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  1. 11 hours ago, Fifespud said:


    Agree re McWilliams. Iain MacDonald also seems likely. Bomber Harris - as slowcas a week in the gaol but had a decent touch about him. Who was the other tall striker we had about that - Graham Hendry? Not sure about Walker McCall - looks too young. Sexy Lexy - you might be right about him too.


    Morning Spud

    I think that advert was probably around 1984/85 season, not long after Archie took over.

    Re tall striker, too early for Graham Harvey, I recall we swapped Colin Harris for him, maybe thinking about a young Colin Hendry, he initially played up front around that time.

    Reckon feller at the rear on the right is Walker McCall, however there was a lot of big, big hair going on in the 80's!!!!

    Best regardsPanini-Football-85-472-McCall.jpg.6b4ea7a133a9ca05e58de9ef286323a5.jpg  

  2. 18 minutes ago, Fifespud said:

    Geddes, not sure, Jim Smith, Glennie, Zico McGeachie, Archie Knox, Shaky Stephen, the legendary Albert Kydd, Keith Wright, Tosh McKinlay, Robert Conner, not sure, John Brown, not sure (young lad - remember his face), John McCormick, Stuart Rafferty and possibly Mince Vennie.


    4 minutes ago, elportogrande said:

    The young lad might be Derek McWilliams. The guy at the back with the hair might be  Iain MacDonald, the car might be a Renault 18!

    Yeah, spot on young guy is indeed Derek McWilliams. Guy next to Geddes is Iain MacDonald.

    Colin Harris next to John Brown and not Vince Mennie at the rear, I'm sure that's Walker McCall. Not Keith Wright either though, I think that's Lex Richardson.

    Some great characters!!! 

    Best regards


  3. 6 hours ago, Ludo*1 said:

    At the DAB game, McIntyre was serenaded by United as he came out smiling, draped with a DAB scarf and giving fist pumps. 

    In the Caley end - and United are tearing them apart. Keating's had an early chance where he cracked the post but other than that, all DABs.

    Tacky, cheap and extremely embarrassing on a professional level, or indeed any level for that matter.

    More a reflection on Jim McIntyre as a person and his apparent level of intellect I'm afraid.

    I'm sure nearly all right-minded Dundee United followers would be equally embarrassed, this fellow is not bred and reared with our east coast blood.

    Best regards


  4. 1 hour ago, Crawford said:

    Having a new addition to the Bobby Cox. Turns out she got pregnant at the same time as the whole of Scotland though. 3 girls and now a boy. That's game off the poley. 😂

    Well done that man, happy days. Another Season Ticket required in time for the new stadium.

    Best regards and wishes to you all.

  5. I had not attended since the Brechin game due to commitments and was not sure what to expect today following the reports from the Peterhead game last weekend.

    However I was very impressed with today's overall team performance. Due to the small TV induced attendance where we were in the South Enclosure you could even hear Jack Hamilton constantly scream instructions to his back-line in the second half. Given last seasons' performances this has to be positive, actual COMMUNICATION.

    That would appear to be the James McPake main basic remit, TEAMWORK. Sounds simple, however he's already starting to put the building blocks in place.

    Great speed of mind going forward and also a constant awareness of link-work whilst always seeking to play the ball to feet whenever possible.

    Anyway, early days and merely my humble opinion.  

    Best regards    

  6. 3 hours ago, Berti_Dee said:

    We’re trying to secure Jack Aitchison on loan from Celtic.

    With all due respect to the young man from Celtic, we already have numerous Dark Blue young guns hungry and ripe for development.

    Also, as per the Official Dundee website this morning, a very Happy Birthday to Craig Wighton today from all us Dees.

    THAT GOAL witnessed first hand, NEVER FORGOTTEN.

    Best regards597afb97db18e-536x372.jpg.6761ff4b2bf0700c093c4d6fe7c63f42.jpg



    Edit - To NEFdab, I've been a poster here for three months now and have never red dotted anyone once, whilst always respecting all differing opinions.

    You would appear to red dot my every posting for your own sad reasons. As they say in make believe world, ARE YOU LOOKING AT ME??????? 




  7. It would not surprise me in the least if Stevie May turns up at Dens, if only on the basis of how highly rated he is by our management team.

    I'm sure they were on record recently as saying another two up top were still required after all.

    As long as Stevie May accepts it's not advisable to drink in Perth for a wee while, just need to entertain new friends at the Apex, lol. 

    Best regards

  8. 1 hour ago, G_Man1985 said:

    This season our strike force is of Nelson and Curran. If either gets injured or for me if Nelson got injured long term this wouldn't be ideal
    We need players in fairly quick as not so long until season starts. We have had plenty time to get players in and I know mcpake has taken his time in getting players but for me now we need to be acting fairly quickly.

    Looking at squad this season and only watching 3 games of pre season, if I was asked where would I be happy we finished this season ? Any position in the play offs, any where lower is a fail and jobs would be questioned. Winning the league or coming second I think with this squad we would be over achieving.

    A few signings before the season starts please.

    Mon the dees

    Just checked the current listing of the first team squad as it stands on the DFC website.

    Consists of 21 players, 6 of which are the young guns looking to break through..................plus Andrew Davies.

    After the previous couple of seasons we've endured some may say we're cutting it fine on the quality signings front.

    Lets hope that considerable list of James was not mislaid at the Apex. 😁

    Best regards


  9. 1 hour ago, Girth said:

    Yeah Girth, got one of these in the collection, top quality these Toffs' shirts. Same manufacturer as the v-neck 1962 "Gillie" shirts.

    Word of warning though, genuine heavy weight 100% cotton.

    Not to be worn for a warm Summers' evening on the pop at the Apex.

    Winters' evening in London, you'll be fine.

    Best regardstoffs.thumb.jpg.1ab5c576db71a095782ed3140209496f.jpg 

  10. 52 minutes ago, eindhovendee said:
    1 hour ago, PartyFears2 said:

    He won’t sign for Dundee. Unless it was a ‘Dobbie’ type commute deal.

    He lives in Poulton, has done since Blackpool days. His wife didn’t want to move nearer Liverpool, or Stoke.

    I could be wrong, but I seriously doubt he’ll be looking to move up here anytime soon.

    He's still only 33. You'd think he'd be looking for a wage better than anyone (apart from OF) in Scotland could offer, last big payday.


    42 minutes ago, Bigmouth Strikes Again said:

    'Last big payday' ffs, how much money do you need?

    The young man James Wilson, newly signed at Aberdeen, has just came off the back of a £30,000/week 5 year contract at Man Utd, that's £7.8Million before tax.

    Charlie Adam has been playing down south for 10 years now give or take, mostly in the Premiership.

    These fellers could afford to buy a club up here if the notion took them.

    Obviously, like the Murphy's, we're not bitter though. LOL

    Best regards

  11. 17 minutes ago, Bigmouth Strikes Again said:

    I don't understand him, always on about how he'd love to pull on the jersey, well Charlie, you're 32, it's now or never mate.

    Thank you.

    Charles is now 33 years old, turns 34 in December according to Wiki.

    Needs to get his arse in gear if he wants Caniggia's squad number, lol.

    Best regards 

  12. 1 hour ago, Dundee-FC92 said:

    Then it would've been up to McPake to wrap his pus and show a bit of steel.

    Everyone's always said Miller is the model professional - don't know where the Dundee fans get the information on him being bad for the changing room. Probably from the same breed who make out McGowan to be a deep lying central midfielder and Kerr to be suitable as our No.1 right back (effort and passion aren't enough).

    Thank you.

    Agree with the above as highlighted, probably the same reason it would appear we're not attempting to sign Charlie Adam. He also has an opinion on most things football, mostly through his media work.

    However, as a fledgling gaffer, I'd be attempting to harness that knowledge and experience to my and the clubs' considerable advantage.

    For the record, Charlie has now appeared as a trialist for Blackburn Rovers on three occasions, scored three goals! The club apparently, according to the local press are not be offering terms and he's now being linked with Blackpool again.

    Our team is screaming out for his talent in central midfield, imo.

    Best regards


  13. 4 minutes ago, Ludo*1 said:

    McPake confirmed yesterday that Dave Mackay has been speaking to Derek McInnes on the club's behalf yesterday. Not that that means anything, just thought you'd like to know.

    So I assume it's still too early to look out our old Claudio Caniggia wigs and have them professionally tied back in a neat pig tail?

    Best regardsmaxresdefault.thumb.jpg.d5833e979dcbc1fbc4530d3f099ba287.jpg 

  14. Alessandro Romano, one of the lesser known Italian journeymen pro's we imported around 2000-01.

    I recall the home tie against Sartid, it was scoreless and near the end. One of the opposition feigned injury on the touchline and rolled several times back onto the park.

    Romano duly grabbed both his legs and attempted to drag him off the park before the ref intervened. Recall thinking, you'll do me my son.

    Another one, Stuart Rafferty, absolute machine.

    Best regards   

  15. 6 minutes ago, Dele said:

    I'd walk over broken glass to get Kane Hemmings back in a Dundee shirt. I'd imagine he'd be significantly cheaper than May, too. 

    I highly doubt it would happen though. 

    Dele, the quickest green dot I've ever given.

    Kane running about looking at the George Fox Stand like a Specsavers advert from Dark Blue Heaven!!!

    Nice one.

    Best regards


  16. 13 hours ago, Day of the Lords said:

    If we could pick up Wighton on loan, or for f**k all I'd take him tbh. I think he'd still be good for a few goals at this level.


    Craig Wighton, if his fitness levels are good , would be a wise addition imho.

    May even bag a better return of goals if he's actually utilised as an out and out striker, instead of what was always appearing to be a support act.

    Worth also noting he was rushed out of the door by Neil McCann to balance the figures following the signing of a 38 year old!!!!!

    Best regards 

  17. Hey, just glad NEFdab's using his spell-checker, at least the fingers have some function if nowt else apparently.

    I would not wish that he makes a complete DAB of himself. Thankfully also not a true reflection of them all.

    Signing out, early start tomorrow, sure DAB man-child will probably read this about lunchtime tomorrow when he awakens.

    Best regards




  18. 5 minutes ago, G_Man1985 said:

    Youth I'm more than happy to get a chance but we still need more bodies.
    Even take away keeper and accept we are stuck with Hamilton we still need a few outside players

    Agree with you 100% G_Man, we're all making the same, similar comments since the Brechin opener.

    We can't all be wrong and now is certainly not the time to get financial cold-feet, far too much at stake imho.

    Best regards

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