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  1. Can I just ask what the f**k has happened to Falkirk?
  2. Not been on this all week because I’m still pished from Berwick love this team and Smarticus is a god in Sunnyside
  3. Love it part of the footballing weekend for me since a young boy especially loved it when I texted in the day Albion beat Motherwell in the Cup certainly shut Cowan up and have met Cosgrove a few times seems like a decent guy even if I’m fed up about hearing about the Detroit music scene or Scottish independence from him.
  4. Tbh can’t really seeing him stay with us or breaking into Motherwell team so probably could be a good idea for him to go to a team like Dumbarton
  5. I want cove to come up after Mitch megginson shouting at Cowdenbeath fans what a guy and after last seasons eventful play off and to replace Berwick of course
  6. Would we able to keep Smarticus full time after his heroics please and thanks
  7. Anyone know any good cheap laptops to run football manager well?
  8. Cliftonhill is a shithole but much better than shawfeild which is saying something
  9. Good day out for the dugs not a football and never was a football stadium
  10. Maybe it’s back to shawfeild for the bully wee?
  11. Canny wait for next week when the boos ring round the stadium as Albion rovers seal the place in the league after Smarticus smashes in his second in a 2-0 win
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