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  1. Rab Douglas (48) on the bench for Arbroath, still be good enough to start for us considering our options today, imho.
  2. Yeah, that was Jim McLean whilst as a player at Dens. He left to play for Killie before returning 2 years later as a coach in 1970. Spent 18 months as 1st team coach before leaving for Tannadice. So highly rated by the Dundee players that 2 years later at the evening reception after winning the League Cup against Celtic half the team left the hotel to visit him at his house apparently. Did not go down well.
  3. Any amount of John Nelm managerial appointment fvck-ups could not equal the boardroom decision to let the feller below leave Dens Park for the second time. Mind you, Nelms' can maybe start to redeem himself by announcing Tommy Wright asap instead of continuing his seemingly never-ending long sleepwalk, imho.
  4. Cheeky b'stards, and yet he never thinks to mutter!
  5. Not the wisest of things to finally admit to considering, should have been the top priority after the league was called. Mind you he's "100% confident" he can turn our form around. Like most on here, I'm swiftly losing interest in our worst ever team. In case John Nelm's is not overly concerned as yet, worth noting an average of one point per game relegated Partick Thistle last season. Regards
  6. Tommy Wright the main man, ably assisted by Charlie Adam as no.2 to make good the damage of the past three seasons or more. James McPake and Dave MacKay, what on earth was John Nelms thinking? Failure to act now is unthinkable, imho.
  7. Yep, who needs 12 goal (and counting) Danny Johnson, now at Leyton Orient. Which is also a poor reflection on James McPake's man-management skills that he could not keep the feller in check. Announce Tommy Wright and let him show Neil McCann how it should be done at Dens.
  8. Pass it on to Masters' McPake and MacKay if you please for future reference, if you can get their attention. Thank you also.
  9. Some lucky clubs indulge in squad rotation, we apparently do not now even possess a usable and viable substitutes bench to call upon. Charlie Adam is really going to last the pace this season at this current rate, excellent management skills as always. The light at the end of the tunnel seems more distant than ever! (In fairness the cup means nowt, the league is everything) Merely my opinion.
  10. The Dark Blues safely advance with a game to spare (no thanks to James McP as yet, imho), Dabs make their excuses and exit stage left, shame although amusing as always. More to the point, hopefully all going well in the near future when we're all allowed to attend again at Dens my pre-match DJ request would be........................... The Wah, The Story of the Blues. For you younger ones out there, worth a listen if not familiar. With respect, what would be your choices be out there? (Yes, Sir I can boogie not accepted). Respectful regards
  11. Joe Hart indeed left Burnley in the Summer and signed for "The Special One" at Tottenham Hotspurs on a two year deal pre season. On a lighter note, think of the contacts Sir Charles has in his little black book once he's involved in a management role. It'll consist a wee bit more than looking at a list of free/available players online. imho. Regards
  12. Not really that difficult to draw a comparison at Dens Park between ex Scotland players Graham Dorrans and Charles Adam. Both also former (old and new) Glasgow Rangers and had both performed with distinction down south, however there the similarity ends from my experience. One, when all's not been going to plan, shrugs the shoulder all too often and makes a facial expression with disdain, the other accepts the colleagues around him and attempts to make good again the situation. Respect Charlie.
  13. Positive news regarding Graham Dorrans departure, new goalkeeper now hopefully? Tried to do his close friend a good turn. Nowt wrong with that tbf, however when he was clearly never interested from day one, I'm not sure he did James McPake any favours whatsoever. Compare the application of Sir Charles so far, that's the benchmark required when you possess a talent a little bit above shall we say the level you're currently playing. It's a proud thing being an operative of limited ability performing to your best, Graham Dorrans was neither of these at Dens Park. Run along Graham, you won't remain long, if at all in our Dark Blue memories.
  14. Professional therapy worked wonders for me to blank it all out, that and a fine malt whenever required. Strangely enough, maybe coincidence if I'm honest, however mainly on any match day. The joys of being Dark Blue.
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