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  1. Alnwick Fraser. McCarthy. Shaunessy Tait JDH. Erhahon Connolly. McGrath. Durmus Obika Hoping we start with this line up, if we do I'm confident we'll win this.....
  2. This must be the SPFLs 2 newest clubs, am I right?
  3. Off the top of my head it was a Europe league game on the 25 of July 2013, can't mind the result but I'm sure they only charged £15 admission....
  4. This happened the same night we had beaten Celtic 2-1 at Parkhead, he was sacked the next morning IIRC, We had a great team under JC even better than Fergie's team, our board made a lot of clever decisions back in those days..
  5. Holy fcuk, that Aberdeen top is absolutely honking, that collar would annoy the fcuk out of you, if it hasn't went on sale yet they should bin it and bring out something less shit..0/10 That Motherwell away top is a belter, far too nice a strip for there ugly looking fans.., Kidding aside, if they keep a sponsor off that it could possibly be the nicest football top I've ever seen...10/10
  6. Yip I agree with most of this, Foleys been superb as has Durmus, McCarthy looks every bit as good as McLaughlin while McGrath looks a player when playing in his proper position (CM)....Jakubiak is a defo to try and hold on to, and of course Big Jon Obika is already a legend..... Looking good so far for next season... ps, I completely forgot we actually signed Chabbi.....
  7. Sevco... Cos I cant stand the cnuts and love it when they get pumped...
  8. Option 1) Hearts/Sevco/Hamilton fans raging.. Option 2) Celtic fans raging.. Mmmm....Option 1 please...
  9. Is there a betting scam going on at Sevco... How the fcuk could that pish beat them twice.....Hahahahahahearts...
  10. Funny enough virtually my whole family and vast majority of mates are from the green variety but I would never say any of them are bigoted in any way , they can be complete fannies at times though and most of the dumb fcuks cant get there heid around why I support St Mirren, was thinking being born and bred in Paisley might be a big giveaway, Anyway I'm going for us to take a point tomorrow and big Goody to give Lennon a slap at fulltime..
  11. Well if that doesn't knock the title nonsense out there heids nothing will.
  12. I think playing with the wee yellow ball on the park isnt either..
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