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  1. Yeah Girth, got one of these in the collection, top quality these Toffs' shirts. Same manufacturer as the v-neck 1962 "Gillie" shirts. Word of warning though, genuine heavy weight 100% cotton. Not to be worn for a warm Summers' evening on the pop at the Apex. Winters' evening in London, you'll be fine. Best regards
  2. What time's Random's book-signing at the Apex, have I missed it? Best regards
  3. Gordon Strachan press conference at Dens just now. Too much to hope for signings as well today, positive thoughts only. Best regards
  4. He's still only 33. You'd think he'd be looking for a wage better than anyone (apart from OF) in Scotland could offer, last big payday. The young man James Wilson, newly signed at Aberdeen, has just came off the back of a £30,000/week 5 year contract at Man Utd, that's £7.8Million before tax. Charlie Adam has been playing down south for 10 years now give or take, mostly in the Premiership. These fellers could afford to buy a club up here if the notion took them. Obviously, like the Murphy's, we're not bitter though. LOL Best regards
  5. Charles is now 33 years old, turns 34 in December according to Wiki. Needs to get his arse in gear if he wants Caniggia's squad number, lol. Best regards
  6. Agree with the above as highlighted, probably the same reason it would appear we're not attempting to sign Charlie Adam. He also has an opinion on most things football, mostly through his media work. However, as a fledgling gaffer, I'd be attempting to harness that knowledge and experience to my and the clubs' considerable advantage. For the record, Charlie has now appeared as a trialist for Blackburn Rovers on three occasions, scored three goals! The club apparently, according to the local press are not be offering terms and he's now being linked with Blackpool again. Our team is screaming out for his talent in central midfield, imo. Best regards
  7. Charlie Adam for me, spontaneous combustion all around, lol. ( Edit - There again, home is where the heart is. ) Best regards
  8. So I assume it's still too early to look out our old Claudio Caniggia wigs and have them professionally tied back in a neat pig tail? Best regards
  9. Alessandro Romano, one of the lesser known Italian journeymen pro's we imported around 2000-01. I recall the home tie against Sartid, it was scoreless and near the end. One of the opposition feigned injury on the touchline and rolled several times back onto the park. Romano duly grabbed both his legs and attempted to drag him off the park before the ref intervened. Recall thinking, you'll do me my son. Another one, Stuart Rafferty, absolute machine. Best regards
  10. Dele, the quickest green dot I've ever given. Kane running about looking at the George Fox Stand like a Specsavers advert from Dark Blue Heaven!!! Nice one. Best regards
  11. Craig Wighton, if his fitness levels are good , would be a wise addition imho. May even bag a better return of goals if he's actually utilised as an out and out striker, instead of what was always appearing to be a support act. Worth also noting he was rushed out of the door by Neil McCann to balance the figures following the signing of a 38 year old!!!!! Best regards
  12. Hey, just glad NEFdab's using his spell-checker, at least the fingers have some function if nowt else apparently. I would not wish that he makes a complete DAB of himself. Thankfully also not a true reflection of them all. Signing out, early start tomorrow, sure DAB man-child will probably read this about lunchtime tomorrow when he awakens. Best regards
  13. Like it Biggie, even Master David Beckham knows Sweep will come good after all. On a more sinister note, I see sad-act NEFdab's medication requires administered again. Sad, however a reflection of modern life Best regards
  14. Agree with you 100% G_Man, we're all making the same, similar comments since the Brechin opener. We can't all be wrong and now is certainly not the time to get financial cold-feet, far too much at stake imho. Best regards
  15. Couldn't make the game tonight, sounds promising by all accounts, especially the younger players again. Admire totally, James McPake's vision for the future, however we do still require a minimum three first team stalwart/regulars to be signed in the meantime. How many hearts missed a beat when young Nelson indicated a possible ankle problem? Best regards
  16. I agree, deluding themselves in the boardroom and below if they think we're ready player-wise for the season ahead, imo. Charlie Adam played 2nd half for Blackburn in a friendly at Barrow, apparently outstanding according to report in Lancashire Telegraph. Best regards
  17. Mr Christian Nade, you are cordially invited to our Championship Celebration Function in May 2020. RSVP Best regards
  18. Just goes to show, truly bollocks of steel that man McGowan!!!! Probably recommend the Bruce Willis look personally for the new season. Best regards
  19. Yep, agree with you on above Fifespud. The third one is an experienced play-maker / game-changer, one Charles Graham Adam. Honestly, sign him and it's in the bag, imho. Best regards
  20. Must admit, some canny, thoughtful signings from Mr James McPake so far. Personally a little concerned the real games start soon and we're still at least three main signings short, right through the spine of the team imo. However I'm sure he has it all in hand, not like previous "managers" we've experienced, panicking at the end of the transfer window. Best regards
  21. AWESOME, welcome home Charlie Adam!!!!!!!!!! Nice looking strip as well what we can see. Best regards
  22. I see Lawrence Shankland is now officially signed at Tannadice. Nowt wrong with a bit of potential competition imo. We'll have to formally introduce him to Jordon Forster at his earliest convenience. Best regards
  23. Thank you for repeating my lunchtime Charlie Adam posting. More details can be found on 'The Stoke Sentinal' website if things are still oh so quiet in Perth. Best regards
  24. One thing for certain Ludo. Julian Speroni's 15 years spent at Crystal Palace after leaving Dens was based upon one thing alone, his ability. Longevity at that level of football with one club is very unusual. Best regards
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