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  1. Derek Ferguson? Joking aside, it maybe a statement of intent, but a calculated risk. Hopefully we have a clause which, if we end up staying down again, doesn't cost us a penny
  2. It's maybe an idea but this was something I came across in Scandinavia. Clubs play in a kit plastered in sponsor logos, but it is also possible to buy a shirt without it. It makes the shirt a bit more acceptable to wear imho.
  3. Didn't something like that happen with Maurice Johnston in 1989, involving two obscure clubs in Strathclyde? I think it was in the papers
  4. I know in the case of Virgil van Dijk, his transfers always ensure a payday for his first club, FC Groningen. So hopefully, we made sure of some nice add-ons when making further transfers, international appearances. Oh wait - we're Falkirk, right? Then, judging at how well the club arranges its affairs, we might actually have to pay something instead
  5. Waiting for the club to announce the early bird special with Durnan's departure as motivation to sign up for more torture next season. The board could also spin this saying that they listened to the fans in not renewing that centre back / confidence trickster's contract
  6. Especially after what he has on his LinkedIn
  7. We're back to normal service on Twitter this morning with that Papa John's posting
  8. Seems we have a habit of strikers who don't score with us (either through lack of opportunity from a bad coach or just being bad) but then find their shooting boots elsewhere
  9. And here is the the prediction for where they will go: Jay Cantley - Juniors or the local college Akeel Francis - National League South or North, with an option to appear on Love Island Morgaro Gomis - QP* Aidan Laverty - QP* Robbie Leitch - QP* Scott Mercer QP* Conor Sammon - The Shire (he won't have far to walk and they need a replacement for Andy Rodgers) Josh Todd - Berwick or Stranraer (trying to seal up the Borders) * May turn into an actual footballer and cause us grief at some point
  10. I'm sure a local derby against Bo'ness United or Linlithgow Rose might be where we're headed (and it shows how far we've fallen when the Herald lists our win against Rose in the cup as a highlight of recent years)
  11. What's the betting that the first signing of the season will be: Ryan Williamson A goalkeeper who will most likely warm the bench An extension to Mark Durnan's contract Also, following that attempt at taking ownership of the situation, I'm wondering if one of our alleged team will step forward and bleat about how unfair we fans are a la Paul Dixon?
  12. This comment sums it up quite well and it's from the Herald! From the current crop of players, very few have done anything close to enough to show they deserve to be retained, assuming they even wanted to be
  13. Well, that apology is a clear admission of guilt when you read this line: All of the Board have been asked the same question – what went wrong? We were, after all, 3 points clear at the top with 6 games to go. The truth is that performances had been declining before that and since the return from league suspension which left us all very concerned This being the case, those in charge clearly didn't address it either by getting rid of Miller and McCracken earlier. Of course, signing players capable of shoring up the title (and were we not 8 points ahead at one point?) would help but if that is Holt's task to recommend signing targets to the coaches, then we may not have seen a good return on the money. The Q&A may well be some effort to engage fans but it only works if the fans make it clear in both words and actions, rather than a few questions about "who are we going to sign?" or the odd expression of approval. Turn up in numbers (virtually or in person) and withhold the cash. Yes, those in charge will moan about, pleading inability to realise goals without support, but this "slow decline" (an affront to be saying this) can't be allowed to continue. In the next few days, I expect (one or more of) the following on social media: A big announcement of our first signing in the form of Ryan Williamson looking puzzled as he tries on the new shirt while "looking forward to a great season", or "big club", or "its facilities" or "the fans, aye" any statement with those words in them A big announcement about our new shirt being modelled by our new signing An early bird special on season tickets, with a picture of a grinning Holt (enough to horrify anyone) More additions to the board A friendly involving a mediocre Premiership side
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