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  1. 30 minutes ago, Crawford said:

    Are we really expecting much more? If it was just one more I would settle for someone to buddy up with Hemmings.

    With Nelson out (injured) and being one more injury away from no strikers..... That's worrying to say the least.

    Absolutely agree 110% Crawford, some movement tonight on that front also required in addition to central defence.

    In the meantime currently watching my good lady's Mighty Potters against Craig Forsyth's Derby County whilst my other eye on the transfer movements.

    Whilst typing this however Stoke now 2-0 down, think I'll just concentrate on incoming signings, lol.

    Best regards


  2. 5 minutes ago, srw said:

    Moussa is available...

    I truly feel your pain. We start the day praying for a signing like Adam Rooney, you know, the calibre of player who could be an integral piece of a jigsaw for this season and beyond............................................................then receive the news we were knocked back in an approach for Danny Mullen.

    Today is going to be interesting, hopefully for all the right reasons.

    Best regards

  3. 2 hours ago, RossBFaeDundee said:

    Jesus, place this thread on suicide watch why don't you. I have faith we will get back to some semblance if order in the coming weeks. If you don't, fair enough, but some of these overreactions are ludicrous.

    With all due respect, are you really satisfied with the  ongoing progress shown this season, considering we have easily provided by far the second largest budget in this league.

    Personally if it was my company being managed in this manner, I would not hesitate to react with the only correct and professional course of action. James McPake would have been relieved of his managerial duties long before now.  

    In fairness though, he would not have been appointed in the first instance, however that's a separate subject for a later date.

    Best regards as always

  4. 36 minutes ago, RossDee01 said:

    Usually I’d share your optimism, I’ve been labelled a happy clapper many a time but even I don’t see where any sort of improvement is coming from. The goals have dried up (not scored since the derby) not that they were flying in anyway and we’re barely creating chances anymore. As soon as Dunfermline scored on Friday it was game over, it’s the exact same abject performances we were seeing last season.

    I really want it to work out for McPake, and as much as I berate him for it at times, I actually admire how much patience Nelms has with managers. McPake realistically should have been punted a month or two or so ago, but he wasn’t. If we finish in the playoff places then I couldn’t really argue with him being given another chance next season. Anything out with the playoffs? It’s difficult to see him staying.

    Agree with the above highlighted comments.  We all love our club, that's not in any doubt. However this season following on from the previous few has been an absolute ongoing embarrassment with no apparent light at the end of the tunnel. This is not being negative, merely being realistic.

    I for one would be delighted to see a 35 year old Gary Harkins return to Dens just to witness a progressive midfielder who can actually control, influence and play the game.

    To think I was hoping Charlie Adam would have been approached last summer. How stupid was I, anyone at Dens with an opinion not entirely welcome apparently.

    Best regards     

  5. 9 minutes ago, Shadow Play said:

    It’s all making sense now TCM.  Was it not Levein that once played that or a similar type formation when he was manager of Scotland?

    It’s obvious Nelms is preparing the team for Levein’s appointment.  It would tie in with the way Nelms has lurched from one set of supposed criteria to the exact opposite criteria every time Nelms has made a managerial appointment so far:

    Appointment 1: ex Dundee player with no managerial experience (McCann).

    Appointment 2: ex United player with managerial experience that hates the Dees (McIntyre).

    Appointment 3: back to trying an ex Dundee player with no managerial experience (McPake).

    Appointment 4: back to trying an ex United player with managerial experience that hates the Dees (Levein).



    I see what you're saying Shadow, however all's still good with Mr Nelms master-plan, I don't recall Craig Levein actually playing for the smeggers down the street.

    Therefore, not completely 100% tarnished, only 99.7%  imho, lol.  That 0.3% margin will make all the difference, you wait and see.

    Played Czech Republic lining up 4 - 6 - 0 as I recall, tactical class!!!!  Think they only lost 1-0!

    Best regards

  6. 1 minute ago, 1320Lichtie said:

    From the outside looking in Johnson was one of the players that worried me the most when playing you's.


    Who do you guys think has been better this season, Hemmings or Johnson?


    Impossible to gauge accurately I'm afraid, neither one has been played and utilised consistently to his natural strength and talent at any time.

    Transfer Kane Hemmings as well and we'll be 4 - 6 - 0 next game, obviously McPake's secret dream formation.

    Best regards


  7. 7 minutes ago, RossBFaeDundee said:

    I'd never suggest he didn't care, that's why I'll always like him. He loves the club. But he's not up to the job.

    Agree with the above comment, however like you say Ross he's not up to the task on so many levels it's actually now embarrassing and damaging for all concerned.

    Now is the time for an experienced manager who is a true football man and takes no nonsense on any level.  Someone who demands the boardrooms backing and a free reign to do his job at the same time, which in fairness we provide in spadefuls at Dens Park.

    That man now, imho is Tommy Wright, Wright, Wright.  Obviously I'm taking into account his ongoing displeasure with his current employers.  

    How much delight would that man take in making a success of our club where the self professed messiah and footballing expert Neil McCann fell completely on his arse whilst soiling his best suit.

    Merely my opinion.

    Best regards


  8. Worst display I reckon I've seen in 45 years of following our club, I honestly kid you not.

    Who would have thought Jack Hamilton would be the one to prevent a minimum 5-0 caning!!!!

    Callaghan, what a class signing to add, wears a scowl (with nowt between his ears) to match his gloves, you couldn't make it up.

    Good luck Mr Nelms with future home attendances, admit and take responsibility for your mistakes and seek advice from professionals.

    These are truly dark days, continue as is and a double relegation is in the post. That is the stark reality.

    Best regards to fellow Dark Blues


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  9. 39 minutes ago, RossBFaeDundee said:

    Mackie posting about having surgery on his ankle. If he's out injured for what I'd assume for the rest of the season or something, and McPake saying he's back at Hibs to recover, why has neither team addressed this?


    20 minutes ago, Crawford said:

    I know it's quite an awful thing to say, I mean it's the boys livelihood and that, but next to Hamilton being punted, him not being available for selection leaves us in a better situation.

    It will probably help his career in the long run too not being played out of position by McPake and as a result noticed for all the wrong reasons.

    Agree with both highlighted postings above, good luck to the lad in his future career at Easter Road or elsewhere, however not at Dens Park I'm afraid, imho.

    Best regards

  10. 32 minutes ago, Bigmouth Strikes Again said:

    Found this, sorting through stuff, original photo with the autographs on the back, Erich Schaedler and Ian Redford on the sigs. RIP.


    Nice one Biggie, I see the autographs include one Hugh Robertson (top right), by then a trainer and obviously a 1962 league winning legend.

    Best regards 

  11. 23 minutes ago, Dele said:

    I rate him very highly. I've long said he shouldn't have stayed in Scotland though if he wanted to kick on in his career. 

    Good luck to the lad, personally would've preferred him back at Dens in his quest to fulfil his early promise.

    Never an out and out striker and goalscorer, more an out-ball play-maker who gave the impression he had something between his ears.

    Best regards

  12. Craig Wighton has today signed for Arbroath on loan until the summer. 

    According to James McPake we were priced out of a deal with Hearts as they expected Dundee to meet 100% of his wages.

    Let's hope his good mate Graham Dorrans starts to consistently earn the thicker wedge obviously leftover, judging by the lukewarm response on P&B.

    Best regards


  13. 8 minutes ago, RossBFaeDundee said:

    Nelms should take note, we've been utter gash since we started wearing all navy. #BringBackTheWhiteShorts

    The correct shade of blue would have been a decent and competent starting point.

    Another example of just how half-arsed it would all appear to be within the club at the moment, bearing in mind, someone obviously must have signed-off and approved the current strip contract.

    Best regards

  14. Estimate of a 1000 home attendance or of thereabouts tonight.  (Certainly appeared less on screen)

    My only surprise being it hit 4 figures to be perfectly honest.

    All's good though Mr Nelms, move along, nothing to see here.

    Let's all continue to sleepwalk whilst watching a Motherwell training session on live television.



  15. Another player to maybe consider for one of our problem positions would be Joe Shaughnessy of Southend United.

    Left St Johnstone in the summer where he was highly rated as skipper, hardly had a queue of suitors surprisingly and only signed for Southend Utd after a trial, on a one year contract with an option of a second.

    Only made 12 appearances this season and they currently appear very much on course for relegation to League 2.

    Merely a thought.

    Best regards 

  16. 30 minutes ago, D TOTAL said:

    Cause I’m in hospitality I rarely get a Saturday off and only ever get to the Tuesday/Wednesday night games , I’ve got this Saturday off should I go see the game or should I get pissed? Lately this forums been full of “its shite or I’m not paying for that” or something along those lines , will it change against Ayr?

    Get pissed, then go to the game would be my advice.

    Best regards

    (Edit  -  As long as someone available to drive you back to Rattray)

  17. In reality unfortunately, it would now appear our manager James McPake is here for the foreseeable future. 

    My personal opinion, like most others on here, would prefer otherwise at the moment, based upon what we have witnessed so far this season.

    In fairness then two transfer windows should be more than sufficient even for John Nelms, with all due respect, to make an objective, unavoidable judgement come the summer if the current inconsistent form were to continue.  Play-offs, we may qualify, success, not a chance I fear. 

    In the meantime, signing no.33 Craig Wighton must be a considerable improvement compared to some of our current options available, imho. Not as a striker either I hasten to add.

    Best regards 




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