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  1. The linesman got the decision spot on. Was right at my seat and came of Van Veen's heel. Stupid to get so heated in any case. What a terrible game of football but take the win. Hopefully with Slattery, Watt and Van Veen and potential Goss we might start to make some passes and run towards goal this season.
  2. Every person starts each chat with another islander with something like "wow you are a stunning girl/boy etc etc" yet the only time that would have actually been effective is when poor Liberty is pouring her heart out saying I know I'm not a supermodel. Why on earth is Jake not just saying you are stunning. For a game player he's still incredibly thick. Faye is genuinely unhinged and has been from the start. Good guys - Matthew, who's just enjoying the drama now. Dale - Seems normal. Toby - His turnaround to potential winner is amazing. Teddy seems a sound guy too. Bad Guys - Jake - Absolute arse, who's not had any other interest from day one and is barely managing to get by on the gf/bf ticket even though he can never actually say anything nice. Meh - Liam, Tyler Good Girls - Abi - Seems normal compared to the rest. Chloe - Thick as Tody and a good match at this point. Liberty - I just feel sorry for her now. Hope she gets rid of Jake. Bad Girls - Faye - Enough said. Kaz - Hypocritical and strung Matthew along for the sake of it. Matthew telling how straight was good fun. Meh - Millie, Mary, Jeez that's far too much thinking about this show
  3. Jake is the worst of all the guys. Can't stand him, but if the above happened it would make it worth it! Surely at this rate someone is bound to steal the cash?
  4. Blink182


    Just finished the last season. Excellent show throughout and one of the best tv show / book adaptions I've seen. Looking forward to the spin off.
  5. Fair point. I don't see many missing out that really want a ticket. Well I hope not anyway!
  6. I'm sure Flow was quoted as saying there will be more tickets available than the average amount of people who would rock up and PATG so no one will miss out. If that's the case makes sense to offer as many extra to Hibs as we can.
  7. Nothing says Premier League team like all the subs playing keepie uppies.
  8. Pretty pedestrian first half. A lot of passing along the back. Half hearted tackles galore as well. Good effort from Woolery for the goal. I wasn't confident that the simple tap in was actually going to beat the goalie from Amaluzors run towards the ball.
  9. Agreed. It's the exact person you need on the show though. Someone who just needs a nudge and will do something stupid. Hugo is a creepy dude and that speech was entertaining and although I agree it was such a strange point to make at that exact point. Least it's getting more interesting!
  10. Genuinely baffled when we resigned Lawless and he's proven already that he's nowhere near good enough. Crawford getting a new deal was mental but as a squad player to cover injuries I could almost understand it. Seeing him in the starting 11 this season would not fill me with confidence. Maguire strikes me of Carswell part 2. Him and Crawford in the same squad is 1 too many. The fact some are looking forward to O'Hara etc coming back into the team shows how bad we are. Lambie as a starting CB can't happen. Even more worrying was the guy in the pub behind me saying Lambie has been a decent player so far in these games. SoD is fine. Not sure I'd have him as Captain but that decision seemed obvious even before the Euros. We definitely are missing an actual captain to drive the teams mentality. Starting a season with the above players (minus SoD is a team I'd expect to get relegated tbh). Still it's early days so let's see what happens when everyone is back up to speed and hopefully half a new first team squad arrive.
  11. Ballot of some sort for the League Cup home games. Details to be confirmed on the website "shortly"
  12. Always feel something different about away tops should be tried. Doesn't feel very "Motherwelly" though. Not bad a bit of claret and I think it may have been a classic.
  13. Has there been any chat about tickets and allocation for the League Cup home games yet? Ballot, season ticket holders, *scramble* etc?
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