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  1. Win today and we can cash in our "86 payback voucher" with Celtic for next week's game, fourth place will well and truly be on the cards....
  2. Decent away support from Livi tonight by the looks of things,
  3. Surely one of the classics, pity half there away support struggle with the lyrics..... Could be YNWA levels..
  4. Behave yourself ya muppet, he inherited a total car crash from Rae, by the time he managed to change things around at the January transfer window we were lagging well behind..
  5. Very strange... A manager who took us from relegation certainties to runaway champions in just over a season and a half.... Hard man to please..
  6. Watching Sportscene atm, that PT strip is a thing of beauty.....
  7. Alnwick Fraser. McCarthy. Shaunessy Tait JDH. Erhahon Connolly. McGrath. Durmus Obika Hoping we start with this line up, if we do I'm confident we'll win this.....
  8. This must be the SPFLs 2 newest clubs, am I right?
  9. Off the top of my head it was a Europe league game on the 25 of July 2013, can't mind the result but I'm sure they only charged £15 admission....
  10. This happened the same night we had beaten Celtic 2-1 at Parkhead, he was sacked the next morning IIRC, We had a great team under JC even better than Fergie's team, our board made a lot of clever decisions back in those days..
  11. Holy fcuk, that Aberdeen top is absolutely honking, that collar would annoy the fcuk out of you, if it hasn't went on sale yet they should bin it and bring out something less shit..0/10 That Motherwell away top is a belter, far too nice a strip for there ugly looking fans.., Kidding aside, if they keep a sponsor off that it could possibly be the nicest football top I've ever seen...10/10
  12. Yip I agree with most of this, Foleys been superb as has Durmus, McCarthy looks every bit as good as McLaughlin while McGrath looks a player when playing in his proper position (CM)....Jakubiak is a defo to try and hold on to, and of course Big Jon Obika is already a legend..... Looking good so far for next season... ps, I completely forgot we actually signed Chabbi.....
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