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  1. I'll take that! Four results out of five! Smug grin!
  2. Yup, another good away result, but as has been said on here before, consistency is key, so now need to follow that up with another decent performance & result at Brechin next week; & then all being well take the confidence from a 'mini run' into the following week's home game vs Cove. That will then be the time for the team to show that they're serious about looking to give themselves a decent chance of going up.
  3. Let's have a go at this game then: Cove 4 - 2 Annan Cowden 2 - 1 Brechin Queens Park 2 - 1 Albion Stirling 1 - 3 Elgin Stenny 1 - 3 Edinburgh
  4. Here's the manager's views / reasons re the McHardy situation - https://www.northern-scot.co.uk/sport/mchardy-can-return-from-rothes-loan-back-to-his-best-says-elgin-boss-price-190057/?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=facebook
  5. Rough headcount of 400 at Rothes-Brora game
  6. You're quite right TSS that Hoban is a good prospect, but unfortunately for him he's now swapped Elgin's bench for Fort William's. Hopefully he's able to get into the side & accordingly have the opportunity to show what he can do, as hasn't had the opportunity to play much football over the last couple of seasons.
  7. 3-5-2 or 3-1-4-2 all day for me. Gives far greater flexibility of play when on the ball, & gives more protection / solidity through the middle when defending, & also staying prepared for a counter-attack. Don't agree that players at SPFL2 level aren't good enough to play it. Just need to be effectively coached & drilled & understand what's expected of them. Didn't Elgin go three at the back on Saturday in trying to get something from the game, & then went back to four after equalising, & ended up conceding again?
  8. It's the much fainter yellow lines. The white rugby lines are nice & clear, but have to look a bit harder for the yellow. They're clear enough when you're down at pitch level, but as you've observed, not ideal from a spectator / screen viewing perspective.
  9. It's hard to put square legs in round holes & expect to have a properly functioning machine. McEwan is a central midfielder so should be playing there where he's been playing really well of late, including second half yesterday. Ditto Omar. He was superb in central midfield in the early season BetFred game at Arbroath & really made the side tick, but he doesn't have the pace, tricks or inclination to play wide. Mackay is an out & out wide midfielder & gives defenders nightmares & makes things happen, the same as O'Keefe. If Sutherland & Hester are nailed on up top, then use the two wide boys to feed them, & it's then difficult decisions time on who plays in central midfield from Soapy, Omar, McEwan & Dingwall. 4-4-2 means only two can play, or play three at the back & get three of them in. The best managers make those difficult decisions & make their team work consistently well. Consistency of selection & performance is the major challenge.
  10. You'd have thought so, particularly as he can play anywhere across the back. At least though he knows that he'll be playing football for the rest of the season. The one for me for which one has to feel sorry is David Wilson. At times Gavin has talked him up so much that you'd think he's his lovechild, & now he has to sit on the bench watching a central midfielder play right back, & when there's a realisation that it's not working, instead of a straight swap the change is to bring a new loan player on instead! Not sure what he's done wrong? Overall loan's-wise, it often seems easier for a manager to not trust their own younsgters - who they see in training every week & maybe focus on the negatives rather than the positives - but rather bring in somebody else's that they don't know, other than I guess with the thought process being that if they're at Championship club X & Y, then they must be better than our own. The recent training game / friendly between ICT's bench players & youngsters & Elgin's north-based players & youngsters served to show that there's actually very little difference between the two!
  11. Trying to find someone who works as captain. So far they have all been too quiet. Not sure Shane is the right choice either, he doesn't seem the most vocal either. Yes, would reckon that's the case. Daryl was the obvious choice in terms of vocality, but injury / from / fitness / whatever has gone on have put paid to that. Soapy seems too quiet & has been in & out due to injuries. Shane is a bit more vocal & would think that there's a bit of a theory of motivating him with the responsibility. Looking outside that trio, would say that Dingwall is for me potentially the one that could step up, as he's a definite talker & pretty much a definite starter. Maybe him next season? The other point that will be interesting to watch is any potential fall-out from the Daryl situation amongst the group of local senior players, as one gets the impression that Shane, Soapy, Daryl & Coops were / are all pretty tight. If that long-serving group starts to splinter, then maybe we'll see others looking at opportunities that may arise elsewhere?
  12. Got to feel for young Jake Williamson in the Clach goal. First season as a keeper & has been doing superbly well, including doing everything right last night other than that one horrible moment. Always the case that 'keepers & defenders will get slaughtered for what will often be a costly error when they make one, whereas midfielders that give the ball away multiple times in a game & strikers that can't hit the target get far less sh*t directed at them. Hope the manager sticks by him for the next game & doesn't bin him off the back of the one mistake that he made. All for one & one for all should afterall be the team ethos!
  13. Yes, completely agree with you, but with the rules relating to football & alcohol being as they are, I wondered what they may or may not be doing. Having seen Clach's briefing for supporters re the game, they've confirmed that the bar will be open, so that great combination of beer & football will be able to be enjoyed! 🙂
  14. Agree with you T&G. Would be nice to see our own youngsters getting an opportunity to show what they can do, rather than the seeming desire to always look at bringing in loanees whenever there's an injury or two. The club is developing a lot of good youngsters through the U20s, with Tatters saying that he wants to increase the number of local players in the First Team & have less reliance & expense on Central Belt players, but if those lads don't get an opportunity to show what they can do - all of them may not take that opportunity of course - then there's a fair chance that they'll get offers from Highland League clubs & will decide better to be playing football every week than travelling all around the country to warm the bench.
  15. Saw Mackay fair bit at Rothes last season, & whilst he's got the ability to make some excellent saves, there was also the occasional howler just around the corner, so would need to cut that out to be relied upon at Championship or Premier level. At least Hoban should now get some regular football at Fort, as since his loans a few seasons back at Strathspey & Brora, he's had virtually no football when back at ICT or on loan at Forfar & Elgin. Must have to have to good inner conviction to keep going week after week over 2-3 seasons when not getting any football other than training & pre-match warm-ups. Mind you, maybe beats doing a proper job for a living?
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