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  1. Agreed, I posted virtually that at half time tonight asking what was McPake's plan B, as if any actually existed. Clearly none unfortunately. More questions again than answers after tonight I'm afraid. Well done in progressing to the final however.
  2. James McPake shaking his head after a verbal exchange with Charlie Adam on the bench there near the end. What a laugh my man McPake, accept your place in the real football world. Good lad no doubt James McPake, still clueless so far in what is now your second season at your craft however. Thank you and regards.
  3. Are you lost again, laddie? Surely Perth is not that boring on a fine Saturday evening? Here's a pic of your own goalkeeper to colour in. Regards as always.
  4. Prevent Charlie Adam playing, stop Dundee. He's now a red card waiting to happen trying to support and do the job of the shit around him, with no protection from the officials I may add. C'mon McPake, this is not rocket science by John McGlynn, do we have a Plan B or merely continue to plod and hope for the best, hands in your pockets other than looking at your watch? Thought it was pitiful seeing Kane Hemmings plough a lone furrow, imagine how Jason Cummings is feeling.
  5. Connery in goal for me instead of Stallone, everyday of the week, 6' 2" in his stocking soles is Sean. Regards as always.
  6. Yeah, same here, £5 well spent with one also for Mrs TCM who seems to be taking an interest due to one of her ex Stoke City players. Told her they couldn't afford him now, lol.
  7. Adam, the name's Charles Graham Adam. Long way to go as yet however. Regards
  8. Early days, three quarters of the tie to go. Take it easy my man. Regards
  9. Damn the Saturday evening alcohol, I usually final check prior to posting. Forgot to insert lol.
  10. Thought you'd been playing in goal for the fermers' on the quiet. All's swell though.
  11. WTF has happened @Bigmouth Strikes Again, just returned from a stay-cation, you previous Mancunian-like handsome devil. AKA, one of the the last of the famous international playboys, after me that is my good man. This night has opened my eyes. Thank you.
  12. In my humble opinion the above positive comments should also potentially refer to the actual play-off final, never mind the semi. Unless of course James McPake somehow manages to McPake it all, which is still a possibility based upon his previous 22 months of form! No more negative thoughts though, James McPake is going to outsmart all these oncoming arselings, no problem whatsoever with hopefully goals to spare. Roll on next season also with Jason Cummings being constantly fed by Scott Allan amongst others. Nice! Merely my ongoing Dark Blue thoughts. All the very best to Brechin Football Club in their forthcoming play-off, let there be light above the currant bun darkness in their path.
  13. As above, me too @D TOTAL, however a reputed million per annum is not value for money, especially even at our Dens Park. As per my previous posting, Tommy Wright, Tony Docherty and Charlie Adam, with considerable financial change leftover, happy days hopefully all round. Only if James McPake is replaced though, which is highly unlikely however regardless what we think. John Nelms', please read our pages and collective thoughts for goodness sake. 🖖
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