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  1. Ludo my man, in case you were unaware. Currently for sale on ebay, framed and signed goalkeepers shirt, Ludovic Roy from season 2006-07. £20.00 opening bid or 'buy it now' @ £35.00. ( PS, not me selling it, lol ) Best regards
  2. I know, jeez don't I know, however we seriously require a locksmith and Gary Harkins legs have apparently gone and Chic Charnley's now in his mid 50's, lol. Best regards
  3. I would not be against trying to secure Alan Forrest from Ayr United, also re-sign Jack Hendry from Celtic on a half season loan, surely more beneficial than reserve team football. In addition to these two Charlie Adam should really be playing more football at his time of life, he's only on a 12 month contract at Reading. Best regards
  4. Honestly, I couldn't agree more Dee Man. I obviously can't comment for Dee Woman, however my This Charming Woman twisting my melon regarding my time spent posting today justifying why Lawrence will be gone come January. Unless of course he lands at her beloved Stoke City! Thank you and best regards
  5. No worries Stumigoo. I only replied tbh because you are by far the most level-headed visitor we receive from across the divide. Regarding interest in Lawrence Shankland, I was merely highlighting what I had read on fresh reports on the generic UK online sports media. Obviously best to await, from your point of view, Jim Spence's clearly unbiased local sport reports on the subject. Regarding Stoke City, if I were a betting man, watch this space as they say. The financial aspect/subject, the recent pattern is clear for your current club owners to see and obviously reaffirm their commitment again, and again in 12 months. Anyway, last word on United from me, my reputation dwindling by the minute, lol. As always, best regards
  6. Sorry for the delay Stumigoo, family life and all that. Simply Google Lawrence Shankland and you'll see all the links highlighting other clubs currently interested in his special talent. In addition to the ones highlighted earlier you can now also add Swansea City and Rangers. Regarding Stoke City, they are struggling to spend their money due to legislation restrictions following relegation. Having agreed a deal for Dwight Gayle on transfer deadline day they could not proceed due to these reasons. Now, with their new manager Michael O'Neill, and Jimmy Nicholl being his international no.2, do you really think they wouldn't have noticed Shanklands' goal scoring exploits. What is stated and on record is a goal scoring striker is their top January priority. Now, on the other subject, my personal profession does not lie in the financial sector, however having posted a loss in 2018 of £1,618,993 (which was reduced by £1.4m in sell on fees) and then the 2019 figure of £3,759,220 I think we can safely see a projected substantial negative financial pattern emerging. Anyway, I hope this is of assistance as I never visit the United thread, due to the fact I'm frankly not interested. I only highlighted the earlier post due to being of great potential benefit to the Dark Blues. Best regards
  7. Let's address a positive then, from our point of view anyway. Lawrence Shankland will be gone come January. Already Celtic, Nottingham Forest and Stoke City are on record as being in the market for a goalscorer in the transfer window. Without forgetting United's financial meltdown of last season, some very concerned set of eyes will be firmly fixed on their current projected similar losses. Signed for nowt, he'll doubtless have inserted a release clause. Our main concern is how to utilise best the resources we currently have and then bolster that come January. Best regards
  8. That must have been you Mr McKenzie, that fine May evening in the empty front 10 rows or so. Life experience however tells me otherwise my good peep, enjoy your weekend though. Best regards
  9. Yeah, just recently transferred from Virgin back to Sky again. Losing BT Sport has been an unexpected blessing in disguise, and tbh, in the flesh at the game sufficed on this occasion. Interesting to view all the different opinions, however without wishing to lose James McPake from the club, he is so clearly out of his depth in his current position. Best regards
  10. We're all football peeps, merely wear different colours my man. Respect though, I'm sure many of your fellow posters on here didn't take the pain that sunny May evening. Best regards
  11. In spirit, or in tears, or both? lol Respect if you were though, I witnessed United clinch the Premier League at Dens. Not pleasant from my viewpoint I can tell you! Best regards
  12. Aside from the totally inept tactical formation (for this game anyway) and generally unacceptable footballing display last night, what about the minute's silence debacle! Disgraceful from areas of both sides, is it really so difficult for these "people" to grasp a sense of decency? Best regards
  13. The morning after the night before, oh dear!!!!!! Saw a post earlier mentioning if we had signed Lawrence Shankland instead and utilised him as we do Kane Hemmings our scoring charts would show no great change to the current levels. United last night imho gave the impression they expected to win that game, whereas we had only hoped for the best. Now, I'm Dark Blue born and bred, however no amount of sabre rattling escapes the fact even the second half alone, that could have been another heavy defeat. Shocking, totally unacceptable performance overall, however not unexpected. Best regards
  14. 5/7 as well I'm afraid. First answer controversially disallowed for off-side, typical, absolutely livid, lol. Best regards
  15. My good lady's other love, Stoke City, are apparently on the verge of announcing the appointment of Northern Ireland's current manager Michael O'Neill. Reports are including and mentioning the fact Jimmy Nicholl is his international no.2 and that he is keen to have an experienced team around him if appointed. Now, if this happens, and I'm only thinking aloud, a certain ex Stoke City player would be my first choice for any vacancy as assistant player/manager. Make it so, bring Charlie home!!!!! Best regards and home win tomorrow.
  16. Merely displaying impeccable good manners, that's all. Best regards
  17. Even then there's no guarantee I'm afraid with this fixture. I recall a derby at Dens around 2002, Dundee coasting at 3-0 and looking to do something really special on the day. What happens, two late United replies and we nearly concede an even later equaliser!!! Hard one to predict on Friday, however to us, only a home win is acceptable. No pressure then, lol. Best regards
  18. Maybe sounds strange, and I certainly didn't think it when leaving the ground after the Partick Thistle collapse. However it just maybe be one of our best results this season for the massive in-yer-face wake up call alone. South Enclosure beckons again next Friday, happy days. Best regards
  19. Harsh, however incredibly fair in the circumstances. The bottle on the left, 18 year old malt? Hold on, on second thoughts it is Andrew Davies in the mummy's mitten body-suit!! Best regards
  20. Must also be praying the main man Lawrence Shankland plays more games than last season, imho. Still well in view, considering we've not even started playing as yet, must be a pressing concern for our neighbours, lol. Best regards
  21. Great three points tonight, however let's remind ourselves who we are and where we currently are. Let's build on this good result, who knows what's possible once we realise how to utilise and feed the natural skills and talents of Kane Hemmings. Best regards
  22. I take no pleasure in saying I have to totally agree. If we are realistic and honest, football, like most professional business ventures truly is a cut-throat business. Without wanting to see James McPake cast adrift, at this present time in his fledgling coaching/managerial career he is proving to be out of his depth on so many levels. A brave decision would be to sit him down, discuss the situation and inform him the club were to seek an experienced manager and have McPake learn the ropes as it were as an assistant manager. If he honestly professes to respect the club as much as he does, this would surely provide the best pathway for all concerned. Whilst I, as always respect all the differing opinions on our thread, who wouldn't be completely behind the appointment of a manager of the calibre of Jack Ross. This of course will not happen, that would require the paymaster admitting yet another error of judgement. Best regards
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