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  1. I usually go for a Turkish delight after I've had a flat white..... hope you wash yer hauns, filthy bugger.....😆
  2. Holy fcuk.............Right you, Put the bottle doon and get tae yer bed....
  3. Add in Barry Lavety, I see him regularly at home and away games...
  4. Does anyone know how many tickets St Mirren are getting for the away tie?
  5. We'll sell this game out before the 1st leg has even been played...
  6. I suppose we could stop off at Perth on the way home and wreck the place... Then again if Dundee decide to lay down and help us out we could always hang around there for a bit and tidy the dump up...
  7. I suppose helping the Accies out saves the Johnnie's the embarrassment of being the worst supported club in the top flight next season..
  8. Charles Green, Imran Ahmad, Malcolm Murray, Brian Stockbridge ?
  9. Sevco fans especially, when they realise they've won f**k all again this season apart from 2 games against a seriously pish Celtic team...
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