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  1. I’m utterly amazed that you managed to type that considering that your keyboard seems to be floating across your desk on a river of tears.
  2. After our recent run of good form, I don't think Kamara's influence can be understated. Davis & Arfield have been different players also since Kamara has slotted in. He's absolutely strolled it and genuinely looks a cut above.
  3. Particularly tragic when you consider one of your players patched the Theatre of Pies for Sevco (2012).
  4. Well, that’s a lie. It’s four lads had a dream.
  5. Imagine how gutted you'd be when you realise your da is away on holiday with a cuddly toy.
  6. Would be a good signing, although would like to think he’d be a backup. I’d prefer Katic & Goldson to be first choice so I’d hope this wasn’t to replace either of them in a regular line up.
  7. Great, now people have seen. I’m sorry Tartan Tadger but you’re about to become a meme.
  8. You’ve been bammed up to the point you’re calling folk tattie pickers over the internet. You are a parody Rangers fan and you will be treated as such.
  9. I’m blaming you for the pelters we take on P&B. Please, please go back to Follow Follow. I’m sure there’s a thread on there about the colour of players boots you can dribble over.
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