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  1. Totally agree with this. I have always liked Chris Higgins and today he played well in what was a good East Fife side. A couple of weeks ago I attended a game as a neutral (Airdrie v Falkirk. Clyde were at Peterhead and I was never going to make it). There was no emotional investment. But I have to say that the officials were shocking at that game. They seemed to be making things up as the game progressed. I now don't feel so bad criticising them at Clyde games. I think that the majority of Clyde fans would agree that Chris Higgins was a good player with us. Good discipline and great at reading the game. That he was penalised against us was just unfair. East Fife are still one of the best teams in this league and having watched them yesterday, I still believe that. All the more delighted with our three points.
  2. A good and welcome three points against a good East Fife team. We have been honours even so far, so today's victory was very sweet. It was fantastic to see John Rankin coming on, his first game since the playoffs? Darren Smith has skill, but what he seems to lack is confidence. His positioning and timing are great, but when faced with a keeper one on one, it seems to go wrong. I hope that time fixes that because there is no doubt that he has skill. Tony Wallace? Lack of confidence or lack of talent? Or is he just clumsy? I cannot make up my mind. Anyway, a great team performance in the second half. By the way, David Mitchell is one decent bloke. Not only has he proven himself to be an outstanding keeper, but he goes even further than that. Delighted that we have tied him up.
  3. Went along to this as a neutral as I was not going to make it to Peterhead. I was looking to an entertaining top of the table clash. Instead it was a woeful and desperate game. Both sides should be docked points for a performance like that. To be fair, Falkirk were better in the second half (still stinking) than Airdrie and will wonder why they came away with only one point. But over the piece, two very poor teams and a very poor game.
  4. What happened at Raith? And why was your manager with the directors yesterday? Plan to come along this Saturday. Work means that I won't make it to Peterhead. However your game seems a very tasty prospect.
  5. Work commitments mean that I will not be making the trip to Peterhead next week. However I am tempted by this game. For a neutral, it has great potential. Having played both teams twice, I fancy Airdrie to win this.
  6. I don't get it with the Airdrie fans saying that all of the decisions went out way. How about Hutton's foul on Darren Smith near the end? I did see Hutton getting huckled out. What exactly happened?
  7. Spot on! I think that some of the Falkirk fans still think that this league is beneath them. They are Falkirk and this is the seaside league. Now they have been beaten at home (and beaten convincingly) by both Clyde and Airdrie. So to beat Falkirk at home is well worth crowing about on here. It might just give the Falkirk fans a sense of perspective. And context! Well done Airdrie!
  8. It is, but I would be keen to know what Peterhead are paying McAllister (who was a stand out today).
  9. For me, it has to be Ray McKinnon. He must stay. After a bad afternoon at Broadwood, it takes the Falkirk fans to cheer me up.
  10. Listen - we were terrible today against Peterhead, and so I need a laugh tonight. Listen - are Ray's post-match comments up yet? Listen - he must stay as I love the entertainment on here most Saturday nights.
  11. Wheres this part-time stuff coming from... is it internet rumours or a statement from the club? I think that might of been his tactless way of putting the rest of us down.
  12. Could it be the other way around - that Falkirk are a poor team in a better league than they expected? That Clyde and Raith Rovers are better than they anticipated? That is why they are not running away with the league despite their resources, and go in to November sitting in third place, and only three points ahead of Clyde who are in 6th place?
  13. The big difference is that you are full-time and paying wages that the rest of us could only dream of.
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