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  1. Meanwhile back in the real world not a single eyelid would be batted if an adult ordered a fruit lolly over a cone.
  2. Or a bicycle cycling is never the answer.
  3. I like to turn a Calypso upside down beforehand. It's an excellent hangover lolly.
  4. Looking for recommendations really. With the weather on the warm side I've been buying a 4 pack of Tesco finest orange lollies twice a week and they're excellent! Anyone else want to recommend some fruit lollies? That's fruit lollies not choc ices on a stick like Magnums.
  5. Such a poor thread. Please if you start a thread in the GN section at least has a little pride in your work.
  6. And the lesson learned is to arrive in plenty of time for public transport or better still get a full UK driving licence.
  7. Brazil 1970 - Overpopulation Berwick Rangers - Global Warming. Rangers - The Dodo.
  8. Why not just buy them from the machine? Sounds like the conductor showed great restraint not banning you from all Edinburgh public transport.
  9. I like listening to Capaldi being interviewed. Comes across as natural, intelligent, and quite funny, and he's clearly blessed with an excellent voice. A toss up between Stormzy and George Ezra for the worst of the festival. Shotgun must be one of the most annoying lyrics ever penned.
  10. I believe they get by playing online electronic games, completing computer games and going on solo-cycling holidays.
  11. Not only are my mates always on my mind they're forever in my heart. I often joke with people that if I was a railway station I'd be Compassion Central...! You strike me as the kinda person who'd be into trains, Dindeleux. Do you have a wee model train set in your room to pass the hours when you've completed all your computer games?
  12. That's just the name of a garage, mate. You should visit it though you'd be able to pick up a version of travel Ludo so you and your buddies can have a great old night playing board games!
  13. Absolutely no surprise @Dindeleux is like a moth to a flame with this thread. Seems like he's unhappy with his bites which means its a great night of ludo for the self-confessed board game enthusiast. Sad c**t.
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