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  1. Sensible so far, young lads who have good experience within this league, and more importantly looking to take it to the next level. Counting the sleeps now until the Charlie Adam unveiling. Back home, not for the money but to create special memories for all. He could provide at anytime the one piece of magic which separates us from all comers, proudly wearing the skippers armband. Best regards
  2. Or a decent Living Wage for that matter, lol. Again joking apart, I was engaged on a system commissioning project when your stadium was built, in 1990, if I remember correctly. Tightly run enterprise/business even then. You should spend more time encouraging the local population to actually attend and appreciate, rather than spouting nonsense on here. Late lunch finished now, bye. Best regards
  3. That'll be the Falkirk team who spanked you guys 6-1 in January last year which included Jordan McGhee and Andrew Nelson. All joking apart, the verdict won't be due anytime soon. Best regards
  4. What with the release of the new strip the other night, I can't help but feel the club are missing a trick regarding not providing for sale a selection of what I would consider to be "modern classics". The appetite for these could be gauged through supporter clubs and sites such as ours. These would be ongoing sales, not just the usual annual issue of what could potentially be an unpopular strip. I recall the Julian Speroni Testimonial strip sold very well, certainly quicker than I could order my size. Anyway, some examples below, including the 2003 Uefa Cup issue, just a thought. Best regards
  5. Happy days, great snap that is. My Grandfather used to speak of these days, hard to believe now. I assume The Flat-cap Company owner dined in the same palatial outlets as the local jute barons. With all the recent sniping on this thread, worth highlighting some of that considerable Dark Blue generation also watched United on alternate Saturdays for something to do. Think on my Tangerine friends, without that income you may not have been here to snipe. Best regards
  6. Evening Biggie Can't help but notice the amount of unwarranted DAB red cards you receive. Did you pish on their shed and plant pots by any chance? Very best regards
  7. The young man seated in front of Shades also now sadly passed. Ian Redford broke the Scottish transfer fee record when he left for £210,000 aged only 19. He sadly never realised his initial dream of leaving to sign for Spurs, to follow in the footsteps of John Duncan and Alan Gilzean. Best regards
  8. Well if he's still injury prone, we're deffo not interested, thank you anyway. Best regards
  9. I'll raise you Joel Kitamarike. I'll raise you Stevie May, thanks but no thank you. Charlie Adam, yes please!! Best regards
  10. Kinda hoping we would strive to achieve both these targets this season. Looking after today whilst planning for tomorrow. The American budget cannot afford another caning, especially after the McCann / McIntyre experience imo. Best regards as always
  11. Vince Mennie, 1st team regular at Cologne until we shelled out I recall circa £70 grand in the mid eighties. The rest was history I'm afraid!!! Best regards
  12. Afternoon However never, I repeat never Dabbies!! Nope, Dab or Dabs is just fine thanks. Regards
  13. Point taken Dundee-FC92. When I'm of the mood to poke the Dabs will keep it brief. (Thank f**k you say). The prediction you guys made was their sudden, near total disappearance from our thread. Best regards and thank you
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