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  1. Good evening

    Couldn't help but notice during the week, even being away on vacation I'm ashamed to say, Coronation Streets' Adam Barlow aka Sam Robertson waxing lyrical whilst playing table football regarding a certain St Mirren no less!!!

    Nowt to do with "The Two Ronnies four candles sketch" I fear, more "The Robbie four PENS sketch I suspect". 

    Good to be back home.

    Best regardsSam-Robertson.thumb.jpg.9494fcedc34cf3c183d367037ba8970e.jpg 

  2. 15 minutes ago, Crawford said:

    I would have Murray in a heart beat. Championship is his level and as shit as things were when we had him he was always our biggest scoring threat.

    It's easy to dislike the ex dab, bit honestly he was the best we had at the time.


    Good evening

    Taking all personal emotions out of the equation, I do believe the signing of Simon Murray could form a productive pairing alongside the young man Nelson.

    After all would we cheer any less after he wheels away having netted at Tannadice in the famous Dark Blue?

    Best regards

  3. 15 minutes ago, johnnydun said:

    I do know Goodwin is on a big wage with Cadbury 

    Good evening

    Could very well be at this very late stage of negotiations Jim Goodwin's been approached regarding the Kilmarnock vacancy???

    What will be, will be.  

    However it comes back again to this apparent inundated with applicants nonsense.

    Best regards

  4. 15 minutes ago, Templar Saint said:

    We are still the top team in Tayside and season 2019/20 without kicking a ball.

    Enjoy the Championship....Dundee back home where they belong.

    Wonder if you will manage to finish above Arbroath

    Good evening

    So much anger my man and finally a conduit in which to vent it!!!

    Granted we have relegated both Dundee United and yourselves in the past and I can understand the arabs are still a wee bit tender. 

    However your torment dates to 1962 , that's a long time my friend, please seek some professional help.

    Best regards5cf029b57a631_images(1).jpg.05d4cf6b717d55c3a352221315409df6.jpg



  5. 56 minutes ago, Templar Saint said:

    Why is this thread still on premiership forum instead of in its rightful position of second tier ie Championship forum.

    Seasons over Scumdee no longer top flight team.

    Bye Bye Dundee

    Good evening

    I see you've released the kit for next seasons' endeavours. Lovely day for the photo-shoot on generous Farmer McDiarmids' donated plot of land.

    Zander looks a bit cross though, assume he's staying another season.

    Best regards5cf0041c77812_StJohnstone.jpg.4c38748aee51e6d42973ec7b7ec0671f.jpg      

  6. 1 hour ago, Bigmouth Strikes Again said:

    If he was appointed, would be happy with Goodwin.

    Thank you.

    Image result for goodwin elbows utd player

    Good evening

    With respect and homage to Biggies loyal long service and superbly enjoyable posting this evening it would appear the probable future management team DO enjoy the finer things in life!!!

    Best regards5ced93afc3059_FloodlightDelight.jpg.015d9fa5b32c8c64ec7b0235dc458da7.jpg

  7. 5 minutes ago, Dele said:

    Somebody is at it. Erick Mombaerts?

    Seen that this morning. He's been spotted in Malmaison with Nelms and outside Dens at 1am. 


    Good evening

    No, no, no my man. that was Charlie Adam, I wish!!!!!

    Quieter than normal tonight, did I miss something?

    May the FOURTH be with you, lol!!!!!!!


    Best regards

  8. 8 minutes ago, RossBFaeDundee said:

    Tbf, if the final 3 actually are Goodwin, McPake and Miller, I'd take Goodwin in a heartbeat, especially if Strachan is actually keen to join in an advisory capacity.

    Also heard, mere rumours as they are that I feel I have to emphasise, that Charlie Adam was apparently at Dens today. Whether he actually was here, and whether his reason for being was just for a visit or for more than that, I couldn't guess at. But those are indeed rumours that I've heard.


    Now then, that really would cap an extremely enjoyable sabbath..

    Charlie and Jim management team, I can only hope the rumours are factual. I don't think Charlie would entertain our new level otherwise.

    Anyway, please no one mention the P word, I'll bust my stitches from laughing so hard earlier.

    Best regards

  9. 1 hour ago, Ylf said:

    granny danger is a pap. pass it on. obsessed with dundee fc

    Evening folks.

    Nearly spilt my newly poured malt (reward after a long day) reading tonight's postings.

    Banter can be a lonely one way street when one would appear to be a tad sensitive, maybe pre-match nerves.

    I kinda highlighted something similar to the comment above a few weeks back, shame on me!!!

    Anyway, back to the box, double Emmerdale tonight.

    Best regards.

  10. 57 minutes ago, RandomGuy. said:

    Your biggest issue with Strachan in that role would be him falling out with the manager, I'd imagine. 

    Good evening.

    That'll be my wish list of Jim Goodwin and Charlie Adam as co-managers up in the air then!!

    Wee Gordon after all virtually refused to select Charlie for national duty I do believe.

    I suppose a 'noisy' player is one thing, however a noisy knowledgeable manager is completely another thing entirely. Two of them as above no less!!!

    Gone are the days when Gordon accompanied by Alec Caldwell would have a few beers of a Friday evening in The Barn in Broughty Ferry, however they both performed on the park the next day, eeeeh they were the days!!!!!!!!

    Regarding Derek Adams though I'm not really sure where all the collective love is coming from. When you collect your P45 from your father-in-law  no less I'm afraid that leaves a stain even on your best interview shirt. 

    Best regards.

  11. 27 minutes ago, Yenitit said:

    I know a self employed brickie but he’s a lapsed Dab, so he can get tae f**k!

    Good evening

    Never mind any Dabs, call for Big Rab!!!

    If my memory still serves, I'm sure in Rab Douglas's previous life he was indeed a bricklayer.

    Failing that he could always attempt to coach the bugger into becoming a competent reliable keeper.

    Best regards. 

  12. 6 hours ago, Dele said:

    The "toxic feeling" started long before the losing streak, John. 

    Anybody with half a fucking clue about football knew Jim McIntyre was not the right appointment. 

    Good evening.

    Might just be my opinion also regarding the above, however Mr Nelms should not be attempting to pin indirectly the "toxic feeling" at the club on the relationship between ourselves and the now former manager and actually take ownership and responsibility for what is now two extremely poor and misjudged appointments.

    Best regards.

  13. 11 hours ago, RandomGuy. said:

    Goodwin isnt ready for the top flight, one good season doesnt make a manager.

    I think you'll be massively underwhelmed if you ever see Adam play, hes fucking huge now so would literally just be standing in the middle of the park/taking set pieces, and despite the hype he was never actually that good at those.

    Good evening.

    Regarding Jim Goodwin, success for his current employers at Alloa Athletic FC  is survival, arguably at a level which they have no business being at in the first place. No disrespect intended or directed to Alloa. This is, I would say solid management potential and considerable knowledge at the level Dundee will find themselves next season.

    Regarding Charlie Adam, respectfully, unfortunately you are speaking through your arse on this occasion! 

    I have close ties and affection with his now previous club Stoke City FC and have followed their fortunes and games for nearly 18 years now. Hence I do see quite a number of their games,  even more so since the Sky Red Button coverage of The English Championship this season after their relegation following 10 years in The English Premiership.  This is in addition to taking in a game  when I'm down in Stoke.

    Charlie Adam performed more than consistently well at a level superior to anything currently presented on our doorstep and would still walk, at 33 years of age into any top flight Scottish first team, Celtic included imo.

    Stoke City's new and current manager Nathan Jones, himself a potential rising managerial star rates Charlie Adam highly with his views and ideals for the game in a future managerial/coaching capacity.  

    Charlie Adam and Jim Goodwin as co-managers may cost more than planned for, however with their substantial footballing network and knowledge of both sides of the border would be in my opinion priceless.

    Neither, as gaffers, I envisage would be willing to suffer any fools or clowns gladly and would be a breath of fresh air on and off the pitch.

    Best regards.     

  14. 3 minutes ago, Dark Blue Dick said:

    Respectfully, I disagree. We have no idea if Dodds would have made a difference or not, The point is, the manager thought he would and so did the club. Now, lets say McIntyre had requested Basil Brush as assistant, i.e. someone with no football qualifications whatsoever, then I would have been in the front of the protests.   But the objection to Dodds was that he had hurt our feelings, not his ability. 

    We fans put our feelings ahead of the survival of the club in the top league. As fans, our job was to support the club.  We failed. 

    Out biggest job next year is to get behind the team. It's going to be hard enough as it is …...

    Good evening.

    My personal opinion at the time of the panicked appointment last year was they came as a managerial twosome or indeed not at all. They were after all an unproven entity apart.

    With Mr Dodds not after all accompanying his partner that was a decision then to be made by Mr Nelms, hindsight not being a visual option unfortunately.

    I agree though, we are now where we are, move on, look ahead and as always get behind the team.  

    Best regards.

  15. 20 minutes ago, Granny Danger said:


    Will it be 6p in the pound again?

    Good evening.

    Why do you feel the continuing need to prostitute yourself on a Dundee Football Club thread when I personally have never visited a DUFC one.

    Maybe however something to do with my education and upbringing, the righteous path and all that!!!

    Please keep taking the medication and do attend your classes my good fellow.

    Best regards.  

  16. 21 minutes ago, Munoz said:

    When St Mirren sacked Stubbs there was a similar outcry from the media saying it was a terrible decision. Sometimes I think they ( media) come out with these statements without really having a f'n clue about what has been happening. 

    Let's face it , unless its about 2 Glasgow clubs they couldn't really give 2 fuks anyway. 

    Good afternoon.

    Absolutely spot on my good man, well said indeed!!!

    Here on the east coast we merely smile and wave at these so called professional media clowns.

    Two good coaches Tanner says, referring to Neil McCann and Jim McIntyre, maybe he's correct, however they certainly were not or even approaching competent managers.

    Best regards.

  17. 9 minutes ago, Yenitit said:

    Charlie Adam player/ head of youth development 

    Happy days indeed, the sun is shining bright for a reason!!!

    Dream management team for me as mentioned previously would be Jim Goodwin and Charlie Adam as co-managers.

    Strong, knowledgeable leadership presence on the park and in the dugout respectively. Both commanding a vast footballing network north and south of the border.

    Best regards.

  18. 8 minutes ago, Bigmouth Strikes Again said:

    Given time for what? 20 straight defeats in a row?

    Thank you.

    Good morning.

    Heard  a rumour Fort William Football Club were looking at Mr McIntyre's recent managerial work record..........

    Only however to clear the pitch pre-match after the stags have been. LOL. 

    Best regards.  

  19. Evening folks.

    Just read the BBC Scottish Football report where Neil McCann and Jim McIntyre have had a bit of a mud-slinging festering encounter.

    As players respectively, Neil McCann was a wonderful footballing talent who operated at a successful level and Jim McIntyre was a decent journeyman footballer who would have improved most Scottish football team attack options, Dundee included imo.

    However, as potential football managers the article I refer to marks their respective cards for lacking any relevant managerial qualities on so many levels and no mistake!! 

    Any substantial business can make mistakes, a measure of your true quality is how you respond to them. 

    As I've already said Mr McIntyre is now history, this is now all about how we move on and make good.

    Best regards as always.


  20. 6 minutes ago, Shadow Play said:

    McIntyre in his post match interview complaining about the type of signing available in a January transfer window.   He seems to forget that it was at his insistence we managed to prize United’s highest paid player over to Dens on a 2.5 year contract!  The man is completely delusional.

    He also complained about the culture at Dundee had to change but refused to expand on that comment when invited to do so.  Just another example of his confused waffle at interviews.

    Good evening.

    Agree totally with the above posting. The man is now history, unfortunately only apparently he thinks otherwise, 10 in a row and still counting!!

    If he possessed any decency, humility or grasp on reality the first thing he should be doing is apologise and accept his part in this ongoing debacle.

    This gentleman was long enough between jobs to have done his professional homework and realised the position of his new employers prior to his appointment.

    Or as I suspect, was Billy Dodds' the reading and writing component and indeed brains of this former partnership.

    As for his 'cultural' rant regarding his current employers, he may or indeed may not wish to explain himself when he stands tall before the man to receive his pending P45.

    Best regards.    

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