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  1. real shame he didn't have the time to enjoy his money...reported £2.5m (which I assume was to purchase the shares intended for transfer to the fans), reported £6m on youth academy (pitches, facilities etc although £6m would get you all of that plus a lot more) and who knows maybe he left a bit more in his will/estate...read somewhere he also had a box at barcelona, so messi one weekend and the jags the next, living the dream!! being debt free should allow you to invest more in players if so desired, certainly easier than for teams deep in debt already, although cove were in pretty healthy state pre-oil crash and probably still are (again in comparison to others in L1)
  2. only what's in the public domain re your benefactor's extravagance before his sad passing
  3. best price cove 19/20 with hills, no matter how bad the thistle fans think their team is, this price is too short for a promoted team vs a relegated team (unless of course as said earlier, thistle are doing a brechin but surely no wi a colin's money tae spend?)...on an unrelated matter, Hibs 8/5 wi 365 tae beat (albeit a right up for it) hearts seems too big and i'l be haeing a sma lump on
  4. aye fair point but unless you're trying to out-brechin brechin coming fae premier league THREE seasons ago to forecasting 3-0 defeats is certainly lowered expectations
  5. nithing like some self deprecation to lower the expectations!! ony thistle fan really expecting a 3-0 loss is in sair need o a pint!! or similar....
  6. was surprised that bookies had cove so short for their first away fixture in L1 but result shows they know their onions!! would have been really decent crowd, such a shame, guessing maybe 1500-2000? let's hope this lockdown nonsense behind us before the return fixture, anywyes the win at balmoor wid blaw ony covid miles inland!!
  7. cove will have this game circled in their calendar since fixtures released, can't see them losing, draw at worst. consistently under rated but this team and back room infrastructure are headed to championship in next 3 years, maybe even this year if falkirk and thistle under perform
  8. interesting summer ahead, will be some decent teams in L1 - assuming falkirk and raith go up as champions and play off winners (would fancy them against thistle or QOS), expect more from clyde but cove will be aiming for promotion play offs
  9. bet365 paid out on cove...happy days..now waiting on falkirk for the double, last game of season could be decider hame tae raith
  10. not this years brora - all the HL buzz indicates they're going for it
  11. HL maybe not as good as some would have you believe, but Brora are...
  12. you must live in one of the rio favelas if that's your pub league standard
  13. With the pretty amazing form of Kelty/Bonnyrigg and Brora (who rumour has it are pretty serious about going for it this year i.e. best players won't be away on stag parties!) it's very clear that whoever comes 10th this year will be in real danger of relegation and although Brechin are in a desperate position, their point yesterday may be a sign of things to come (and I find it hard to believe any team could be relegated three successive seasons - surely that would be some kind of record?) so will be interesting if they can apply pressure to Albion and/or Stenhousemuir, I think everyone else is safe... any of the three aforementioned will be tough nut in L2 next year so whoever gets a promotion play-off this season will be desperate to wave L2 goodbye!! in closing Cove home form 13 wins from 13 games, 34 goals vs 5 conceded is top notch and it's not cause they are more used to the wind and cold than the opponents!!
  14. mcallister to cove the biggest move so far
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