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  1. And that's the same Joan Ryan who was filmed with Israeli agents About getting £1m to take down anti Israeli labour MPs
  2. Joan Ryan MP @joanryanEnfield Jeremy Corbyn is an antisemite and is unfit to hold any public office - Sign the Petition! (link: http://chng.it/Lf9MQdbK) chng.it/Lf9MQdbK via @UKChange Sign the Petition change.org 12:18 AM · May 17, 2019 · Twitter for iPhone
  3. He's too thick to get his lies right, I've never heard of someone named Angus getting called Gusty? Unlike the UVF terrorist "Gusty" his real name was Augustus...which would make sense.
  4. We'll a bitter *** , an avatar of Carson, calls himself Gusty...you can see the link
  5. Oh nothing, just thought in Rangers fans crusade for justice for victims ,they'd be looking at their own club who tried and failed in court to cover up their blame in the death of 66 fans.
  6. There was nothing accidental about the 66 disaster, I know that's how Rangers fans like to cover it up . But it was negligence by Rangers PROVEN in court ,found guilty and ordered the pay compensation to the victims, Rangers directors and Manger went to court and lied all the way through. Why don't you read about it from someone who was in court. http://www.thecelticwiki.com/m/page/Rangers+-+Falling+Masonry So far as the evidence is concerned, the Board never so much as considered that it ought to apply its mind to the question of safety on that particular stairway [...] and would appear – I put it no higher – to have proceeded on the view that if the problem was ignored long enough it would eventually go away [...] Indeed it goes further than this because certain of their actions can only be interpreted as a deliberate and apparently successful attempt to deceive others that they were doing something, when in fact they were doing nothing. — Sheriff Irvine Smith,
  7. Usual smear story for idiots like you to jizz over. He actually sent a message of support to a Palestinian rally in London on the anniversary of Nakba71 He never mentioned or contacted Hamas. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/hamas-thanks-jeremy-corbyn-labour-leader-message-rally-pro-palestinian-a8917691.html%3famp
  8. ..and, Which club has the largest amount of wankers supporting it, is always the question.
  9. Agreed, Celtic did release a statement last year saying they were fully complying with investigations and urged anyone else to come forward, this latest part has been covered by TV and Press , and the latest figure for the national investigations into child abuse at UK club's is something like 3000 victims and over 300 club's accused...Rangers fans gloating over one club just sums it up!
  10. Wasn't talking about your creditors I was talking about one of the boys sexualy abused at Ibrox ...but you knew that . If youre that interested in justice for victims why don't you start with your own club who WERE found GUILTY in court of negligence ,lying and trying to cover up their part in the 66 disaster. Why don't you campaign for an apology and an admission of their cover up.
  11. Celtic haven't been found guilty of anything in court? As for helping investigations...there's no one at Celtic who was around at that time? And no one believes Ranger fans on this , we know you're just desperate to gloat over it, I didn't see Rangers fans swarming social media when the told a victim to f**k of to the Liquidators.
  12. I guess paying compensation is admitting guilt.
  13. I think posters like that are just best avoided. Preferably just banned.
  14. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gusty_Spence
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