrounded the perimeter. Question I have is whether this cup run will help our financial predicament somewhat. Then again, questions like that can wait for a while. It's the time to celebrate and continue to revel in this rather enjoyable season. P.S Wonder what kind of speeches our frauds of managers past inflicted on their charges before games -that'd would be worth a laugh if the end result weren't so painful!
  4. Oh Rumarn, Thank you With your goal we bid goodbye to the hoodoo!
  5. Lafferty would also be a multiple match ban waiting to happen, all thanks to his mouth. He can be someone else's problem, we're doing well enough with the reducing amount of problems we have
  6. All that time, and what was the fish reference for? Is he a haddy?
  7. We’re still in the cup, with the revenue it brings 2nd in the league with the title still a real possibility We have a coach who actually knows what he’s doing Close to 4000 each home game, and as alway a healthy away support (something teams in the Premiership would be jealous of) Things behind the scenes are less amateurish, more professional And yet, the complaining continues ”La tristesse durera toujours”
  8. 4 mins left + FIFA standard injury time of 12 mins, so we’ll get this into double figures Well, it’s Christmas and dreams can come true
  9. Nice! Howard Jones sang it, “things can only get better” - and they did! A nice Christmas already
  10. Looks like we haven’t taken our foot off the gas. Keep it up lads, and here’s hoping we can extend some contracts.
  11. So, when was the last time we scored three goals at home, in a meaningful game? And, what could have been if Alegria hadn’t got his loco self sent off causing him to miss the Montrose game! Good to be a Bairn, rather satisfying!
  12. I’m glad we got a point. In previous seasons, we would have struggled from the get-go and would have given up after their goal. Do agree that Morrison has to lessen selfishness. Share the love for more love from the fans. Happy where we are, improving and seeing how the others faired today, confident that come May we’ll be smiling at the top looking down on the rest.
  13. It’s a joy to watch highlights like yesterday we see a team and not 11 bodies on a pitch wondering why they are there the way that players encourage each other when a goal has been scored the way that players encourage each other to do better we finally have leaders, something we have sorely missed the fans bringing a Colombian flag was a nice touch and I’m sure was appreciated by Alegria Feels good, feels weird but it feels right!
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