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  1. What is not clear from the announcement is whether or not he will continue as a player. Will he be like Rhys McCabe at Airdrie last season?
  2. Your season hasn't been a failure. You finished in 6th place last season on 40+ points. This season, you finished second on 60+ points. You made it to a cup semi-final. It as hardly been a catastrophe. Perhaps a period of rebuilding will take time, and J McG needs that. Do the Falkirk fans really want to have the reputation of their club having sacked more managers than Alan Sugar has apprentices? Oh wait...
  3. I think that a bit of perspective might be needed where John McGlynn is concerned. Last season, Falkirk finished 6th IIRC and did not even make the playoffs. You have never looked convincing against us this season, but to finish 2nd this season is a massive improvement. Rome was not built in a day. Ditch the entitlement issues and focus on being a League 1 club seeking promotion and competing with good opposition, like Airdrie. Stone me! You must have sacked more managers in the last few years than Alan Sugar has apprentices.
  4. I would have taken a point before a ball was kicked, but came away thinking that we would have been worthy of all three. I do wonder of Falkirk have a pact with the Fifers - when they drop points, so too do Falkirk. Not a classic, but for a full-time team chasing promotion, Falkirk were woeful. One player stood out for me, and that was their no3, Rowe who looked like a player. Brad McKay would be a bombscare in a back 10. Why he still gets played is baffling. A neutral would not have been able to work out which team was at the top and which one was at the bottom. I can't see Falkirk getting past Airdrie in the playoffs. As they have had more draws of late than the Cisco Kid, the league can now only be thrown away by the Fifers.
  5. That is in no doubt whatsoever. Your bottle may be crashing, but you will be amazed at just how poor we have become of late. 3 points guaranteed for Falkirk.
  6. It would be brilliant if you did it to Falkirk this season. And you might. All the signs of their bottle crashing AGAIN are there.
  7. There is not a chance that you will lose this. We have won one game since the schools went back, and that was against Peterhead who are as bad as we are.
  8. I think that you will find that most us agree that this makes great sense. He won't win much in the air, but play the ball on the deck and give him good service, and JA will score well above his tally for us. He also has one of the best work ethics that I have even seen in a striker. A cracking signing for FFC and I wish him well.
  9. Does anyone still think that we have anything to play for?
  10. Lol. Your point is fair - and it certainly seems like that. Though we did hump QofS 4-1 away at the start of the season. I would have settled for a point today before a ball was kicked, but left feeling irked that we squandered a two goal league by shipping not one, but two penalties in the second half.
  11. I just love the way that Dunfermline fans don't have entitlement issues.
  12. Nicol is a disgrace and an embarrassment. Yesterday's horror tackle was nigh on an assault. One of the worst discipline records that I have ever seen in a Clyde jersey. What was also embarrassing were the Clyde fans who applauded him off the pitch. All in all, a howler of a game. Wishing I had stayed at home and put the £16 spent towards a take-away.
  13. He needs more time. The mess that he has inherited could not be turned around in half a season by even Jürgen Klopp. Cut the man some slack.
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