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  1. Thank you very much Charlie Adam on behalf of Mrs TCM's Stoke City 'Mighty Potters'. Also thank you very much from me, who knows what may have been achieved in your two seasons at Dens with a professional manager in charge and even some decent players around you. Until we welcome you again at Dens my man. Cheers and good health.
  2. Guys, I've already highlighted this weekend we're only 4 points off the top even with only a 10-point return from a possible 21 available. I've attended Dens Park and followed our beloved club since being a young lad in 1975, with respect that's a lot of games, I can tell you! If the general consensus, is we are now a mid-table Championship club, fill your boots and enjoy. I for one will never accept that for Dundee FC. Merely my opinion, whilst fully respecting the opinion of others and their lower expectations. Regards.
  3. If so, just Wiki'd the 24-year-old young man who is apparently a French winger previously on the books of AFC Wimbledon last season, English League Two. We are fast approaching the arrival of officially being labelled a joke club on so many levels, too many levels to list if I'm honest. This is a dreadful period for our club, imho. I'm still a relatively fit 57-year-old centre half/sweeper or emergency right back and will be contacting the club for a trial, at least my mind and attitude will not be in question. Captained Clepington Primary to the top of the league after all. Regards
  4. Impossible to disagree Ross, imho. 10 points from 21 in arguably the weakest Championship in living memory, yet still only 4 points off the top, lol. Charlie Adam anyone, we'd piss it again by simply papering over the cracks, this despite some of the fucking idiots at the club, WGS included! Keep in touch at the sharp end though and the January window is all important. Sign any more Larry Grayson's however and forget about any promotion aspirations completely until yet another change of manager. Merely my, not overly harsh, honest opinion.
  5. Awesome list Ludo, great work my man. The contents however remind me of a scribbling on a toilet cubicle wall on a major local building site when I was a very young man in the 1980's. Something along the lines of, "From down the glen came Charles Gray men, a bunch of fairy dancers, one in ten were time-served men, the rest were fucking chancers." Pretty much sums up 90%+ of the above 'professionals'. Regards.
  6. Back in the 80's we had Iain Ferguson (had left Dens two years previously in '84) and Derek Ferguson in 88' on loan from the club formerly known as Rangers. Both these fellers would probably have been regulars in today's current Scotland pool call-ups, imho. Latterly, Scott Allan was always a level above anything we had available when he was on loan and probably controversially Simon Murray, on loan when the Scott Allan loan was terminated would still offer more than our existing striker options. Assume GB knows who Greg Stewart is come January, lol. No apologies for the pic from the 80's. Regards
  7. Signed up to P&B near the end of Jim McIntyre's multiple record breaking relegation season with him having been in charge for nearly 4/5ths of the 2018/19 league season. Impossible for me to remain silent then or since, lol. Incredibly prior to him being removed from his job at Dens he was actually on record as planning for the following season!!! A measure of the man's character was a pre-match or half time, don't recollect which, ex player introduction to a desperately slavering and grateful Tannadice waving a tangerine scarf merely months after heavily contributing to our relegation due to his managerial incompetence. Assumed his next appointment in a professional footballing capacity would be at Fort William FC, clearing the visiting wild stag and hind excrement from the actual playing surface. Anyway, nowt personal merely business, however I truly hope Dundee contribute to his dismissal at your club by hitting seven on Friday evening. 2 - 0 Cove Bay it is then, can't bring myself to type the R word, lol. Regards
  8. Nowt a better feeling than The Dee's performance cheering you up however Spud, imho. Remember back in the day with my best mate when we had won and heading home, when parting company one of us would say, "Sporting Post tonight?", to which the other would always reply, "Fucking right", lol. Eeeh, here's to our younger vibrant days.
  9. The lad Jakubiak was signed as Kane Hemmings straight replacement in what now seems like a lifetime ago by the clown 'manager' James McPake. Sheridan, unlucky with his injury October 2021 in fairness, however both are now sponging from our club and are merely lower league free transfer material. Get rid please, waste of a salary x2. Thank you.
  10. Sadly Spudgun, due to the fact we still have a James McPake team selection in the main, most or all of your listed free agents would be an improvement imho. With hindsight, the McNulty feller is open to healthy debate, lol. We already specialise in low goal-scoring strikers. If fitness was not an issue, I'd welcome back Nicky Low, there again, no we'll leave my other thoughts there. If Gary Bowyer's hands are financially tied, have the balls and say so. It's not as if you're going to be here long term and owe John Nelms' anything. Cue the red dots again for a painfully honest opinion. Truly hope I'm wrong, that is all. Now 9.21pm, tick fucking tock. Regards
  11. No slouching, stand straight and hands out of your pockets young man.
  12. Recall reading in the press they were to pay a development fee for Zura due to his young age when arriving at Dens. £75k I think, they paid half and when we later entered admin the cheeky bigoted arse wipes attempted to claim the £37.5k back! In '84 they bid £200k each for Cammy Fraser and Iain Ferguson respectively, Dundee naturally refused and it went to a transfer tribunal decision. The decision, yeah £200k on the dot for Ferguson and £165k for Fraser, lol. Thankfully they are merely a memory now, realistic tribute act however. Regards
  13. Good luck with the potential appointment of Michael O'Neill. Having watched Stoke City's fortunes (Mrs TCM's club) for the thick end of 20 years, not an appointment I would overly recommend, imho. Mind you, if the footballing side fails, he is, or was a fully qualified Financial Advisor, however not much call for that service at Tannadice either. In fairness to him, he did a wonderful job at Stoke dealing with a squad containing some vastly overpaid/rated players on ludicrously long contracts and brought the club back to a more secure financial footing bearing in mind the strict Financial Fair Play (FFP) rules down there. Don't recall any major fees being paid during his tenure, the pressure was always on to get players moved on. The club is not short of money being owned by the Coates family (Bet365), just not allowed to spend it The footballing side as I say, was never overly convincing, however he was unlucky with numerous major injuries to key players at important times over the last two seasons past. Merely an observation.
  14. Fair comment my man, he had a number of decent early saves and was afforded little or no protection throughout. I, against my better judgement watched Jack Hamilton at Dens leaving a scorch mark on my memory banks. Now he could truly single-handedly, excuse the pun, consistently end your gameplan before anyone was even warmed up! Regards.
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