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  1. Costa Rica look absolutely terrible, what a joke at the extra spots CONCACAF are getting from 2026 onwards.
  2. Yeah was thinking this. Tonight's game was decent, but the rest were absolutely terrible. Who the f**k at FIFA thinks adding four more AFC teams is going to help the World Cup - considering the two best teams have thoroughly embarrassed themselves so far. How much did the Sheikhs have to pay ginger Gianni for that?
  3. I think it's important for football in the city for a Dundee club to be in the Highland League (although both United and Dundee are doing their best to get there). It would be nice to see one of the Midlands clubs - ideally Lochee United given their history (and the fact I've got a soft spot for them) to make the step up, similar in a way that formerly Cove and now Banks O'Dee have done in Aberdeen. It's also important for the pyramid, as it does feel to an extent that the Midlands is just in the pyramid in name only and starting the dialogue of promotion and relegation is healthy for football nationwide and having a local HL side would just be nice to have. So it's a bit of a shame to see the debacle about Harper, it also really doesn't paint the club in a good light. Think about all the positives that have happened in the past few years, and the only news stories in the past 12 months in The Courier are about the appointment of Harper and his dismissal.
  4. White South African men are Wife Beating drunks, that are always no more than 30 seconds away from a racist comment. My old neighbour was from Jo'Burg "Black people had it better under apartheid" was a popular one of his. Made my skin crawl.
  5. Actually I've just remembered I went to a Women's Football day at McDiarmid in 2007ish when there was three matches in one day. Glasgow City vs Hibs in the Scottish Cup final and U16 and U18 Internationals I think...
  6. The FA do this with their Vase and Trophy Finals and I think the FAI or GAA do this with U21 and Senior Finals in Dublin (although I'm not sure tbh) It's still very odd.
  7. Format doesn't need changed it's fine as it is. Only thing might be moving more Semis away from Hampden, but with the SFA taking over Hampden, can't see that happening for a while.
  8. A cracking game that. Fair play to Pollok for holding on there, a nice away day to Ayr in Round 3 for them. Falkirk are jammy b*****ds getting Wick (A).
  9. Camperdown won't be ready until at least 2030. The DavieDome will be built first. Always thought Dundee would be better developing Dens than moving to an out-of-town white elephant.
  10. Tbf they have a much smaller production team than MOTD and have to edit highlights much quicker (for 7:30pm rather than 10pm) especially if they have the six matches on a Saturday. Always thought that they, the SPFL and Sky should just do a deal on commentators for the non-live games then they could have commentary teams at all the games and it would make both Sportscene and Sky's tinpot review show better.
  11. Tbh I thought the officials on the pitch were excellent last night and got all the big calls correct. VAR merely confirmed that. Can't wait for a disaster today.
  12. £10 for PPV is decent value as well, fair play to Hibernian Football Club Club. Can't wait for the 0-0 with no contentious VAR decisions now.
  13. There's a few on Amazon - I think this one is quite decent for smaller devices like laptops and that https://amzn.to/3s36iT4
  14. A lot of people don't realise how lengthy it takes to get the admin things done. Safeguarding qualifications are always a faff - and the courses tend to be quite hard to get spaces on as there's quite high demand. It's obviously not the bricks and mortar stuff that we see such as Cover, Floodlights, Toilets etc - but it's equally an important part of the process and from the SFA POV more important.
  15. You can be critical of Bartley for going studs in on the accusation when it was clear that it wasn't aimed at Tavares as anyone who knew about broadcasting (which being a regular pundit Bartley would) could tell that the mic was in the away end. As a society, I'd rather we'd be too vigilant on this and occasionally jump the gun than the opposite as racism is still clearly prevalent in our society, but I digress. However, the way Tam Cowan went about it was completely wild. His instagram stories are absolute murder, and even today have seen several stories from this thread on there (Hi Tam if you're reading ). Usually it's just kinda cringey da patter but recently really seems to have gone down a very bizarre route. He has a weird beef with Eilidh Barbour - who I think most people would think is very good at what she does and probably one of the best things about Sky's coverage. All of which seems to stem from the SFWA a few months back and a bunch of (old, white, male) journos seem to be always ready to stick the boot in at her as some weird sort of revenge. The whole thing reeks of shite cliquieness and is utterly embarrassing. The silver lining I suppose is that half of this bumbling old Bill Leckie types are on their way out of the journo game, as they become increasingly less relevant.
  16. Difference with that one is that there will be a camera on the 18 yard line to help in that situation.
  17. Drove down the A9 today - had the same issue. Maybe it's just c***s on that road
  18. Always thought the SPFL would be better off having a World Feed Commentator for the odd 3pm game - so Sportscene and Sky could have used it.
  19. Think there was six or seven at Tannadice today (don't know if there was one at the Shed End), same last week. The camera angles on the 18-yard line really make a difference.
  20. If that's Virgin Media, most of the Dundee/United mix-ups tend to be by them nowadays. Although I'm not sure who controls the image you see like that when listening to Radio on Virgin. If it's Virgin, BBC or a third party like Red Bee Media.
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