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  1. Easy answer to remedy the performance of an existing extremely average under-performing overpaid team , sign a striker who returns 30+ goals per season at lower league level. Sorted. Agree totally, we are incredibly lucky to have Tim Keyes financial backing and ongoing interest in our club. However the current league and hence financial situation is 100% due to the managerial appointments following on from Paul Hartley's dismissal. Only financial positive being the transfer fee secured for Jack Hendry. As we know these ill advised appointments were made by Tim Keyes' personally appointed man on the shop-floor, John Nelms. If the James McPake experiment does not go to plan, Gordon Strachan is the only professional we have available who should imho be tasked with securing any potential future replacement. Concerned regards and merely my opinion.
  2. Have a long word with yourself, for goodness sake smeg for brains. Thank you for your kind and speedy reply, however mistaken and misled, as per your usual spurious postings. Best regards
  3. Agree with that Biggie my man, I'm still a relative newcomer on here, posting only since last April due to the ongoing managerial debacle. Which is still not resolved to date, imho. However, we Dee's may not all agree on occasion but personally coming from an industrial background I welcome a spade being called a fvcking spade. Best regards to all, and respect.
  4. Afraid not my man, that's just our tears resurfaced again from the Jim McIntyre era. Best regards
  5. Fair comment as always Biggie, however we need to adopt a leaf or three from out of Brian Clough's book of life. Pipe of peace smoked and passed around, except obviously when the hi-viz Jim Spence inspired pseudo Dab's come calling!!! Best regards
  6. When I read the description above by Shadow it reminded me of the fellow below. Not the quickest of defenders, however what he possessed between his ears reading the game left even the most gifted or overpaid of strikers in his wake. If Berra is even 70% of that player, he'll more than do well at our current lower level. Regards
  7. Obviously Daniel Stendel is the new German version of Jim McIntyre. John Nelms will be in touch in due course, however we're not willing to pay any compensation, lol. Mainly due to James McPake being due money when he's dismissed in the summer. Realistic regards
  8. Totally agree Spud, young Andrew Nelson, for numerous reasons it would appear, still has a massive question mark against him. Disappointingly so after such a bright start. Regarding Simon Murray, I was unaware of his early season serious injury. However I'm still of the opinion that he'd offer, when fit, a positive alternative to what we already have available in assistance to Kane Hemmings. Even if that does mean for next season. Regards as always
  9. If my memory serves me correctly from being a young lad when Donald Mackay was manager we began the season very poorly in the old First Division, being second bottom after about 5 games. Then Frank Upton arrived as assistant manager, apparently a real old school disciplinarian coach. Suddenly a quite substantial unbeaten run commenced which I think only ended at the League Cup Final. Promotion ultimately secured as runners up though. Agreed, great signing Steven Boyack was by our Jocky. Plus the fact, where do you currently find signings of that era with the calibre of Brian Irvine for free? (Think he was signed by Cowboy though) Happier days! PS, Simon Murray should be secured, ASAP
  10. Oh, I don't know. 6 to 7 hours solid sleep, fvcking priceless imho. Fatigued regards
  11. Nope, our club's on it's arse relatively speaking in a footballing sense, with none of the expected signs of improvement and direction hoped for and required this season visible so far. We're currently considerably closer to the league below than the one above, however there's no apparent need for...........................panic on the streets of Dundee. Not much!!!!! Everyone is fully justified imho, in using this P&B platform for voicing our current fears and concerns. Regards as always
  12. Agree with the above highlighted postings regarding our current manager James McPake. In all fairness though, in our fine Scottish judicial system everyone is always assumed innocent unless proven guilty. However on the footballing front, which is what we're all interested in, most of our match performances this season have been nothing short of criminal negligence, imho. Best regards
  13. I see exactly where you're coming from G_Man. However of more concern worryingly it would appear John Nelms has absolutely no insight whatsoever to the damage currently being done to our loyal fan-base at this time. The sparse home attendance at the recent Motherwell cup-tie is merely a projection of next season and beyond unless James McPake is relieved soon from his post. Reality is truly shit at times, however still a glaringly obvious reality. Best regards
  14. Always without any doubt best regards to my fellow Dark Blues. Thank you for your reply and best regards
  15. Afraid not Spud-gun, long adopted habit from e-mails I'm extremely sorry to say. Best regards and thank you
  16. You know, I believe with the amount of negative comments on here, myself included I hasten to add, anyone reading P&B would think we have ideas above our footballing station. However I refuse to believe that train of thought. Does Stephen Robinson at Motherwell, Tommy Wright at St Johnstone and Gary Holt at Livingston for that matter have larger budgets than ourselves, I seriously doubt it! It all comes back to Mr John Nelms and his substandard managerial appointments over the past three seasons or so. There has to be a point where responsibility must be accepted and mistakes be acknowledged. I truly believe John Nelms has our clubs best interests at heart, of that there is no doubt, however even his boss Tim Keyes must now be seriously concerned regarding his considerable investments. Please dismiss Mr McPake from his managerial position asap and seek Mr Strachans advice regarding the way forward for our proud club. Concerned best regards ( Edit, maximum respect to you today number 33, young man)
  17. Ross, fret not my good man. We know you were actually referring to your car and not your season ticket. I just fear you've also now reached our collective level of football despair. You're right though, signing Watt and Wallace could make a difference, however only with a manager who knows how to deploy them. Best regards
  18. Absolutely agree 110% Crawford, some movement tonight on that front also required in addition to central defence. In the meantime currently watching my good lady's Mighty Potters against Craig Forsyth's Derby County whilst my other eye on the transfer movements. Whilst typing this however Stoke now 2-0 down, think I'll just concentrate on incoming signings, lol. Best regards
  19. I truly feel your pain. We start the day praying for a signing like Adam Rooney, you know, the calibre of player who could be an integral piece of a jigsaw for this season and beyond............................................................then receive the news we were knocked back in an approach for Danny Mullen. Today is going to be interesting, hopefully for all the right reasons. Best regards
  20. With all due respect, are you really satisfied with the ongoing progress shown this season, considering we have easily provided by far the second largest budget in this league. Personally if it was my company being managed in this manner, I would not hesitate to react with the only correct and professional course of action. James McPake would have been relieved of his managerial duties long before now. In fairness though, he would not have been appointed in the first instance, however that's a separate subject for a later date. Best regards as always
  21. Agree with the above highlighted comments. We all love our club, that's not in any doubt. However this season following on from the previous few has been an absolute ongoing embarrassment with no apparent light at the end of the tunnel. This is not being negative, merely being realistic. I for one would be delighted to see a 35 year old Gary Harkins return to Dens just to witness a progressive midfielder who can actually control, influence and play the game. To think I was hoping Charlie Adam would have been approached last summer. How stupid was I, anyone at Dens with an opinion not entirely welcome apparently. Best regards
  22. I see what you're saying Shadow, however all's still good with Mr Nelms master-plan, I don't recall Craig Levein actually playing for the smeggers down the street. Therefore, not completely 100% tarnished, only 99.7% imho, lol. That 0.3% margin will make all the difference, you wait and see. Played Czech Republic lining up 4 - 6 - 0 as I recall, tactical class!!!! Think they only lost 1-0! Best regards
  23. As much as I rate our Kane Hemmings extremely highly, with all due respect I'm not convinced he's as good as Lawrence Shankland of Stoke City. Best regards
  24. Impossible to gauge accurately I'm afraid, neither one has been played and utilised consistently to his natural strength and talent at any time. Transfer Kane Hemmings as well and we'll be 4 - 6 - 0 next game, obviously McPake's secret dream formation. Best regards
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