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  1. I don't mind the crowd noise. Anything to drown out some moron ex professional talking shite and pointing out the glaringly obvious in a game. I think this has been covered before on this thread but no fans at games has made me really notice how bad the pundits are on TV. kris boyd and Steve mcmannaman being front runners for the c**tiest pundit on TV at the moment.
  2. Jack Grealish is on a driving ban. Does that answer the question?
  3. Agreed. Would have thought Sheffield United had learned their lesson getting guys like Ravel Morrison and Jack Rodwell who were completely useless for them. How do they keep getting big clubs wanting them? Maybe all have the same sweet talking agent ?
  4. Fans who scream non constructive things like... - 'elbows oot lads!' (when player jumps for header) - 'Bin him' (when going for a slide tackle) what does that even mean? - And my personal favourate 'break his legs' (again when going for a slide tackle) Why?... Just why?
  5. Not a huge amount but our main tactic seemed to be long diagonal balls to Thomson for some reason. McGill missed our only real chance. He should have buried it too. Cheers pal. Hopefully we try and play a bit more football tomorrow!
  6. 1-0 Pars. Would go for more if Nisbet was playing and I think we have enough to get this one in the bag. Hopefully one of the fringe forward players can step it up. How did afolabi play on Wednesday? I thought he looked really good against United
  7. Yeah it's typical of their nature. Sing offensive songs week in week out prompted by their clubs tannoy but as soon as other fans sing something offensive or unsavoury they are suddenly the pillar of morality in Scottish football (but I'm not condoning the songs we sang and shouldn't have sang them)
  8. Think a lot of goals will be scored tonight by Liverpool Makes a statement that Liverpool will take the title to the wire and aren’t giving it up after City’s result the other night reckon a 5, 6, 7 - 0 scoreline will do that (even though Huddersfield are rock bottom)
  9. Agree with that, Keane just took him right back down to reality that Man U a a poor team
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