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  1. I’m not sure the posters of P&B are discouraging people to say stuff. Maybe overestimating the power of this forum 😀
  2. Why was it not good publicity? I thought both the FM and Professor Leach made the position clear.
  3. Genuine question, are your team considering stopping playing, or have they approached the league with their concerns?
  4. A lot of assumptions there, however, happy to agree to disagree.
  5. It’s not just non league football though is it? So I don’t buy your argument that the government just don’t care or don’t have the time to look at it. I would imagine that there is a fair bit of dialogue between the government and the SFA over this.
  6. Do you not think that Government, who have been pretty strict with rules so far, would allow this to continue if they had any doubts whatsoever?
  7. If the Government deemed this to be a contributing factor to the outbreak, they would have no hesitation in stopping it. I get your point re the stakes, so maybe at this level, then it should be looked at.
  8. Given the government’s stance so far on this virus, then surely if they thought playing football was an exceptional risk then they would stop it? They are obviously looking at the evidence and listening to actual experts, not Monday morning quarterbacks. If they had any doubt then they would stop it.
  9. When these “thousands” gallivant all over the country, what do you think they do? As far as I am aware they go to the opposition ground, play the game, back in their mode of transport and go home. They don’t go to the local town and mix and hang about with the locals.
  10. He’s not the messiah, he’s a very naughty boy.
  11. Was there no way to clear the Ainslie Park pitch of snow?
  12. I expect the LL fixture secretary will be working overtime this week.
  13. Forecast for rest of week isn’t much better, you may be looking at next midweek before this is played.
  14. Interesting, what is a “pretend team”? Are you insinuating that Shire fall in that category?
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