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  1. I see Foals are playing Fat Sams next month, sounds class.
  2. I had the Great Pleasure of Meeting Dundee FC at a Charity do once...
  3. Your hand and porn doesn't count. Yeah I kinda get this, but the Nine is the flagship programme, a better format would be: Wonderball or Whatever programme - 7pm Sportscene - 7:35pm Kick-off - would need Sky/BT to renege on doing Friday night games The Nine - 9:30pm - Only half an hour on Friday, that's what C4 News do. Terrace - 10pm Breaking the News 11pm
  4. They could beat it Goal Difference wise tho. Would need to lose by an aggregate of 8 goals in their final 3 games, possible.
  5. Both legs of the play-off final should be live on BBC Scotland Edit: Marshmallo found
  6. They did it for Hibs and Rangers when they were fighting for the Championship a couple of seasons back. Pretty sure they did it with United and Killie when we fought for the top six on the final normal season day -the Rory Boulding game.
  7. I assume this isn't on Scotland or ALBA, and just a standard 3pm kick off? One for the stattos but how many teams have done a double relegation from Tier 2 - 4. Can't be too many. EDIT: Cowdenbeath obvs.
  8. Basically a pre-tournament friendly for us. Hope we rotate this starting XI a bit, would like to see Seaman play again.
  9. What did I just watch? Also was it fucking dark, or is that just my tv.
  10. Still creates the issue what if Lochee United win the super league? Are they permitted to play a playoff? or will they go in the HL - as they rightly should.
  11. Could see a couple of sides try their luck and join the EOS, Clydebank possibly?
  12. How much of a smile on your face did you have watching the highlights, be honest? (It isn't shown but the Falkirk fans were standing on the wall at the end of the game losing their shit, very funny to watch.)
  13. Four-minute highlights? What do they think this is? Scotsport Football First?
  14. Yeah, probably the biggest difference from previous seasons at this stage is that we're actually in-form and showing some promise. Watch us get hounded by Accies again, now.
  15. "It should have been level at Half-Time" United could have been 7-0 up at Half-time, 15 shots on target to Falkirk's 2.
  16. Difference there is that Cowdenbeath are established as a league club, whilst EK are an upcoming club with a much larger catchment, new stadium etc. not meaning this as a dig at ‘Beath
  17. Congrats lads, hopefully we’ll beat whoever and join you soon in the big time next season
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