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  1. I imagine it's better for Rangers Colts to be at full time Championship clubs on loan in terms of full time training etc. QoS train at Hamilton,so easy for the central belt players. (Although i'd much prefer we signed our own blooming players rather than being a dumping ground for Junior Sevconians)
  2. Fine, except make Division 1 just14 clubs to allow extra relegation from the Premier in 2022/23. Also, just put all new clubs in a Div 3 (Tier 9)
  3. It's still lop sided. HL and feeders 80 clubs, LL and feeders 147 plus the WL juniors to be added.
  4. I thought that would be the logical next step,although i'd have thought it would be a 16 team league In practical terms , would leave a 11 team Tayside League at Tier 7 and 14 and 13 team North Leagues at tiers 7 and 8.
  5. 'Should all the paperwork etc be completed then we will enter the pyramid alongside the North Region Juniors (East of the River Spey) and North Caledonian League (West of the River Spey), in a rebranded Midland League. The winners of each league will be in a play off for the chance to take on the club that finishes bottom of the Highland League for a place in the higher league.' Boundaries sorted already
  6. Totally agree re more full time clubs being desirable. The problem is the crowds/income to justify it. A lot of the current Championship teams are struggling to maintain full time football on crowds around the 1,500 mark., sometimes less.
  7. Forgive my pedantry , but fairly sure there was no ' SPL in the 1920's'.....
  8. The really sad thing is that they seem unable to get a suitable ground in Scotland's largest city.
  9. 'The play-off is an SFA competition'..... So what are they saying re this ? Hee haw ?
  10. Ps if the TV deal isn't enough ,scrap the League Cup and replace it with a Premiership Cup,4 groups of 4, H+A,guaranteed 6 games,top of each group straight to semis. Include the 2 relegated clubs from the previous season (compensation for relegation ),everybody below that in the Challenge Cup. 2 cups for all league teams ,still possible treble for the Premiership teams ,32 league +6 Premiership Cup =38 as now.
  11. Schedule the teams seeded 7+8 to be idle on the last day ,thereby eliminating as much as possible the prospect of 2 teams colluding on the last day to a result that suits each other at the expense of the idle team . The 6/8 split still leads to a lot of teams playing each other 4 times ,which is too much IMHO . Agree re the loss of 6 games revenue , but as far as I understand it,the new TV deal will compensate for that .
  12. A different number of games is no worse than playing the same team away 3 times Not sure what you're getting at. In a 14 team league playing 32 games nobody would be playing anybody 3 times at home or away.
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