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  1. Surely it's better to take the chance on other youngsters who potentially could make the 1st team rather than re-signing the same players you know aren't going to be good enough? Worst case they sit on the bench and fill out the squad and best case one or two actually become a first team regular. If you actually look at how last year's squad ended up at the end, we only had probably 14 first team players signed (that's including Allan and Lyons who you could potentially class as backup/youngsters) and the rest were made up with 5 youngsters and 5 loanees. We'll always have the same sort of make up of a squad...expecting us to replace the likes McDonald, Allan, Walker etc with ready to go 1st team players just isnt going to happen!
  2. Same tickets for both ends, you just head to the relevant turnstile for the away end.
  3. That previous still image is from after he handles the ball...its was handled well outside the box.
  4. Thought we had a stronger claim in the very first minute for handball...
  5. I'd accept that if Frizz's foot was planted on his ankle then yes you could say your into red card territory however I don't see any of his boot on Carswell ankle...it looks slightly in front of his leg and catching the top of his foot. Also Frizz's foot barely comes off the ground when challenging for the ball, he's never going to cause serious injury with that type of challenge.
  6. Frizz's challenge is barely a yellow nevermind a red...he's a fraction late with the tackle for a ball he's well entitled to go for and catches the top of the player's foot as he's played the ball, absolutely no way that challenge can be classed as dangerous play. Baffling decision from the ref who couldn't wait to get the red card out.
  7. Clubs are allowed to continue live streaming next season. 2nd paragraph in the below article confirms it. https://spfl.co.uk/news/press-release-47629
  8. Going by the reports of the proposal put forward by L1/L2 sides...clubs wouldn't be back training until the middle of Feb anyway so the two week extended suspension takes us up to that point. With all the clubs willing to test, there should be no reason why the suspension can't be lifted at that point.
  9. Saw those strips on twitter before, they are design concepts by some site called DesignFootball so not the actual strips.
  10. It was disappointing that we lost him so early last season to injury as he certainly looked a promising player in his few appearances he made for us. Looks a fast, direct winger who likes to run at defenders so could be a vital player for us this season. By all accounts he is injury free and in good shape so here's hoping he can really kick start his career this season.
  11. Interestingly saw on twitter Stuart Millar has said we offered Kurtis a new deal but he decided to turn it down. I really liked Kurtis and thought he gave us something different in midfield but you could clearly see his fitness was an issue...more often than not after an hour he was blowing which usually resulted in him being subbed. Would have liked to have seen him sign on again however but he's definitely not someone who is irreplaceable. Also, not sure I entirely buy into the idea that it was his consistency in the team that took us to the top of the league tbh, going back to that spell both Carrick and Gallagher really hit a real purple patch and they were both pretty much on the scoresheet every week. Not dismissing Roberts had a vital part (like many others) but I really think the two strikers were the catalysts during that winning spell.
  12. Pretty sure Burke is a centre half and Walker is a right back. Never seen many reserve games last season but went to the cup final at Livingston and I was impressed with Walker. Looked a solid defender and had quite a decent game, not surprised to see him being kept on.
  13. I'd be surprised if it was only us and Stirling who were interested in him...plenty of clubs in the Championship and L1 would have been in for him no doubt so surely someone at that level would have snapped him up if it was down to us being needlessly stingy. I'd say its more likely took a very lucrative offer to get him to head down to L2 and play part time.
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