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  1. That’s a very decent squad, think I’ll put a few quod each way on Ayr to win the division!
  2. Point 2 should be split into two points and “account” should read “end the season”. No idea what happened there but hopefully you still get my drift!
  3. I’m not sure our individual voices will have the impact we need. I was thinking of a collective voice for all of us, where we can say together for instance “We demand a say in Reconstruction or we will withhold our season ticket money”.
  4. Neil Doncaster’s statement that “Supporters are the Fabric of our Game, without them our Game will die” is very true. How come then we are not involved or even consulted in the current reconstruction talks? Is there a way that we can have our voices heard in a meaningful way that will influence Scottish Football?
  5. I wasn't so much wrong about Peter MacDonald as I thought he'd be a decent addition. I just didn't realise how skilful a player he was, he completely won me over.
  6. Just having a kangaroo supper with a can of XXXX, thanks for asking!
  7. Were the two players recalled by Hearts getting regular game time? I’m maybe clutching at straws here but will take any advantage we can get!
  8. Shankland looked okay to me in a Scotland Strip in both matches, played unselfishly for the team and linked play well. Should maybe have been a bit more selfish a couple of times but the comments from his team mates were without exception complimentary and appreciative of his contribution.
  9. The Green Oak is one of those pubs which is absolutely jumping on a Sunday or even a Monday, Saturday seems to pass it by!
  10. To the Thistle Fans: Have you noticed when you lose Caldwell refers to the players as "they" and "them" and the coaching staff as "us" and "we"? And when you win everyone's "us" and "we". Maybe not that big a deal but I couldn't help noticing it. For me it's Caldwell saying if "we" get it right it's down to me and if "they" get it wrong it's down to them>
  11. Yeah could be right, as Hoppy was praising him up, whereas Salkend wasn’t sourced by him.
  12. I’ll admit I’m also unsure if McAlister still has the legs to play wing back, however I thought having Nesbitt in front of him would reduce his need to fly up and down the wing for 90 minutes. I’m also taking from Hopkin’s intention to sign 4 CB’s, that’s it’s a back 3 with one as cover. Perhaps McAlister could fit in there with Strapp at LWB?
  13. I'd be very surprised to see Hoppy play 4-3-3! possibly more likely to see something like this: Ramsbottom New New New Tumilty Millar Jacobs Lyon McAlister Salkend Nesbitt
  14. Didn’t see it as I didn’t follow his career after he left Morton, reason being I don’t like players carrying injuries, and was embarrassed by Gunning limping around in a semi-final. Maybe not all his fault but good riddance all the same!
  15. Only if genuinely match fit. He played for us carrying an injury. Obviously a classy centre half but when chasing the ball his limp and slow pace was very pronounced, as in the LC semi against Aberdeen.
  16. No that’s not required. What you said is quite balanced and I tend to concur. I’ve also said he could be okay with the right partner.
  17. If Buchanan is so useless, how come we finished the season well and kept out some decent strike forces? Considering we had a non-CB in McAlister alongside him plus either Iredale or Kilday (who also had their critics) I don’t understand how we could’ve defended so well if we’d carried our most central CB. In fact I don’t think that’s even possible! Nor is saying a CB can hide in a match!
  18. Don’t think our new Sports Scientist/Assistant Manager would take an injury prone player like Quitongo. Though if fit he would fit our proposed new profile of high press, in your face!
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