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  1. Airdrie,with a stronger team,than the season before performed way below expectation.We are probably the hardest fans in the league to keep happy right enough.But hats off teams like Arbroath and Montrose,showing it can be done if you have the right people in charge of the club/team. Song of the year coming from the young Diamonds fans against Arbroath,2nd last game of the season......."You're just a fat peaky blinder,fat peaky blinder.....Dick Campbell was in hysterics at it.Brilliant stuff.Aye that was my highlight as an Airdrie fan
  2. Chasing away young raw talent is the Airdrie way right now under this board.He was offered next to nothing to stay,the laddie deserved more.We have a tough league again to try and get out of,so let's hope and pray this 'hybrid ' this works.Also heard Hutts has been offered a better deal away from us,if I was the board I'd be busting a gut to keep him.
  3. My problem is does PH have something to hide?The Trust last night clearly stated that PH has failed on several times to respond to emails about getting around the table and sorting things out.Yes we all want a successful team on the park but to achieve that off field matters matter. If the hybrid proposal works then fine but if it doesn't where will it leave us?So if you're reading this Mr H get it sorted with The Trust,who are willing too,and let's MAKE AIRDRIE GREAT AGAIN
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