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  1. monty signed majority of players in the summer, can see most them leaving now he’s away
  2. the captain hangs oot all football players erses, he’s the biggest wag in edinburgh
  3. ed utd are pish tae. heard the amateurs have lost 5 or 6 players awready coz aw they dae is scream n shout. highlights fae last week on youtube, how did they blag their way tae this level fae am’s
  4. get the amateurs oot.. told everyone would be a farce and they’re proving me right almost week to week.. amateur management with amateur players trying to play in the big bhoys league
  5. hutchie haven’t broken any rules. this wee diddy am’s team need to know their place. bitter cause they have to pay cash to watch guys like myself and other eos boys play
  6. time for the amateurs to walk me thinks... not good enough see to my old club craigroyston getting battered most weeks. a step up was always going to too much for these players that are used to hammering guff in the am’s as predicted by myself months ago!!!! time for the amateurs to do the honourable thing.....#resign #thisishowitfeelstobesandys #noonelikesuswedontcare
  7. phildos dalkeith team have had a preseason fae hell, few pumpins
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