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  1. Why are you a Dee?

    Third generation now and proud, although my daughter and step-sons are not interested! Maybe something to do with my experience, however I would refute this.

    First game?

    A League Cup group game at Dens against Ayr United in mid 70's, we were thumped 4-2!

    Where do you sit?

    South Enclosure of course, albeit migrated to the Bobby Cox Stand for 6 years after it's opening.

    Longest you've travelled to watch the Dee?

    Only around Scotland over the years.

    Ever missed work/event to watch the Dee?

    Actually used to attend even when on work Emergency Standby when not required. I do recall though just arriving as a minute's silence commenced prior to a game then being in a cold sweat due to a personal and work mobile plus a pager not being on silent. Thankfully no incident.

    Favourite ever player?

    Temuri Ketsbaia

    Most enjoyable game?

    The 1-0 Sunday night derby victory at Tannadice. Attended this one with a neighbour as my good mate would not give the smeggers the ticket price as it was also on Sky.

    Packed Dark Blue Shed exploded as James Grady let rip late on after The Dee having to defend most of the game. Absolute bedlam!!!!!!

    Best goal seen live?   

     Probably Dariusz Adamczuk's mazy end to end run at McDiarmid for sheer perseverance .

    Favourite away stadium?

    None of them for me. Although Tannadice was particularly good when Paul Sturrock, Alec Smith and Ian McCall were there.  

    Worst away stadium?

    East Stirlingshire's Firs Park.  Good day though as we clinched promotion there on the last day of the season. 

    Worst player?

    For compelling and remarkable consistency for a complete lack of concentration, Kevin Gomis.

    Left Dens and subsequently signed for Grand Quevilly FC in the 6th level in France! No further comment required.


    Best regards as always.

  2. In fairness and with careful consideration prior to posting. Due to the current very serious, not to be ignored ongoing national health issues, any alternative light-hearted and very amusing diversions are all gratefully received at this time.

    "Hibernian Scottish Cup games show Dundee United need to strengthen",  source - Dundee United head coach (not manager apparently) Robbie Neilson on a BBC article issued earlier today.

    Titter ye not and safe regards to all.1141689730_images(17).jpg.c1d7eea58803be0bdec57c3f68d78123.jpg

  3. 46 minutes ago, Dele said:


    "Guys, we're thinking of making an all new, 16 team top league. Does anyone have any argument for or against or any ideas what we should do moving forward?" .. 

    "I think we should ask Alfred McGoochie from Tobermory what to do. He's Highland League secretary." 

    Taking Balamory out of the equation and the fact the recently formed other Glasgow football club has now already achieved progression to the top division.

    The only correct decision which retains total professional sporting integrity is for this season to be classed as null and void. 

    Leave as is and recommence afresh from scratch, when applicable to do so next season. All four divisions that is.

    Any other outcome leaves generic Scottish Football an international laughing stock!!!!!!!!!!    As per usual unfortunately due to the decision makers currently in office.

    Best regards     

  4. Spike, too much homework for this time of night according to Mrs TCM I'm afraid!

    Excellent exercise though, need to shuffle things to facilitate Marcello Marrocco at L/B and Dusan Vrto at central defence with Marco Di Marchi out on his arse!

    Brent Sancho also out for Lee Wilkie, which means Greg Stewart out for Tommy Coyne imho. Matt Lockwood also out switched with Kosta Gadzhalov now sitting at right-back. 

    All about opinions, best regards. 

  5. 1 hour ago, RossBFaeDundee said:

    Let's say this proposal hypothetically goes ahead... Hearts would get to stay up and ICT would go up for nothing which is shite. The league we'd be faced with would be the following next season:


    Ayr United


    Dunfermline Athletic

    Greenock Morton

    Alloa Athletic

    Queen of the South

    Partick Thistle

    Raith Rovers




    East Fife


    Looks like a very winnable (and not at all profitable) league. I'm sure we'd find a way to f**k it up as per usual though.

    Also, f**k the idea of no non-league connection to the SPFL.

    Oh well, there goes the sporting integrity theory to prevent any potentially damaging legal challenges.

    For the record, I'm with Sergeant Wilson on this one.

    Regards                                           330514711_download(22).jpg.d93cc961a6adf82de545e86b7da0089e.jpg 

  6. 4 minutes ago, Yenitit said:

    The latest is the season has to be completed by June 30th. Whoever makes the playoff final from the Championship has 15 games left to play this season. Add in a mini preseason when the players return of at least 2 weeks by my reckoning that’ll be 10 weeks worth of football. If the season hasn’t restarted by April 21st I highly doubt there will be enough time to finish the season and it’ll be null and void. From where we are right now there’s no way we’ll be playing football in 5 weeks. 

    Absolutely spot on Yenitit, there again whilst not being a betting man, I dread to imagine the odds of the SFA actually making a SMART decision, lol.

    Best regards, and here's to next season hopefully commencing on time! This one is clearly null and void, however unpalatable that may be to some.


  7. Apologies for highlighting yet again a new article on BBC Scottish Sport.

    "The Scottish FA says it is committed to finishing this season's Scottish Cup in front of fans, and it's preference is for the season as a whole to be completed".

    As my late father would have eloquently I may say, probably commented, these people are further away than their first shite. 

    Current reality obviously does not come knocking for these SFA fellows on a regular basis, or at all for that matter, imho.


  8. 27 minutes ago, Shadow Play said:

    I wouldn’t bother if I was you Biggie:


    21 minutes ago, Bigmouth Strikes Again said:

    Top tune Shadow, worth a play....

    Recall this REM gem was in the charts when we hit the first administration, pissed off when not played prior to the following home game, the Hearts League Cup Bobby Linn 1-0 victory at Dens!! 

    Saw them at Balloch Country Park in 2005, awesome performance!!

    Best regards2094913322_download(20).jpg.8a081c41d2b94f23962cbe45e1f1ed8d.jpg 


  9. 23 minutes ago, Bigmouth Strikes Again said:

    Could be a collectors piece in the future. I'm going round to the club shop tomorrow to panic buy the whole stock.

    Thank you.

    1685333929_images(14).jpg.e46910be3d1bacbde5f630ed42fce2ad.jpg                   I'd set that alarm early my good man Biggie, the queues have already started in the city centre.

                                                                                                                                Early bird regards


  10. 1 hour ago, Yenitit said:

    There’s  also the same problems at the bottom of the league. It’s not all about titles and promotions. 

    I see a new article this evening on BBC highlighting the SPFL are under increasing pressure to declare the current campaign null and void.

    No League 2 relegation for Brechin City, no Heart of Midlothian in our league, no title for Dundee United unfortunately, lol.

    Cold light of day, probably grossly unfair depending upon your viewpoint, however what's not to like?

    For once, self-interested regards.



  11. On 19/06/2019 at 23:19, LiamDFC said:

    Just noticed that our glorious thread has now ticked over to 2500 pages — 2500 pages of everything Dundee. This is genuinely the only area I read on P&B nowadays.

    Thank you, fellow Dees.

    Who'd of thought with the glorious thread about to turn 3000, we'd have reached this very unlikely destination!

    Only reality you could accurately have predicted is Granny D still posting here on a sunny Sunday.

    Safe regards

  12. 1 hour ago, RossBFaeDundee said:

    Don't worry, only 4-5 months to go.

    Yep, this will be one very long close season until July for the next campaign, following on from the null and void year of the virus.

    Any Ludo, or anyone for that matter quizzes welcome, however none including smeg-heads the likes of Darren Young etc which are normally automatically wiped from the usable memory banks.

    Regards and stay safe


  13. 2 hours ago, Yenitit said:

    Apparently Broughty Ferry Health Centre  has just been closed after lots of positive Coronavirus cases, shit just got real people. 

    Yeah, just saw that as well. Meal booked on Sunday evening in a well known river-view Broughty Ferry hostelry.

    Elderly very close relatives due to attend, not now it would appear, will now be catering at home for all with Mrs TCM.

    Best regards to all, regardless of local football colours. 

    Edit to Yenitit, no further comment.

    Live long and prosper my friends. 

  14. 2 hours ago, Yenitit said:

    Listening to Radio Scotland just now discussing Coronavirus and the outcome of the season. Starting to think this season could quite possibly be scrubbed null and void.  

    1 hour ago, Bigmouth Strikes Again said:

    It's an 'act of God' nothing anyone can do about it.

    1 hour ago, Yenitit said:

    Jesus Loves Us

    1 hour ago, Bigmouth Strikes Again said:

    Image result for juan sara

    Priceless, absolutely glorious righteous thought that is, wonderful evening the 1-2-3. Best bit by far, Georgi Nemsadze leaving numerous lying on their arse!

    Best regards



    Edit - On a more serious note, following on from Alex Smith and subsequently Dundee United running scared for the first scheduled date for the 3-0 game, which was postponed at their request due to two reserve players and I recall Jason de Vos being on international duty, prior to the rescheduled game Alex Smith had an article in the Evening Telegraph stating something along the lines of how hard and tough they would approach the game.

    The rest was history regarding Fabian Caballero's career, absolute disgrace at the time and equally now looking back!!!!!!!!!!

    Only serves to remind me why I'm Dark Blue and proud.

    Regards as always 

  15. 27 minutes ago, This Charming Man said:

    I could not help but notice Stevie May's current agent and ex St Johnstone forward Rowan Vine played upfront for Greenock Morton that shockingly disgraceful day.

    Apparently he was yellow carded, whereas Dougie Imrie wasn't.

    Be careful what you comment over. Sensitive times.

    As always, best regards.    

    22 minutes ago, RandomGuy. said:

    May sacked him as his agent not long before he signed for us, fwiw. 

    A wee fact for you next time you try and have a wee dig.

    Crikey, glad Steve Brown made young Stevie May see sense eventually after his other contract offers had disappeared. Have a relaxing, good Sunday evening RG my man.

    Best regards9652749_images(12).jpg.0cc3077a166795f6ff847c863e66cf2a.jpg


  16. 30 minutes ago, RandomGuy. said:

    You realise the headline is miles out dont you?

    Its do with him betting on himself getting booked during matches.

    I could not help but notice Stevie May's current agent and ex St Johnstone forward Rowan Vine played upfront for Greenock Morton that shockingly disgraceful day.

    Apparently he was yellow carded, whereas Dougie Imrie wasn't.

    Be careful what you comment over. Sensitive times.

    As always, best regards.    

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