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  1. Is anyone else having difficulty purchasing a ticket for this match online?
  2. Dunfermline are playing great. James McPake has got you well drilled. Us on the other hand... well I try not to write anything negative in my posts so I will leave it at that. Well played Dunfermline. Finishing top of League One without a doubt.
  3. Hopefully they change their mind before Tuesday [emoji846]
  4. Sorry... just wanted to change the photo from GG. Can't stand looking at it. And also it might bring back some great memories for the Falkirk fans[emoji6]
  5. I'd be happy to volunteer if anyone involved can PM me. Particularly keen to get a strimmer out around the car park. The Terregles end looks great! What a difference.
  6. Am I too early in saying offer a new contract to Ruairi Paton? He only has this season left. If he progresses further I think another team will pick him up on a pre-contract by the end of the year.
  7. Closest place to the stadium is the bowling club who serve a nice lager. [emoji106]
  8. Scotland's best ever Goalie. Thanks for everything Andy. God bless.
  9. Very sad to hear about Andy Goram and Drew Busby. Thoughts go out to their families. Thanks so much to both for all they gave us.
  10. That goal against Morton in the Challenge Cup that he scored...such determination. I really like him and his attitude on and off the pitch.
  11. Very sorry to hear that. My thoughts are with his family.
  12. I wish him well. At least he didn't trash us in his interview. Unlike Dan "100%" Pybus.
  13. Hopefully some signing news soon... however things already feel a lot more positive than this time last year.
  14. That was what I was thinking. Would there be an opportunity for him at Palmerston as a part time coach? It would be a boost just to see him there on match days.
  15. Exactly. Never mind all the negativity Arbroath. You can do it again. Prove them all wrong again next season!
  16. What about Sol Brynn for a year long loan deal as a replacement?
  17. Yes I think Nditi has potential. I was hoping he would stay but wasn't expecting him to considering how little he has been selected in the last few games.
  18. Good luck to them both. All the best for the season ahead. [emoji106]
  19. No to Jim McIntyre for me. He doesn't give a s#@t about Queens. He legged it as soon as Ross County flashed their knickers! Give the job to Wullie.
  20. Really looking forward to this match as a neutral. I have no idea who will win. Just hope it is not a nil-nil bore draw!
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