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  1. TavTastic

    FIFA 20

    Fucking EA account hacked today but looks like no damage occurred 🙄 Can't seem to sell Ruud Van Nistelrooy either. Bought for 370k looks like more about 300k is what I'll get for him.
  2. Another great save from McGregor today. Aging like a fine wine... #McGregor2021
  3. Yeah that's just not close to true. Daft today right enough.
  4. Would have been happy with that scoreline before kickoff but dampened a bit with Morelos missing the Hibs game for a daft reason. Scores a smart finish then just silly to do that on a booking. Must win next Friday.
  5. Oof unlucky Borna. Been great again today. EDIT: Just saw that Gillespie got a touch on it. He's been very good today.
  6. Decent first half but that's been the case the past 3 games so need to score again to seal the win. Need to be more ruthless. Morelos and Borna been good. Kent missing at the moment and Kamara quite sloppy. Should have had at least one penalty but no idea who'd take it!
  7. That's a red imo. Quite high and catches with the studs.
  8. We did very well in the group but some of the teams we can get now are ridiculously strong. Sevilla, Inter, Man U, Arsenal and more.
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