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  1. Bloody hell. I have bad memories of Stirling Albion in the early nineties getting drubbed by them 7-0 and another about 6-2
  2. What has happened to Gary Harkins? Is he still injured?
  3. I would just like to say welcome to the club Abdul. Hope your stay with us is a long and successful one.
  4. And yet we still beat you... Is that the only picture you've got?
  5. Just watched the interview with magic. Not looking like a happy man. I know that is an obvious thing to say after a defeat but he seemed on edge to me.
  6. Does anyone have an update on the player who was supposed to be signing?
  7. He is. Met him once with my daughter. He was a nice guy.
  8. Any chance you think he could end up at Hearts if Craig Levein leaves?
  9. It's a massive relief to get the first win. Hopefully this will build the confidence of the team.
  10. Nope... We are going to win today. 3-1 Queens. Dobbie hatrick! [emoji6]
  11. Where we go from here? Where will we be this time next year? I know it may be over the top but look what has happened to Brechin they went out of the Championship and fell down to the bottom of league 2. I agree with others that we need some kind of plan or clear aims for the future coming from the top. Crowds are dropping and players are despondent. We need a leader.
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