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  1. Announce Midland League Forum @Div (they could probably just go in the HL forum tbf)
  2. Great to hear this news finally. Amazing that in 8 years we've gone from having 42 teams to nearly 300 in the football pyramid. Scottish Cup in coming years will be class. Should mention as well that the North Caley Winners will finally get that Scottish Cup Berth they deserve.
  3. I think the SPFL were thinking about exposure when they signed with Sky as well, viewing figures for games on BT are about half that of SPFL games on Sky. As much as Sky are really annoying at times, they have a much larger customer base for clubs and more importantly their sponsors to reach. This season Sky nearly got 1m viewers for the New Year Old Firm, numbers that BT would never get unless its for a "huge" English game. I think in future, the way to go would be to ensure that x number of "B-class" games a season were available Free-to-air, with the rest going to Sky, BT, DAZN etc. Then there's less of a worry over "exposure" with a pay-tv firm, and that if a Channel 4 or 5 show 15 games a season, it gets the best of both worlds, money and exposure.
  4. Diego Maradona is a brilliant documentary with a fantastic soundtrack, so glad I got to see it on the Big Screen.
  5. ALBA have never shown the League 2 PO Final before, but they should have the rights to 6 games a season (2 are the Champ PO Final and another 2 are the L1 PO Final) so they may well end up showing the final. The L2 Playoff is 25% owned by each of organisations (the SPFL, SFA, HL and LL) so it could end up being broadcast on the SPFL or YouTube something, which would be nice.
  6. One thing that does annoy me about FIFA's rankings is that it gives the likes of Gibraltar, San Marino and Andorra a much lower ranking than they deserve. I'm sure that San Marino are not the Worst team in the World, they could probably beat the likes of Monserrat, Brunei and the Cayman Islands but because they're in UEFA the worst side they'll have to play (until recently) would be Cyprus or Kazakhstan. Although, the move to the ten groups for UEFA Qualifiers and the Nations League does give them more opportunities to play the minnows in Europe, San Marino got 2 draws against Gibraltar and Liechtenstein recently in the NL, and will have two cracks at Andorra in their World Cup Group.
  7. I think it might be £35k divided between the two clubs, although @Skyline Drifter is the guy to ask for this.
  8. I would hinder a guess that this is BBC's compensation for the delayed Round 3. Plus they may be helping clubs who are playing in the 3pm slot produce a matchday feed for their PPV as Sportscene usually sends at least a couple of OB Units for Feature Highlights of Last 32 games, so an extra live game may well be comp. for that as well. TV Money from the (4th usually) 3rd Round onwards is about £18-20k per club from memory, used to be more but the SFA decided that more of that money should go into the general Prize Pot and not to clubs.
  9. Non-League Scotland probably has some of the answers tbf.
  10. I've found Stephen Craigan as of late similarly grating.
  11. You've got to remember they are quite a small production company, so they might have other projects to work on. I would personally love for A View from the European Terrace in June though.
  12. Gone through a bit of a morbid curiosity phase atm and found these emergency alert broadcasts from around the world, and the efficiency of the Japanese one is brilliant
  13. Reminds me of the Ayrshire Advertiser in November "Ayrshire businessman loses Presidential Election"
  14. Reading between the lines here (and I could be wrong) it seems that Forfar WE's application to the EoS was really just an attempt to try and get the cogs moving on the Midland League, in a similar vain to Clydebank a few years ago.
  15. They are going to show more than 2 games. They still have another 7 to announce.
  16. Seems to be some movement on this front from what others are saying. Tayside clubs are interested creating a Midland League at Tier 6 below the HL, with North Juniors and North Caley already in agreement. Might be a little bit too late for 2021-22 to get it moving, but should definitely be in place for 2022-23. Promotion/Relegation could be a 4 team playoff, each league winner* plus the bottom club from the HL. *assuming they are licensed. Having the likes of Broughty Athletic or Lochee United in the HL would make the transition slightly easier for, say, Brechin if they were relegated from L2.
  17. I don't have an issues with Tayport playing in the North, personally, I think they could be a "reverse Luncarty", as they've always been much closer to Dundee clubs than anyone else. But good to finally see some common sense on this front, the only thing for the Tayside clubs is that their late entry to the pyramid won't be punished in the same manner as their WL neighbours, so fair play to them for seeing how it panned out.
  18. He's been really good on DUTV this season, he's a good lad Dillo.
  19. West seems a much easier fit into Central and Ayrshire Divisions. East may need to be a 3 way split (Fife, Lothian and Borders), which does line up nice with the amateur leagues tbf. EDIT: Made a little graphic displaying it at Tier 8
  20. Wonder if there's any suggestion as to which point the EoS will districtise, big ask for new clubs esp. Cupar Hearts to go from playing Tayside/Fife Level games to playing all the way down to Berwick and Coldstream and the like. Tier 8 could be be a two-way North/South split.
  21. Apologies if this has been posted elsewhere but there's a really good video on it last week
  22. Forfar West End should be told to take a hike. There's two options for them (and the rest of the Tayside clubs): 2 League Tier 6 - North Caley and a "Grampian" Super with Aberdeenshire and Tayside divisions below that 3 League Tier 6 - North Caley, North Super, Tayside League. Playing in the East of Scotland is a bit of a joke to the league system, hopefully the EoS clubs reject their application.
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