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  1. Does goals scored not matter after goal difference then as New Zealand would be on 2-3 if they won 2-0? They'd need to win 3-1 or 4-2 if so.
  2. Surely 1-0 is enough. Would require one of the 0 pointers in group E to win by 3 goals and Chile to beat Thailand by 4 to not be enough?
  3. Great news. We needed a centre half in quickly since Katic will be back late due to the U21 European Championships. Now announce Kent and Aribo before the weekend!
  4. Progres again! Either revenge time or the ultimate embarrassment.
  5. Shved will be a good signing for them imo. Young and has a great goalscoring record.
  6. I don't doubt it. I was just mocking Tom English's catastrophically timed tweet tonight.
  7. Burrows must have been hyperventilating for about ten minutes before accepting a higher bid. You got to feel for Burrows here.
  8. Good move for him if it happens. A great coach willing to play young players. Their squad is full of good technical players like Vrancic and Buendia. He'll fit in well there.
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