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  1. I get your point. At no point did I say that overall its beneficial to other Scottish teams. I mentioned a positive of it but I can totally see why (on balance) that people wouldn't be happy with it. There's positive and negatives from that perspective but definitely makes sense that on balance you wouldn't be happy with it.
  2. Yeah I just meant one tie to win for any group stage football. The conference league will be interesting to see the difficulty of the qualifiers.
  3. Wolves or Man U yes. Arsenal I'm not so sure.
  4. Could be worse considering we looked dead and buried 2/3rds the way into the home tie.
  5. It helps 3rd to 5th in the Premiership. 3rd place only needs to win 1 single tie to get into European group stage.
  6. Basel are pretty bad. They won't get to semis.
  7. I wouldn't even disagree with that. Arsenal are awful and haven't improved in results at all since Arteta came in.
  8. Copenhagen are 9 points behind Midtjylland who we beat 7-3 on aggregate lol. Horrendous result if they can't turn this round here.
  9. All we needed to guarantee top 15 was Celtic to knock out Copenhagen but that's looking unlikely atm 🤣
  10. They extended Willian's deal by a year so not sure if they will actually sell. Lampard seems to like him. Also I don't see how Sancho is in anyway overpriced. English, young, performing to a very high standard. That sets a team up massively for at least 5 years.
  11. Haha ok why? True I do believe they do. I also believe that if Dicker hadn't had a yellow already he would have been booked and if Morelos had then he wouldn't have. There's a pattern in Scottish refs of trying to be as uncontroversial as possible and giving a second yellow for diving is always more controversial than if it's a first booking.
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