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  1. One minute into this game and Martin Tyler needs binned for the season
  2. Summed it up pretty accurately I want to be positive and optimistic for the season ahead, but that was something else today. Dreadful performance and thought Grant was tactically poor, making changes 3-0 down with 5 mins to go just summed it all up. Partick deserved the win but I don't think they really needed to do much, just hemmed us in and waited for us to make the mistakes. They probably won't get an easier 3 points this season.
  3. You didn't miss much. Pretty meh game if I remember. Think Queens got a pentaly? And I do not remember our goal at all. The overriding memory of that day is drinking Coronas in the Old Inn before kick off thinking I was being fucking hilarious. That seems a bit of a sick joke now I look back.
  4. Aye you definitely dodged a few bullets with those games. That whole season for me was just a f**k up from start to finish, I worked a lot of Saturdays then and the games I did make were all defeats.
  5. AJ was still the gaffer then Ringo. Although he should have been emptied at full time. Well now I feel bad for giving Crawford the dogs abuse for that performance. When was AJ sacked, it can't have been long after that?
  6. Yeah I thought that after the Falkirk game in November '18 when we were all over them, only for them to score their only shot on target, in fact, that's another game I was extremely miserable after that result (I did however not skip my planned post match drinks after that game) . Doubts about Crawford began then for me.
  7. It's been mentioned but the Raith game in the Scottish Cup 2019 was a complete sickener. Unbelievable arse collapse in the second half. I was so pissed off after the game I skipped the planned post game drink and fucked off home in a total rage. Probably just what Raith fans wanna read about tbh
  8. Home kit - Love it Away kit - Don't Love it That is all.
  9. I don't mind the crowd noise. Anything to drown out some moron ex professional talking shite and pointing out the glaringly obvious in a game. I think this has been covered before on this thread but no fans at games has made me really notice how bad the pundits are on TV. kris boyd and Steve mcmannaman being front runners for the c**tiest pundit on TV at the moment.
  10. Jack Grealish is on a driving ban. Does that answer the question?
  11. Agreed. Would have thought Sheffield United had learned their lesson getting guys like Ravel Morrison and Jack Rodwell who were completely useless for them. How do they keep getting big clubs wanting them? Maybe all have the same sweet talking agent ?
  12. Fans who scream non constructive things like... - 'elbows oot lads!' (when player jumps for header) - 'Bin him' (when going for a slide tackle) what does that even mean? - And my personal favourate 'break his legs' (again when going for a slide tackle) Why?... Just why?
  13. Not a huge amount but our main tactic seemed to be long diagonal balls to Thomson for some reason. McGill missed our only real chance. He should have buried it too. Cheers pal. Hopefully we try and play a bit more football tomorrow!
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