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  1. Honestly it’s been so long since Welsh played for us that I forgot his penalty record for us. Normally I just expect the standard miss from the spot for us.
  2. ‪I thought Scotland was bad but Greece drawing with Liechtenstein‬ in a below half empty stadium is something else. Also they fooked up my coupon the b*****ds [emoji35]
  3. Honestly what a difference we are with Welsh in the team
  4. I think Russia would be happy with a draw. Giving this one a miss cause work but I’ll be at pumping from Belgium game[emoji4]
  5. I’m fully expecting us play a very weak team. Would like to see Machado get a run out.
  6. I’m fully expecting us to lose 0-5
  7. a nice wee tour this [emoji102]
  8. It’s much less Maynard and literally no screaming at all but I don’t think his voice could do that now. Musically it sounds brilliant though and will definitely be in my albums of the year. Really good month for heavy music.
  9. I have seated level 0 tickets too and that’s what I was hoping for [emoji848][emoji848]
  10. I refuse to believe that there was any slipknot standing tickets today at all. Managed to get section D tickets which is the next best thing I suppose...
  11. Happy Fear Innoculum day everyone [emoji4]
  12. Had a ticket in my basket and was about to checkout but time I got there it said sold out. Looks like I’m going to have to try my luck tomorrow....
  13. New knocked loose album today for the hardcore fans out there. It’s bloody brilliant if I do say so myself
  14. Yeah tickets are surprisingly cheap imo for a band like Slipknot
  15. Slipknot on a Saturday in Glasgow is going to be fun. I’ve also never seen Behemoth so that’s going to be interesting.
  16. Pulp

    Albums of 2019

    Didn’t like it at first but the new bon iver album has really grown on me. Sounds even better through headphones.
  17. Pulp


    The cure were brilliant last night. Maybe the best encore I’ve ever seen?? I feel bad for people going to see Foos tonight as there’s pretty much no ground left.
  18. Pulp


    Quite excited for the cure tonight [emoji18][emoji18]
  19. I really hope this is a really shitty troll
  20. Tbh I wouldn’t miss White that much. He gives 100% but doesn’t score enough goals for a striker imo
  21. Zibi Malkowski is still playing these days. Let’s announce him too
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