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  1. Is the bounce game v Ayr next week open to the public?
  2. Is the bounce game against QP still on at Lesser Hampden on 02-07-2019? Anyone know kick-off time and whether its open to the public?
  3. Any ideas of pre-season matches prior to facing Berwick in the cup?
  4. I don't know what's happening at board level etc, but one thing I can comment on is having watched the two playoff games, if any manager thinks that that group of players are capable of playing senior level then he's ripping the p***. There are players in that team that wouldn't get a game for an average junior team
  5. As a neutral who attended the game today I'll throw in a couple of observations from today. I haven't seen Berwick at all this season so don't know how good, bad or indifferent they are but the two major things were the inability to retain possession and players hiding. If you constantly give a decent team the ball then they will create. I fully respect confidence is low and the new management team could only 'piss with the willie they have ' but iI was amazingly surprised on how poor Berwick were
  6. If Berwick go down does everyone think 1) JH will resign 2) JH will be sacked 3) Who the fans would like to be new manager
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