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  1. I admire the fact you don't mention Andrew Davies. Suppose you actually have to have been a Dee, to become an ex Dee, lol. Best regards
  2. Raise our glass to a better time when their uneducated hi-vis vitriol was contained to their own kind and not spewed out with little thought, or control for that matter, from a stained qwerty keyboard. (Vitriol : noun - bitter criticism or malice) Best regards
  3. I highlighted earlier today the above posting by RossBFaeDundee on Monday which displayed/contained the DC Thomson journalist's Derek Healey's social media comments allegedly refuting any involvement in the incident by James McPake. This content, as you can see above, has now been removed by our own PandB and I believe the original posting on social media by the journalist was also removed. Very unsettling he was the chosen journalist to run with the Courier article this morning. Best regards
  4. That must be the same Derek Healey running the article in this morning's Courier regarding the incident on Sunday and subsequent Police action. Disturbing professional conflict of interest would appear to exist regarding the above unless I'm mistaken, taking into account his previous personal media release. Best regards
  5. From being dismissed at Dens Park for being a prize clown. To gainful employment on ITV's Doc Martin, guess what, still playing the same role I see. Best regards
  6. Please find below Lawrence Shankland FC's usual mode of entering and leaving their stadium!!!!!!! Yet according to their Tony Asguar, 'sporting director' (whatever that is btw), the package Shankland's on did not even make him the highest earner at the club. I can only assume they're still paying into Jackie McNamara's considerable pension fund, lol. When it comes to the truth with these Dab's, you've only to recall the ludicrous and misjudged official internal club backing they gave Cifti when he assaulted a fellow pro, one of ours, with his teeth!!!! Best regards
  7. With all due respect, and I do respect all of our fellow Dark Blue views and opinions. However, we are now plying our trade in the Championship for a reason. Namely, Neil McCann, followed by the Dim McIntyre experience. Complete and utter destruction on all levels. We can only strive to improve, this will take time, imho. Best regards
  8. Ahh, a good weekend if I may say so in my opinion. The DAB'S humiliated last night for all to see and chuckle, three points comfortably secured today for The Dark Blues and my good lady's Mighty Potters secure a win at Swansea. Quality aged malt the order of the day I reckon. Best regards
  9. Probably nicked out to purchase an early Courier to bask in the hi-vis wet puddle of Jim Spence's column regarding last weekends' Shankland FC show. Obviously too late for the tangerine clown to re-edit at this late hour. Here's to 3 points and a performance tomorrow thank you. Best regards
  10. Off you pop now sad-act, must surely, be surely bed-time by now. Best regards (to anyone who ridicules this DAB fool)
  11. Agree totally, tonight was as disappointing as it was actually desperate. We have players at our disposal who should be capable of operating at this level. Fecking get it sorted McPake or accept the forthcoming inevitable outcome probably before Christmas if this continues, imho. Players are already here to make an impression on this Donald Duck league, make it so, swiftly losing patience. Best regards
  12. Be interesting to see how it develops now he has his own man Dorrans in the pack, ie someone close and trusted to him. Hopefully keep the more wayward characters in the squad focused in the task in hand and actually appreciate the profession they have chosen. All we can realistically expect and demand is a constant improvement amid the learning curve, even when losing the odd game. Agree with Yenitit though, the play-offs are a must and Strachan should be sought for input and feedback. Best regards
  13. Trying hard to really find something positive to say, however 10 points dropped from 18, goal difference after 6 games in the Championship minus 3, FFS!!!!!!!!! One Morton effort on target enough to secure 3 points, not looking forward to furious comments from fellers actually at the game today. Has to massively improve with immediate effect, surely we have the resources to secure 3 points at Greenock. These Americans have backed the manager again with good faith. Only saving grace, still early days, however this cannot be allowed to continue for any length of time. Get it sorted McPake, seek Strachan's advice. Best regards
  14. Thought provoking, just thinking if Stevie May (of St Johnstone the last time I looked) actually scores a goal we'll be up at page 3000 before the months out at this rate!!!! With all due respect, give it a rest please Random, pages are currently reserved for news of our pending new signing/s. Anyway, back to some evening easy listening. Best regards
  15. Now obviously I'm biased having been a Dundee supporter from an early age and now continuing throughout my adulthood. However I find it extremely hard to stomach the current unparalleled bias in favour towards the fortunes of Dundee United in the local DC Thomson press coverage. Good to see however the completely impartial hi-vis Jim Spence read my input on pandb recently regarding a league campaign being a marathon and not a sprint. Thankfully I'm considerably more professional in my own chosen line of work, lol. Best regards
  16. Knew a great lad in the 90's and early 00's who played for Forres Mechanics and studied in Dundee, as did his future wife although different professions. Once accompanied him on a training run in Elgin, I took the mountain bike and no kidding struggled to keep up!! True story and I would like to add I was built like Peter Crouch back then, lol. Best regards
  17. For me anyway, the most important foundation stone for a proposed new stadium would be a successful team on the park, operating in the top league. Dens Park has served three generations of my immediate family, can last a while longer until the time is right and the correct business partners are on-board, imho. Dread to estimate the damage caused by the appointment of Neil McCann has had on this project. Best regards
  18. I must admit, never convinced Billy King would have offered anything we don't have, with all due respect to the guy. However, just read a report ex Stoke City, Aston Villa, Manchester City and Republic of Ireland midfielder Stephen Ireland who has just turned 33 last month being quoted as saying he would be willing to play free of charge for 6 months just to get back playing again. He reckons he could still operate at a high level, however no offers have been forthcoming down south. Suffered a leg break a couple of years ago at Stoke then never got back in again after a season of recovery, followed by a change of management. Surely, if fit, more than good enough for our league to have a look at and bring in for a trial. Would bring great experience and craft sadly lacking at the moment. Hearts have just newly signed Glenn Whelan, ex Stoke, Villa and Ireland stalwart and he's 35 now. Best regards
  19. In fairness to Charlie Adam, he was quoted after signing for Reading that not one Scottish club had made an approach when he was available. Definitely would have been a positive influence at Dens, on so many levels imho. All's not lost maybe, last time I looked he's hardly been involved there. Kept saying he wants to play football, although that'll be a decent wedge he's currently on. Best regards
  20. Brave lads indeed with these thin tops on with that combi-storage heater in the background. Number 7 had the right idea, two sweaters on!!!! Best regards
  21. This season is without doubt an "ongoing work in progress" regarding James McPake's recent appointment. When you think of some of the garbage signed by the self proclaimed footballing expert Neil McCann and then latterly Jim McIntyre I'm quite satisfied James McPake displays a more measured approach. Still think we'll improve and get considerably stronger as the season progresses and be good for a realistic pop at the play-offs, obviously with more sensible recruitment at some point. Shite-sandwich we're head to head with the Dabs this season though because that'll always be the yardstick for some folk. They're 3 seasons ahead of us at this level, all failures. Early days though, the league's not won or lost in late August. Best regards
  22. My goodness, seedy and cringe-worthy comment or what, especially in this modern era? Best to let us all, Dark Blue & Tangerine for that matter think you're a knot, rather than continue posting as above and remove all doubt completely. By all means continue as you will, however before clicking submit, please have a wee reflection on the content first. Regards
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