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  1. maybe Cowden took 100 less than Edinburgh City?? Anyways agree 100% with the pie eater, Cove on the up and they have the commercial set up to get them up another division at least
  2. how are the cowden masses being treated in the social club fan zone? surely you've taken at least 150 up??
  3. you didn't mention the top selection of malt whiskies .....loons weel worth a visit
  4. FFS a lot of precious b*****ds on here!! you are the 'big' team in a poor division and if you dinna run awa wi the title then god only knows....882 a the wye tae peterheid is fair shout - good luck for season cause i've got ye in a double wi cove
  5. aye head north boys - get pumped and avoid the pies
  6. apparently the fan zone in the cove social club is welcoming to away fans, although maybe the cowden hordes should try somewhere else...also check out the long cove v berwick play off thread, loads of views on pubs there
  7. wow three consecutive last place finishes for Brechin - think ye might hae a grudge!!
  8. they are rarely wrong because they control the markets to make sure that is the case - yes individual punters can win if they can get on but as anybody who bets seriously knows, that is harder and harder to achieve... anyways back tae the fitba - good result for Cove, or maybe raith are poor..
  9. hoping for 9-2ish for Cove, but 7-4 across the boards, bookies are rarely wrong and although not convinced by Hartley, will be surprised if they don't win the title but better value betting them to win individual games than 7-4 over the season
  10. showing my age fan the first thing intae my heid seeing this wis the image o bottles o the diluted purple paraffin stuff...and even weirder that moray cup fae sangs up your wye
  11. are you the same superbigal that posts on betfair forum
  12. brora, formartine and locos the obvious candidates but not convinced brora want it so possibly formartine favs but as a few avid SHFL fans will testify, they've promised much and delivered little these past few years, sure they'll be glad to see the back of cove
  13. has the Berwick #7 been with them all season? in the brief highlights, he looked a player..sure the sending off made a difference but looked very one sided
  14. nah peterhead and clyde were the 'big teams' the others in L2 won't have the same level of support both in fan numbers and in financial terms
  15. with this current team, cove would finish top 4, depending on summer signings could be favourites for the league especially as the 'big teams' have gone up
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