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  1. Haha that Rob McLean reference on the Lightboard
  2. On the latest pod "See when you go on Instagram and see what other people are doing, it makes your house look like a pile of shit" is the truest thing I've heard in ages - fucking hate that app.
  3. "Nothing will happen to the footballing side of the club, will it?" "No, The BoD left Gary Holt in charge" Gary Holt:
  4. I'm sure Aberdeen will win this by an xG of 2.32 to Hibs' inferior 0.89. Hibs may score more goals but that's not what the data says
  5. Looking forward to this one on the TV - great to see Clydebank get closer back to where they belong.
  6. Any more ex-United CB's yous want to sign - I'm sure Coll Donaldson is available.
  7. Finished Squid Game over the weekend
  8. Still don't know why they couldn't have used the World Feed Comms of Jock Brown and Mark Hately. I know it's the SPFL who have ownership of that but it wouldn't have been hard for someone at Pacific Quay to have a word at Hampden. Bizarre.
  9. Finally found the Rat Poison advert was out much later than I remember it (Mandela Effect at its best) According to this BBC News article - it was shown in the cinema before the feature started hahahaa http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk/8010978.stm
  10. Northern Ireland has some brutal Road Safety Adverts And more famously, There's one I can't find with something about Rat Poison being in eccies it's less terrifying but I remember that on the news they said it was banned from being shown until after 11pm before showing the worst part of it on the Reporting Scotland - and it was deeply disturbing to a young AA.
  11. "AIDS has been confined to small groups" Nothing like a bit of subtle classism and homophobia in Thatcher's Britain
  12. The biggest difference between Scotland and Ireland when the Irish became a test nation was their wins in major tournaments when Scotland would usually bottle it (think NZ in 2008, the entire 2015 WC and 2018 vs WI). That win is massive. The only way Scotland can get Test Status (which is the long-term aim for CS for the last 15 years) is by beating the big boys like Bangladesh in what was effectively a home game for them when it matters. Roll on PNG.
  13. Considering they lost 5-1 to a side that will be in Tier 9 next season, it's not looking great for them is it?
  14. The most amazing thing about that season is that Fort William finished it with 19 points.
  15. Had the bad luck to graduate in 2020 so didn't get a graduation ceremony, fortunately I plunged to do a Masters which I've passed with a Merit despite never having an in-person class and have been told we're getting a graduation but the Uni didn't publicly announce (via Uni Email) how to apply to graduate in person and only a handful of people noticed and have been able to apply to do so. Pretty scumbag behaviour from them.
  16. Going to say Oban Saints as someone else well mention them so might as well be the first one.
  17. They probably won't go for it but at 26 teams (plus any new ones) they should just split it Lanarkshire/Ayrshire
  18. Yeah it has @Granny Danger was mentioned last season. Various P&B jibes have been on the Lightboard - 12 Ruel Street etc.
  19. Not quite sure where the Richard Gordon hate is coming from, always thought he was probably the best thing about Sportsound - without him it easily descends into Clyde Superscoreboard levels of pish.
  20. Started using Photoshop a lot recently for work and Ctrl+T has genuinely been a life saver. Also notable mention to Alt+Windows Key+R which starts a screen record which has allowed me to keep a few Meme Videos and Football matches saved away.
  21. One of those instant classics you'd defo watch back sometime - mon the Nations League.
  22. I've noticed the same issue at Tannadice and McDiarmid this season. Few people I spoke to had the same at New Love Street as well. I would guess that clubs have maybe switched off the Cell Towers inside their grounds during the pandemic and haven't switched them back on? Use to get 4G easily in Tannadice as well.
  23. Yeah thinks that's the case, as long as they aren't Pixellot cameras. On the second point - some South American leagues have done this think it's Bolivia and Colombia?
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