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  1. Kieran Gibbons from EK is one of them.
  2. Another crackpot incarnation. You really are to be pitied.
  3. How could that be guaranteed when it was an application process?
  4. So changing a rule half way through a season Is acceptable? Why did Ken not propose this at the start of the season, is it because his club were in the shit?
  5. Sorry? In what way did the LL decline to hold a play off?
  6. Given that some one grassed I would say it was a Top Shop by them.
  7. Bwaaaahhhaaaaahhaaaaaahhaaaaaa!!!😂😂😂 Ok, to be serious for a minute..........nope that didn’t work........Bwaaaaaaahhhaaaahhahahahah😂😂😂
  8. I agree with you, but when you are at a club with a lot of fans they will vote blindly for you.
  9. In what way was it railroaded? As far as I am aware it was by application, and therefore everyone had a choice.
  10. See if your lonely mate, and want attention or company just reach out, I mean that. You seem to want to grab attention by being overly aggressive and disagreeable, it’s not the way to go. its not too difficult to be reasonable, give it a go you might like it.
  11. Junior football has been like that for years.
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