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  1. I'm really looking forward to the customary 'last home game of the season' lap of honour. I'd like the lap to end at the gate opening out onto Halbeath Road and continue on for another few hundred miles.
  2. When Richie Byrne left as well, that was the final straw for me.
  3. Makes it even more mental to think he was replaced by Connolly and Hippo...
  4. I just don't know what to think about Crawford. I think everyone wants him and Shields to be the dream team, giving the youth an opportunity and getting the fans back on side. I can't see the budget being there for a full overhaul and the competition for the types of players we need (a goalscoring striker, a creative midfielder and a compotent centre back) means we will struggle to attract better players than what we've already got on paper. What we need is a manager who can manage games, motivate and get the best out of average players. He really hasn't shown he can do that.
  5. I'd have my doubts about ourselves, Morton and QOS beating Montrose over 2 legs never mind Forfar and Raith. I think Partick and Alloa would be perhaps the toughest of mind within the pack. The rest would fold.
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