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  1. Aha, all do-able my good man Biggie, if, and that's a big if, they were to show some imagination and actually invest wisely this January. The basic foundations are there to be built and improved upon and mount a serious challenge via the play-offs. That said, there can now be no doubt in anyone's mind we seriously require another GK and CH of good/sound quality to remove the weight of fear from the rest of the team. Letter written and now posted to Lapland regarding Charlie Adam, lol. Best regards
  2. Not at Dens yesterday, by choice I'm afraid and have just watched the highlights. (Thank you to Ross) Concerns on here over no natural leaders at Dens and a shaky goalkeeper. Remedy, sign Craig Gordon and appoint him captain, even on loan till the season ends, Celtic owe him that much, signed him for nowt after all and his contract expires next summer. If monies available in January, trade Shaun Byrne back to Livingston for Scott Pittman, they'll obviously require some money in exchange. Son of Steve Pittman, enough said, came through the juniors so no shrinking midfield violet! Jack Hendry, as I've already highlighted now requiring to have a career rethink, may as well be back at Dens, on loan as well till the summer. Ali Crawford, ex Hamilton and currently at Bolton, they're in financial dire straits and he's hardly playing for them this season. Crawford, in addition to Alan Forrest from Ayr would certainly give some alternative creative options we so sadly lack at this time to bring the best out of Kane Hemmings and Danny Johnston. Anyway, on a current subject, Jordan McGhee, so far anyway, is a certainty for player of the season, consistently competent, imho. Best regards
  3. Just read the Evening Telegraph press article online regarding Shaun Byrne stating Dundee had not shaken off the United loss as yet. Automatically, somewhat naively on my part, assumed he was maybe referring to the first derby, alarmingly he wasn't!! Jeezo, stand tall young man, perform accordingly, actually earn your wages and stop whining. Well, that's what your gaffer should be telling you anyway, imho. Check the attitude, aptitude and commitment of the fellow below for guidance. Best regards
  4. Regarding the above subject postings, realistically I would consider Gary Holt, maybe Alan Irvine (who's now 61 btw and has spent his entire coaching career down south) or Ian McCall due to his tremendous recent work at Ayr United at this new lower level. Either one ably assisted by a player/assistant manager, locally reared, goes by the name of Charlie, lol......... 😁 Back to reality though, unless John Nelms wakens up and takes action, we will, on current form be sleep-walking into one of the worst periods in our history, imho. New stadium, looking forward to it I'm sure, the absolute competent basics will suffice in the meantime, thank you. Best regards
  5. I have to agree, the article in question only highlights just how consistently poor John Nelm's major decision making actually is! The recent James McPake appointment included, unfortunately for us. Best regards
  6. Girth my man, respect and please take it easy my friend. Agree 100%, James McPake out completely, asap. Best regards
  7. Half time and losing again, no great surprise given the stats of the actual game so far. Disgraceful indecision shown from the boardroom yet again. Laughing stock now I'm afraid. Best regards
  8. Happy days indeed then apparently at Tannadice, to have a lower league successful team at the fourth year of asking and outlandish expenditure. That's more than they brought to Dens Park in May 2016 on a delightful, I recollect, sunny Springtime evening. Share the wealth and goodwill I say, lol. Best regards
  9. Yep, me too ecto, 0 - 2 defeat I seem to recollect. In fact a future colleague made an appearance as a 15 year old substitute for Arbroath that afternoon. Cracking profile picture you use by the way of the then young goal-machine Mr William Pirie in Arbroath colours. Not sure what it's like being an Arbroath stalwart, however following Dundee you'll find, "Everyday Is Like Sunday". Best regards
  10. Stewart and Craig Forsyth, Gavin Swankie, Dave MacKay, Josh Skelly, Billy Pirie and Paul Tosh to name but a few. Best regards
  11. Same here Biggie, couldn't make the QOS game last weekend and had planned a visit to the Arbroath game. Not been at the ground for many years. Enough life experience however to know shite when I hear it from the recent interviews etc coming out of Dens Park. On a different brighter note though, how many Dees recognise the ex Arbroath player on "ecto's" profile picture on page 3 of the thread? Best regards
  12. Urgent memo requiring delivered to the Dens Park boardroom. Best regards
  13. Dunfermline have just secured 3 points at Ayr United this evening. We're now unsurprisingly outwith the play-off positions. Can anyone remind me when Plan B was discussed? Best regards
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