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  1. agreed m8 spartans are in one eh the better sides that will be up there at the business end oh the season. keep going the big t
  2. big t fae wit av herd very unlucky no tae take aw 3 points yesterday. a gid point regardless
  3. a dinnae ken how many times a wiz ignored when a said ma peace aboot harvie gittin leith joab but as awayz oan here aw the sweet hertz want tae disagree. a thot the auld manager hud done a gid joab past few year be oan the leith brothers
  4. wit a sad wee wumin ye are bruv av upset ye clearly m8
  5. sweet heart yer gettin awfy upset wae sum eh the stuff av wrote oan here n like a wee laddie taking it aw tae heart. as a said it’s no ma fault dunny are haein a pish season son. if ye want a selfie at the next sandys game just ask m8 am no shy
  6. hae a look at the goals scored and conceded fur the mighty sandys bruv, as a said - aye it’s the big time
  7. ad luv tae hae a wee butcher at this apparent site yer claimin does the tables & stats so feel free tae post the link below sweet heart! a hink everyone kens yoove just done it yersel tho and nae such site exists as even the official leafa page doesn’t keep track eh goals for n against. that must’ve took ye hoors tae dae bruv! this is how it feels tae be sandys, champions again as u know !!!
  8. the pain is rippin oot ye especially in this post bruv. al hae a friendly wager wi ye that dunny don’t win league and the mighty sandys afc win it by atleast 8 points ffs it’s the big time m8
  9. a luv how much detail yoove went tae dain all the stats bruv & makin yer -aine wee table which musty took ye hoors tae do 🫣🫣 but a lost interest when it’s goat played 8 and 0 loses but hus 7 unbeaten 🫣🫣 ffs bruv a ken it was a late nite fur ye gawn tae the trouble eh makin that table but atleast get the facts written oot properly before publishing
  10. yet another depressed dunny fan takin tae p&b tae vent frustration oot aboot how bad yer teams been this season - listen ma son am just a punter av nae control wi wit the manager n coaches dae at dunny ffs 🫣🫣 if ye want real fitbaw come watch the mighty sandys any time ma son n as a telt yer pal above, if ye want a selfie wi a real legend eh the ammy game just ask m8 be oan brother
  11. a reckon we shld git a friendly organised durin the xmas break - the mighty sandys hosting dunny. cld yer bois handle the fans oan the sidelines is wit am wondering. aye it wid separate the men fae the bois as they say🫣🫣 and as a tell aw ma followers - if ye want a selfie just ask m8 am no shy - a ken where ma breed is buttered son
  12. gid question son..since the mighty sandys huv returned this season av been oan planet heaven wi the displays a git tae watch fur free oan a sat aye it’s the big time son ffs a cld crush a grape
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