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  1. Pulp

    Albums of 2019

    Didn’t like it at first but the new bon iver album has really grown on me. Sounds even better through headphones.
  2. Pulp


    The cure were brilliant last night. Maybe the best encore I’ve ever seen?? I feel bad for people going to see Foos tonight as there’s pretty much no ground left.
  3. Pulp


    Quite excited for the cure tonight [emoji18][emoji18]
  4. I really hope this is a really shitty troll
  5. Tbh I wouldn’t miss White that much. He gives 100% but doesn’t score enough goals for a striker imo
  6. Zibi Malkowski is still playing these days. Let’s announce him too
  7. Alan Simpson in charge of transfers now.
  8. Tool now on streaming services. Today is a good day.
  9. I can’t see us scoring in this. Best I can hope for is a bore nil nil draw.
  10. The only thing I would change about the league cup is that i would make the group stage random and not if you’re from the north or south of Scotland etc.
  11. ICT B will coast the league imo
  12. Wasn’t at the game but heard from people there that the score line may have slightly flattered us. Whatever anyway I still don’t care if we go through or not. A good performance next week at Dundee will be the most important thing.
  13. Honestly if we went out of the league cup I would not be disappointed
  14. I wouldn’t be disappointed if we went out at the group stage if I’m honest.
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