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  1. Wouldn't surprise me if the white sides would be filled in, but then the centre blue be replaced by white. Keep an eye on what Plymouth Argyle have, if they are still with Puma for next season. Very curious as to which sponsor we will have
  2. So, err, how about those signings then....when are they happening? Just asking
  3. Just want to say that the Raith fans here recently have been very decent in their behaviour. You've said goodbye to a manager who did a good job for you and who is now across the Forth at what was once a rival, have been sporting about it all, made good posts about what to expect from our new manager, while refraining from repetitive jibes or jokes as stale as a three week old pan loaf. For that, thank you Still enjoy reminiscing about the 7-1 thrashing we dished out at Frank Connor's going away party in 1990 , just wanted to say All the best - hope our seasons turn out to be brilliant
  4. It’s going to be very interesting over the next few weeks……….and I can’t wait! Well done the board - words which are foreign to them!
  5. Probably the last couple of days has been the busiest for me in terms of reactions to posts (the lyrics and the prefer eclectic McGlynn) Many thanks, whether positive or negative, enjoyment or bewilderment. It’s been a good day in more ways than one
  6. Was that a guess or did you read the post I made 2 hours ago? Anyway, thanks for playing
  7. Don’t be ashamed, we’re all tragic here
  8. Would be some turn if he did. If he can also work his magic on Hetherington, we will be unstoppable - or at least beating whoever replaces Dumbarton
  9. Wouldn’t be surprised if he headed to Australia, perhaps to team up with Jason Cummings
  10. I'm from Kirkcaldy originally - it felt like an eternity after visiting relatives!
  11. For those who were curious, or disturbed, the lyrics are from West Side Story (Something's Coming) Hopefully, this is the season when we go the right way up. Get decent players in, get our 21/22 team out the door, forget the 3 days of twitter posts showing how fitness is gauged. Can't wait for the new jersey either - might be a cracker
  12. Looking forward to us signing the right Brad, I guess
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