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  1. Not sure that we do. Got Wilson, Cooper, Bronsky, McHardy, Spark, the new lad from Stirling Uni, & Ballam if he re-signs, so not exactly short at the back, & out wide, Sopel needs to be given a chance having sat on the bench all last season, & Thomson is also a wide player. There will always be players available on loan if holes are identified, & with 14/15 players already signed, & more to potentially re-sign, not sure that chasing further signings when Tatters keeps saying how tight the finances are is the way that the club needs to go. Just my thoughts on the situation.
  2. Yes, it's a difficult balance T&G. Hard for the lads as whilst it's not just about the money, if you've sat on a bench all season like Sopel did last year, or been out on loan for three seasons like Ballam, then you'd probably like to think that if the Club is wishing to retain your services, then they'd show commitment to the players by giving them something, as with any other player that is deemed worthy of a contract. Ultimately like all players they want to play football, so the lure of regular football & getting a few quid elsewhere will doubtless be a tempting one, versus potentially doing all the travelling & sitting on a bench for nothing to show for it in their pockets.
  3. Hopefully now that they've signed up O'Keefe, Dingwall & Bronksky, they'll know what's in the coffers to offer some reasoanble terms to the youngsters that have come through the Academy. Liam McDade has already rejected the amateur terms offered & has signed for Strathspey Thistle, & would be a shame to see any more of Aidan Sopel, Owen Loveland & Ashley Ballam not continuing their development in the squad, & to push the more established players for a place in the side. Would seem a little short-sighted with how well the Academy has done in bringing these guys through, to then not offer them reasonable terms to keep them at the Club as the 'next generation', whilst at the same potentially spending more money on new signings that have no promise of any longevity at the Club.
  4. Guess it depends whether he's any offers anywhere else with better money, given that the offer now from Elgin won't be what it was on the day he was due to sign.
  5. Yes, would imagine that Sparkie wouldn't be too chuffed as the new club captain to have his position under threat. And if the rumours are true, then would also have to ask whether the Club should be chasing new 'marquee' signings whilst at the same time asking the players that they already have on contract to agree to a pay-cut? Would have thought that making sure all existing players are happy & committed, & accordingly deliver a positive dressing room, would be the main priority, given that the Club is in a relatively strong position with 13 players now signed after yesterday's O'Keefe announcement.
  6. Saw an interview with him where he said that he'll be staying in Inverness as his family is settled there, so he was the player that immediately came to my mind when hearing Gavin speaking about an 'experienced defender'. Depends I guess whether he feels ready to drop down & take whatever he may be offered by SHFL clubs, although that said, no club is going to exactly be flush with cash to enable paying more experienced players / 'marquee' signings bigger money. Accordingly it will be difficult for a lot of older more experienced players, as a lot of clubs will be saving what cash they have & making cheaper signings with youth / young players. On that front, heard that the club is offering amateur terms to the young lads that they're looking to re-sign.
  7. Hopefully they'll finally get the new & improved website up & running soon aswell. It was originally meant to have been done for the start of last season, but never happened. Still a bit behind on that front.
  8. Latest thoughts from Tatters - https://www.northern-scot.co.uk/sport/i-ll-be-surprised-if-all-42-spfl-clubs-survive-says-elgin-city-chairman-graham-tatters-203350/
  9. Great to see that the Council has approved the Elgin Sports Community Trust proposal for Lower Borough Briggs. Will be a massive benefit to the local community, & a step-change opportunity for the club. Well done to the ESCT team for making this happen.
  10. Brora furloughed theirs - although it was a it confusing as they also said that they'd taken pay cuts - & it was them that I specifically had in mind as relatively close to County. Think I saw that you also had the same thought on FN? A quick Google shows tests priced in the £70 & up range to buy individually, so wouldn't be a cheap option for a squad, although would likely be a bit cheaper if County have purchased in bulk. Will certainly be interesting to see who - including non-football sports people - may be publicised as taking up County's offer.
  11. Brora have perhaps not surprisingly thrown in their support to Rangers on this - https://brorarangers.football/2020/06/06/spfl-reconstruction-proposal-views-of-the-chairman/?fbclid=IwAR3QRv8pqzZqckmESvDy39ZlegOFBfbnLwU00pytkdpn_uTTCjd8RyjWQ3Q
  12. Have thought about this some more, & it occurred to me that the reason for the perceived lack of in-depth knowledge of the HL & youth football could be that neither the Manager or his assistant are from the area, so will likely have more personal knowledge of the sides & players around Perth & Dundee areas than the HL area. The Academy Manager is also of course very focused on bringing the club's own younger players through, & likely has little time for 'scouting' at games where the club is not involved. I might be wrong, but it seems to make sense, & maybe some kind of scouting resource in the HL area could be a way to go, even if just a voluntary / expenses-only type post. It was a shame that the best young player in the HL, Andy Macrae, didn't like what he saw when on trial a couple of pre-seasons back, as would think that those are the kind of players that Elgin should have a chance of picking up.
  13. Wonder whether any SHFL clubs will be on the phone to County enquiring about the cost of tests - https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/52947494 - as if not prohibitive, then could be a way for clubs to be proactive in seeking to be able to get squads back together to at least recommence training. Would have to unfurlough them though, so that would of course be another consideration.
  14. Yes, definitely agree on this. I said last season that it was disappointing to see higher club's loan players coming in to Elgin rather than to at least give our own young guys a chance first. Both Daniel & Cameron Harper have been retained by ICT so they clearly believe that they have a future, although in part also that they are already on longer contracts, & if it weren't for them having to cut costs, then I'd have expected them to also retain Jack Brown & maybe one or two of the others, such as Ross Gunn who was a nominee in their Young Player award this season, & maybe Ryan Fyffe who had an excellent season at centre back for Fort - always an opportunity for good experience for a defender - & definitely has the potential to progress. Ross Jack recognised Brown's potential when he nicked him from Fort & put him straight into a top-end-of-the-table side at Rothes, so hence my suggestion that Elgin may take a look, especially if Dingwall moves on. Other than that though, would like to think that the likes of Aidan Sopel, Owen Loveland, Jake Thompson, Ashley Ballam & Liam McDade will get their opportunity in whatever & whenever pre-season may look like, & hopefully some of them make their mark & get into the side.
  15. Will be interesting to see how this - https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/52899339 - filters down to SHFL level. Can't really see any reason why clubs can't comply with the temperature checks & questionnaire elements, but some of the other restrictions do look prohibitive.
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