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  1. 27 minutes ago, Speroni*1 said:

    As much as I'd love Charlie Adam in for the coming season, replacing the only man with experience in the dugout with someone that's not even got their full coaching badges (Last he got was the 8 day B license according to Google) would be a massive red flag for disaster.

    ETA: Though I do agree with the sentiment of punting Nicholl IMO.

    Silly me, Saturday evening and thinking with my serious business head on.

    Of course Jim McIntyre is highly qualified so I'm led to believe and still available.......................................for eternity, funnily enough, lol.

    Anyway, regards as always.

  2. Astonishing it's only Scottish based players or James McPake's former colleagues being generally quoted as targets. 

    Jotters for the apparently ineffective Jimmy Nicholl, sign and install Charles Adam as player/assistant manager and also open the floodgates to his considerable professional knowledge of the English market and beyond.

    Otherwise, let's continue sleepwalking from season to season and hope for the best.

    Regards as always


  3. 1 hour ago, LiamDFC said:

    I know I said I'd do one drawing per week, but I'm cracking up now so it was between this and prank calling Robbie Neilson all morning. There's only so many times you can pretend to be Tony Ashgar, inviting him to Gussie Park for a few bottles of 'Rona, before his enthusiasm starts to wane.

    Anyway, here's our second instalment; Dark Blue Heartthrob, Gary Harkins. 


    Next up... I'm not sure yet. Thoughts?

    Thank you.


    Fantastic talent Liam, using your time wisely in between beers, lol.

    Well done that man.

    Best regards

  4. 33 minutes ago, johnnydun said:

    Ticking along fine imo.



    12 minutes ago, Shadow Play said:

    I’m not happy with this at all.  I thought they were going to recreate the Derry for us?

    All is in hand Shadow, several external cold air blowers have been allowed for in the stadium specification.

    Best regards


  5. 706004326_download(20).jpg.4a71f71632637da67fc1baf43567f064.jpg

    Classic strip for sure. slightly before my time at Dens unfortunately.

    A very highly rated team, finely tuned apparently by one James McLean, back row-far right.

    No great surprise he was left seething and moved elsewhere when overlooked for the soon to be vacant managers position.

    And to think we complain, rightly so in fairness, regarding John Nelms' managerial appointments, lol.

    Best regards    

  6. If John Nelms master-plan is impending league reconstruction this would probably consist of a top league of 14 resulting in no apparent benefit to ourselves, having already given up on this season's play-offs etc. 

    This can only mean he currently has no faith in James McPake operating in, say even a top league of 16 (if argued for) without us potentially being relegation fodder again. This however  could result in us having a supposed "easier" time next season in the Championship and if going well means decent crowds whilst also giving time for a rookie manager to hopefully learn his trade. That's if reconstruction actually occurs otherwise hello Jam Tarts next season.

    Less than professional though reversing the original vote and can't help but feel he's been like a rabbit in the headlights!  

    Early days yet though, more to come.

    Best regards 

  7. Just been reading the BBC reports of the SPFL voting process today and couldn't but feel one Championship club is now playing Devil's Advocate.

    Interesting to Google and read the actual definition and meaning of the above saying.

    "To argue against or attack an idea, argument or proposition - even if one is in favour of it - for the sake of debate or to further examine it's strength, validity or details". 

    Someone clearly knows how to play the business game!



  8. 58 minutes ago, Ludo*1 said:

    It was affectionately known as the Colgate/Toothpaste strip and was eventually binned in favour of this:


    55 minutes ago, RossBFaeDundee said:

    Every time I look at this one I think "God, that badge makes it look like the cheapest knock-off you've ever seen."

    Despite that, due to how desperately empty it is I don't mind this away kit.

    Ross, even better with no sponsorship logo, sparse classic lines and DFC loud and proud!!!



  9. Purchased one also for Mrs TCM, you know for cup finals, relegating rivals etc. Never seen the light of day, lol.

    In fairness she is a Stoke City Potter and supporting The Dees is an acquired taste, or so I've been told.

    Regards                   416.thumb.JPG.edb22a4a20c05530e26dda5483ba02ac.JPG


    Edit  ----   Some other shirts looked out from the back of the wardrobe.



    Who recalls searching for their name on this one?417.thumb.JPG.f9142d162b0fa7366e1356aae51a04be.JPG


  10. 12 minutes ago, Dele said:

    They're going to play the Scottish Cup games for last season whilst this seasons competition (I'm speaking as if it's December) is ongoing?! 🤨

    Stranger things have probably happened, however certainly not in my ongoing memory of Scottish football.

    Onto more positive thoughts though, if no promotion or relegation as reported, Sir Lawrence will be by then more than likely plying his trade in the Midlands. The level playing field restored, what's not to like and chuckle? 

    Best regards


  11. Blue, white and red at home.

    White, blue and red away imho.

    Question for the "manager", this one regarding ex Dark Blues out of contract this summer.

    Craig Forsyth, Andrew Shinnie and obvs Charlie Adam, lol. Any one of these, if match fit, could make a massive difference to us for next season.

    Personally would prefer Charlie Adam also in the management team with the apparently ineffectual Jimmy Nichol out on his arse.

    James McPake requires professional assistance!

    All about opinions, regards.

  12. 6 minutes ago, RossBFaeDundee said:


    Excellent Ross, that's a major issue for next season rectified, club colour identification for starters.

    Rather than play in a crap strip design that's been in a mixed wash at the wrong temperature, or so it would certainly appear!

    Suggestion below for next season for starters.

    Concerning days and regards for next season.sco_dundee_fc_1_0203.gif.02f8325269c628c29712bbca90258449.gif


  13. 1 hour ago, Shadow Play said:

    TCM, I said in my earlier reply that my first game was against Ayr United in the early 70s.  I do remember we lost and I wonder if your first game was the same as mine?  Surely we couldn’t have been beaten by Ayr United twice at home in the same decade?

    Hi Shadow, this Ayr United League Cup game would be July or August 1975 just before the first Premier Division season kicking off.

    My first season, relegation for fvcks sake after finishing level on points with Aberdeen and Dundee United with 32 points from 36 games (2 points for a win).

    Here we are though, 45 years later, Dark Blue and still as proud as the first game, albeit a tad more weary, lol.



  14. Why are you a Dee?

    Third generation now and proud, although my daughter and step-sons are not interested! Maybe something to do with my experience, however I would refute this.

    First game?

    A League Cup group game at Dens against Ayr United in mid 70's, we were thumped 4-2!

    Where do you sit?

    South Enclosure of course, albeit migrated to the Bobby Cox Stand for 6 years after it's opening.

    Longest you've travelled to watch the Dee?

    Only around Scotland over the years.

    Ever missed work/event to watch the Dee?

    Actually used to attend even when on work Emergency Standby when not required. I do recall though just arriving as a minute's silence commenced prior to a game then being in a cold sweat due to a personal and work mobile plus a pager not being on silent. Thankfully no incident.

    Favourite ever player?

    Temuri Ketsbaia

    Most enjoyable game?

    The 1-0 Sunday night derby victory at Tannadice. Attended this one with a neighbour as my good mate would not give the smeggers the ticket price as it was also on Sky.

    Packed Dark Blue Shed exploded as James Grady let rip late on after The Dee having to defend most of the game. Absolute bedlam!!!!!!

    Best goal seen live?   

     Probably Dariusz Adamczuk's mazy end to end run at McDiarmid for sheer perseverance .

    Favourite away stadium?

    None of them for me. Although Tannadice was particularly good when Paul Sturrock, Alec Smith and Ian McCall were there.  

    Worst away stadium?

    East Stirlingshire's Firs Park.  Good day though as we clinched promotion there on the last day of the season. 

    Worst player?

    For compelling and remarkable consistency for a complete lack of concentration, Kevin Gomis.

    Left Dens and subsequently signed for Grand Quevilly FC in the 6th level in France! No further comment required.


    Best regards as always.

  15. In fairness and with careful consideration prior to posting. Due to the current very serious, not to be ignored ongoing national health issues, any alternative light-hearted and very amusing diversions are all gratefully received at this time.

    "Hibernian Scottish Cup games show Dundee United need to strengthen",  source - Dundee United head coach (not manager apparently) Robbie Neilson on a BBC article issued earlier today.

    Titter ye not and safe regards to all.1141689730_images(17).jpg.c1d7eea58803be0bdec57c3f68d78123.jpg

  16. 46 minutes ago, Dele said:


    "Guys, we're thinking of making an all new, 16 team top league. Does anyone have any argument for or against or any ideas what we should do moving forward?" .. 

    "I think we should ask Alfred McGoochie from Tobermory what to do. He's Highland League secretary." 

    Taking Balamory out of the equation and the fact the recently formed other Glasgow football club has now already achieved progression to the top division.

    The only correct decision which retains total professional sporting integrity is for this season to be classed as null and void. 

    Leave as is and recommence afresh from scratch, when applicable to do so next season. All four divisions that is.

    Any other outcome leaves generic Scottish Football an international laughing stock!!!!!!!!!!    As per usual unfortunately due to the decision makers currently in office.

    Best regards     

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