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  1. 25 minutes ago, RossBFaeDundee said:

    Not a chance in hell. He's desperate to make it work, and personal reasons alone will keep him here. Posted on social media after the game yesterday about how tough a week he's had in that respect. Feel for him, must be shite as it is right now.


    Tell you what, with Mrs TCM's team being Stoke City I've followed Charlie Adam's career on and off the park for quite a number of years now.

    He was never shy of passing on his views and very impressive knowledge of the game in the Stoke Sentinel and BBC RadioStoke.

    The man is the real deal all right and imho our best signing since CC33, however nowt is more important than family, we wish him well in that regard. 


  2. 55 minutes ago, Bigmouth Strikes Again said:

    You having a laugh mate?

    I wouldn't wish for a minute James McPake and Dave MacKay on our local neighbours Brechin City in League Two, and goodness knows they're currently struggling again.

    Enjoy as best the festive period y'all, blank all of this football shite if possible.  

    As for next Saturday, imho QOS and ourselves expect and deserve far better than the current pish on offer.






  3. 2 minutes ago, Ludo*1 said:

    Let Tommy Wright appoint his own assistant rather than forcing someone on him IMO.

    Ludo, with all due respect, I really do get all the concerns on P&B with yet another inexperienced appointment.

    However, let's truly get Charlie Adam wired into our club. The guys network into the footballing playing market south of the border alone would be priceless.

    For example, James McPake has played Jordan McGhee in a defensive role for 18 months. However we're now to believe McPake suddenly thinks we could also utilise him as a box-to-box midfielder.  Absolute shite, a certain senior 1st team member has grasped McPake's shoulders, spun him around and displayed the kind of knowledge that someone with a footballing brain can see with ease, imho.

    Anyway, only time will tell if John Nelms has the ability to see and make a 'Sliding Doors' footballing decision for our football club.    

  4. 18 months on from the end of the horrific Jim McIntyre error, genuine question, not to James McPake obviously, but to John Nelms.

    Remove Charlie Adam from our current footballing line-up, what do we actually have?

    An absolutely shambolic, shapeless rabble of a collective. 3-0 up at home, 18 mins to play, remove Adam, 3 goals conceded. WTF

    Please get off your arse, relieve James McPake and Dave MacKay of their duties with immediate effect and imho appoint Tommy Wright with Charlie Adam assisting.

    Sit on your hands, League One next season is a very real and genuine possibility. Ross County will be approaching Tommy Wright as we speak.

    With respect, not taking action is no longer an option for our club.     

  5. 3 hours ago, johnnydun said:

    This is a big game in the chase for play off spots. For us anyway.

    You would expect Ayr and ICT to win their games against Arbroath and Alloa, if we win this then we stay within 3 points of the play-off places, we lose and the gap would stretch to 6 points and game over for the season imo.

    McPake would have to go if we lose this.

    1 hour ago, Mr. Alli said:

    I have money on a Dunfermline victory. 

    • Every single game we play, we as fans always, always hope for a Dundee victory.
    • Win the game tomorrow, the ongoing managerial sleepwalk unfortunately continues.
    • Lose tomorrow, we may even glean an adult decision from the boardroom. As highlighted by johnnydun, we're then chasing even a play-off promotion position.

     Anyway, Dele my man, mine's a double if that's okay, we appoint Tommy Wright and promote Chic, I'll return it with a treble and maybe even a packet of crisps.


    PS, WGS needs to zip it or piss off back into the mainstream and not embarrass our club with HIS opinions. 




  6. 12 hours ago, Bigmouth Strikes Again said:

    Not judging him on the penalties, and you're correct, he clouded my opinion of him, totally unprofessional, the way he carried on.

    In fairness though, Scott Bain was professional enough at Dens not to give his small-minded, pseudo-currant bun, all knowing, potty-mouthed gaffer a deserved smack in the puss, imho.

    Would have him back no problem, although James McPake would probably play him up front!!


  7. 19 minutes ago, Bigmouth Strikes Again said:

    He thought he was great Bain, when in reality he was bog standard, couldn't keep a penalty out to save his life as well. Not in the same class as Douglas, Speroni, Allan, Donaldson, Carson, Geddes or even Alan Blair. IMO.

    Nice one Biggie, a few memorable custodian blasts from the past there.

    Ahh, Tom Carson, never dull when TC was between the sticks.

    When he played it was usually most of the Derry that was 'touching cloth', lol.  Mind you, he'd waltz into today's team, as would Bain.




  8. 21 minutes ago, Mr. Alli said:

    The manager has been well backed, he's signed Greame Dorrans and Charlie Adam in the Scottish Championship forfucksake. This team isn't being desperately replaced from three years ago, it's been assembled and held together by elastic bands because the builder ate the fucking glue. 

    Think the builder must have sat on the glue, only reason I can think of why he's still here, lol. 

  9. 53 minutes ago, tbsouth said:

    3-0 Dundee away at Forfar tonight, 2 great finishes from Sow, Charlie Adam the manager.


    6 minutes ago, Day of the Lords said:

    Pretty sure that playing a fixture in an alternate fucking universe must be a pretty major breach of COVID-19 travel restrictions. 

    Not if it means Charlie Adam taking James McPake's place, even just for one night to prove a point.

    Highly experienced ex international professional with extensive footballing knowledge, who genuinely loves our club, compared to, well, James McPake and Divit MacKay.

    I rest my case for the defence m'lord.

  10. 51 minutes ago, Day of the Lords said:

    Anyway, are we all in agreement that McPake will still be in post despite the inevitable turgid defeat in Inverness without troubling the scorers (or the boy who counts attempts on goal)?


    Yep, nothing surer unfortunately, rightly, or in my opinion and most others it would appear on P&B wrongly.

    As you progress through life, you can change a partner, husband or wife, move house or your job, however your football club is without doubt for life.

    My first season as a young lad we were relegated, however that's who we are and even now it's still better than the alternative, please see below.




  11. 14 minutes ago, Day of the Lords said:

    I really don't get the revisionism around McCann. He was fucking useless and paying money for Jack Hamilton alone should have had him emptied. There is absolutely no way he'd have had us any closer to safety than McIntyre.

    Nelms has actively recruited the poorest series of managers I can ever recall. We've suffered some absolute shite in the hotseat over the years, but McCann-McIntyre-McPake really is absolute barrel-scraping stuff. Sadly we're stuck with Nelms who simply does not have enough knowledge or understanding of Scottish football to be able to make a competent appointment and probably never will. McPake will hang on too long, torpedoing our season before eventually being binned and replaced by another shite manager. 

    Spot on regarding John Nelms managerial appointment history.

    As much as we hold close our club, in all honesty it's been an unwaivering embarrassment for several seasons now. Which is heart breaking due to the fact the American owners really believe they're on the correct business pathway. 

    McPake out please. This is business and not personal.


  12. 25 minutes ago, Ludo*1 said:

    McMullan is 5 year younger than Dow, scored more goals in fewer games and has considerable more assists.

    Stats are all very good and have their place when interpreted correctly imho.

    So on that score, Ayr United refused apparently circa £200,000 from us iirc for Lawrence Shankland, their prolific League One/Championship goalscorer.

    Let's offer Dundee United a generous £400,000 for their prolific Championship goalscorer, cause let's be honest, he's achieved nowt in the top league.

    Yeah, stats are a funny old world of smoke and mirrors, depending on which way you are looking. Sir Charles is our elder statesman, also by a country mile our best player.

    Regarding Paul McMullan, I don't recall him being an issue to us until we had Marshall etc in direct opposition and more damning, James McPake in charge. 




  13. 8 minutes ago, Day of the Lords said:

    Not wanting to sign McMullan because he's a DAB is peak DFC tinpottery. He's far better than McDaid and is a monumental pain in the arse as an opposing player, which is generally a good sign for a winger.

    With respect to them both, Paul McMullan and Declan McDaid are the level of player we have to raise ourselves above to escape this league and progress. 

    This is nowt to do with DABS, as posted earlier I'd have Ryan Dow in dark blue asap. 


  14. 11 minutes ago, Yenitit said:

    McMullan tore this league apart last season. I’d take him. Could he be the dab equivalent of Martin Boyle? 
    Seeing he’s being mentioned as well I’d try for Appere at Dens as well. 
    Having said that they’re dabs, get them so far tae f**k. 

    Louis Appere I can't help but feel reminds me of Ian Redford making his way in the game at Dens Park, only physically stronger.

    If he's 40% as talented as Ian Redford I'd pay them a transfer fee, however sod developing any players on loan from these sphincters! 


  15. Keeping it hopefully on a professional level as this is controversial, we may as well make an approach instead for dyed-in-the-wool United man Ryan Dow.

    He's 10 times the player Paul McMullan ever will be, imho, DAB or not.

    If we wish to remain in the Championship, continue to sign the McDaids and target the McMullans, that'll be mission safely accomplished until James McPake is finally dismissed.

    Regards and merely my concerned opinion.  


  16. "One swallow does not a summer make", so no new contract for Jack on the back of today's performance. Albeit did his job well today when required. 

    Painful, laboured viewing mostly tbh against poor opposition, especially in the second half.

    New manager still desperately required,  nowt has changed. We'll just have to be more patient by the looks of it.

    Regards and cheers. 

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