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  1. 5 minutes ago, G_Man1985 said:

    Youth I'm more than happy to get a chance but we still need more bodies.
    Even take away keeper and accept we are stuck with Hamilton we still need a few outside players

    Agree with you 100% G_Man, we're all making the same, similar comments since the Brechin opener.

    We can't all be wrong and now is certainly not the time to get financial cold-feet, far too much at stake imho.

    Best regards

  2. 11 minutes ago, Girth said:

    Sounds excellent.

    Do we need any more players!? emoji13.pngemoji13.pngemoji13.png


    Couldn't make the game tonight, sounds promising by all accounts, especially the younger players again. 

    Admire totally, James McPake's vision for the future, however we do still require a minimum three first team stalwart/regulars to be signed in the meantime.

    How many hearts missed a beat when young Nelson indicated a possible ankle problem?

    Best regards


  3. 6 minutes ago, Dundee-FC92 said:

    If we aren't then something is wrong.

    Thank you.

    I agree, deluding themselves in the boardroom and below if they think we're ready player-wise for the season ahead, imo.

    Charlie Adam played 2nd half for Blackburn in a friendly at Barrow, apparently outstanding according to report in Lancashire Telegraph. 

    Best regards



  4. Must admit, some canny, thoughtful signings from Mr James McPake so far.

    Personally a little concerned the real games start soon and we're still at least three main signings short, right through the spine of the team imo.

    However I'm sure he has it all in hand, not like previous "managers" we've experienced, panicking at the end of the transfer window.

    Best regards




  5. 11 minutes ago, Ludo*1 said:

    He's easily got 2 seasons in him yet for Ferrie to fully develop and become our number 1 IMO.

    One thing for certain Ludo.

    Julian Speroni's 15 years spent at Crystal Palace after leaving Dens was based upon one thing alone, his ability.

    Longevity at that level of football with one club is very unusual.

    Best regards 

  6. 1 hour ago, Dundee-FC92 said:

    I'm okay with having C.Curran as part of a four man strikeforce for the season.

    It wouldn't be too unreasonable to expect 12 goals either. He's the sort of head less chicken that will score a few in the penalty box stramash''s that the championship brings. 

    Striker and Goalkeeper are essential in the next week or so.

    A CB, CM, Winger and striker to then complete the set.

    Thank you.


    Regarding the above, more consistent firepower and the glaring goalkeeping issue are two items we all agree upon.

    Now, merely my thoughts, however the fact Lawrence Shankland is speaking to Dundee United he has clearly not ruled out remaining at Championship level.

    This being the case why are we not making a fresh approach, after all our American financial input and commitment is not in any doubt. 

    Best regards

  7. 1 hour ago, Yenitit said:

    So Yenited’s best player and captain last season wasn’t good enough to be a squad member at our club....


    Is that official then, Fraser Fyvie not to be offered terms by us? 

    If fit, and that's obviously the issue or possibly the Jamie Ness signing, I'm sure he could have added something positive to our cause.

    Maybe alternatively Robbie Neilson's four pens had all run out before signing Fraser's new contract at Tannadice.

    Anyway, all's swell.

    Best regards


  8. 7 minutes ago, Fifespud said:


    I thought Marshall was excellent. And we’ve started slagging Curran and young Robertson - I take it we can also say Nelson was poor in front of goal too?

    I’m going to predict Craig Curran is going to be a very important player for us this season.


    I would really like to see Craig Curran recapture whatever it is he had. In fairness never stopped trying, made decent runs in the 2nd half and had a good effort cleared off the line.

    Maybe he'll now have the opportunity to think for himself not having the ghost of Kenny Miller constantly moaning / pontificating in his ear.

    Anyway, positive thoughts only, he still after all has yet to score.

    Best regards 

  9. Difficult to gauge tbh in what was very much a first friendly of the season.

    The American James Murphy looks efficient in the centre, always available and seldom wasted a ball without being outstanding.

    However Paul McGowan 2nd half, had a tremendous hunger for the ball and looks to have his appetite back again. Which is good.

    Best regards 

  10. 1 hour ago, RandomGuy. said:

    I'm sure his dads been back and forward at Peterborough for years.


    1 hour ago, Bigmouth Strikes Again said:

    Serious question, why would you even give a monkeys about any of it?

    Absolutely unbelievable this obsession you've got.

    Get a fucking grip of yourself man. FFS.

    Tell you what Biggie, we should be more neighbourly, understanding and tolerant in my opinion. Mind you that Zander lad is still a bit of an angry young man..

    We really should all foster relations and spend some time on the St Johnstone thread, there again on second thoughts, zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    Best regards1444582776_StJohnstone.jpg.99a1da04478f33dde3d3cd12197ea2ef.jpg

  11. 39 minutes ago, The Gifted Sub said:

    As for Adam Johnson, we've all fingered a 15 year old at one point in our lives, unless you were a wee doofus in school.

    Just to clear up any possible misunderstandings here. Or am I the only one willing to comment?

    Adam Johnson was convicted of a sexual offence against a minor as an adult male , not as a spotty, silly wee lad at school, FFS!!!

    Best regards

  12. 27 minutes ago, Ludo*1 said:

    Just to prompt debate - due to the nature of Gordon Strachan's comments that led to him receiving considerable stick - would you accept if we were the club to take a chance on Adam Johnson?

    We are not Dundee United.............................WE ARE DUNDEE!!!!

    No David Goodwillie, no Adam Johnson thank you.

    Best regards

  13. 17 minutes ago, Chateau Lafite said:

    I notice that DFC are advertising for someone to take on the job of Deewok.
    We could do worse with either of McCann or Mcintyre as candidates, this time at last their true role as jokers would be gainfully employed.....

    Neil McCann's gainfully employed again spouting his special brand of knowledge/shite and to be brutally honest I would not trust Jim McIntyre in this role.

    However once we sign a new keeper young Jack Hamilton is still under contract. Keep him occupied if nowt else.

    Best regards

  14. 1 hour ago, Dindeleux said:

    When you took him off us he was the best thing since sliced bread according to you lot.

    What happened to him? Did you Dundee him?

    Mark O'Hara as we all know was shrewdly converted from defence to midfield when initially signed. Paul Hartley never stopped telling us his masterstroke!!!!  

    He was then subsequently coached by Neil McCann..................................  Oh bugger, I see what you're saying, lol. 

    He would however be welcome back here again in my opinion if the chance came up.

    Best regards

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