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  1. They did it before for St Mirren vs Hibs and whoever Rangers were playing when it came down to Championship end of season in 2015-16. Just screams laziness from them tbf.
  2. I must admit I am quite looking forward to this. I haven't seen either side other than Dumbarton's display against Aberdeen this season, but was impressed by them then.
  3. Might be good for him if Farense do get relegated, much better chance for him to move to better club He's out of contract anyway.
  4. I'm pretty sure Livi are only a season away from replacing there's as well as you need a new one every 3 years, I think. (I've probably misread that somewhere)
  5. Autobahn by Kraftwerk is about as long a song as I could think of tbh
  6. They're allowed to show up to 48 Premiership games plus 6 playoff games, they handed back 4 playoff games to the SPFL who sold them to the BBC. So it's 48 + 2, now. They will have only used 41 of their games come Sunday. Pretty poor considering they used 12 games in August alone.
  7. Can only presume this was in specific reference to Andrew Wilson
  8. The WoSFL Twitter Account follows the Glasgow Wellington, Campbeltown Pupils and Harthill Royal accounts, make of that what you will.
  9. Btw utterly mental that this can pass via a simple majority.
  10. I do certainly think this has destroyed a lot of goodwill that many had for the Lowland League, if twitter is anything to go by. As for who's for and against it, I think it will certainly be tight on whether it passes or not. A majority vote seems very easy for it to pass compared to the SPFL voting structure.
  11. I haven't listened to it but I know that Chris and Mozza are both good guys, I know from experience it's always a balancing act when you get guests on podcasts, you don't want to alienate them and for them not to come back. I would use the example of Doncaster on the Price of Football Podcast, when on this topic of Colt Sides the two interviewers where giving ND very softball questions.
  12. Or we could look at the evidence that the Challenge Cup has shown.
  13. Enjoyed that second half, was really hoping Sevilla would have held on there but alas not. Think that's their title hopes down the swanny now.
  14. This. For Semis and Finals VAR needs to be in place. Regardless we weren't winning that game anyway. Mellon got his selection wrong again, and it needed Sporle and Pawlett on from the start.
  15. Careful now he'll put you on ignore so he doesn't have to "read any more of your moronic drivel" 😉
  16. Highlights of said game, tbf it's only the first one he makes a right hash of it on. Also makes some great saves in the second half as well.
  17. So it's a shared account between the two of yous, that's understandable.
  18. If Thistle isn't letting anyone from the SPFL or SFA into the ground, then a) how is the trophy going to get there? They've not thought this through.
  19. Both Dundee home games in 2019-20 were sell-outs, 14,108 in attendance for the 6-2 game and 14,007 for the 1-1 draw. Over 13,000 for Dundee derbies in both 2012-13 and 2014-15 as well. There was "only" 12,210 in Tannadice for the playoff against Thistle anyway, although that may have been before the Fair Play was built. So he's talking utter pish.
  20. Except every time anyone has said no, you have continued being a tedious knob.
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