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  1. Celtic Rangers Hearts Aberdeen United Kilmarnock St Mirren Hibs Livingston Motherwell Ross County St Johnstone
  2. It won't be there - Tuzla City have to play their European matches at the national stadium in Sarajevo
  3. Let Her Go - Passenger/Mac DeMarco
  4. Well in the Strollers - one of the good guys if memory serves me well.
  5. Watched the game, tbh I wasn't impressed with them at all. The Bosnians weren't great, but were well drilled and caused AZ problems. Famous last words but it has made me feel slightly more confident than I was on Monday.
  6. Went on a school trip about 8 years ago, absolutely great. I would say Sorrento is genuinely one of the best places I've been. Highly recommend. Also Herculaneum was better than Pompeii for me, it was a small village that was destroyed by boiling mud after Vesuvius' eruption - which meant is was slightly better persevered and you get all lot more access compared to Pompeii and it's a bit quieter. But certainly try to do both. I quite liked Capri - well worth a boat tour round the island. Naples has some great food, but it's a bit of toilet and there's certainly areas you should avoid, but is probably worth a short excursion into.
  7. Trainspotting Local Hero Outlaw King The Angel's Share Filth
  8. Really can't imagine that being where a ground was once, as always thought that neck of the woods (literally) had buildings there for 200+ years
  9. It looks a truly terrible football venue, I've been to Aberdeen Sport Village and that isn't great, but it has far more elevation than Meadowbank. Suppose if they build a "proper" stand, then it might be okay, but still crap for the Postal United fans.
  10. Things that aged poorly. Swear a relatively large amount of money has been spent this summer - mostly down to clubs bringing in quite a bit money.
  11. Can understand why they don't but would be nice to have some 3-5 minute YouTube highlights of these games.
  12. Considering United are probably going to nearly that for Neilson, and the millions on offer if we qualify for the European Groups, £300k is an absolute steal for a player like Levitt, although wages will probably be a sticking point.
  13. No, cinch is owned by the same people that own We Buy Any Car. Cazoo is a separate company entirely, set up by the guy that started LoveFilm.
  14. As a strong Scottish football fan, your snub of cinch means we have found your big team.
  15. Due to this: https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/47036369
  16. Glad to see its return, and will get my pick in now because I always forget. Being the scumbag that I am, I will go with Kelty Hearts for Matchday 1. Kelty were streets ahead of Postal United Edinburgh City FC Edinburgh last season, and tbh I can't see that side finishing anything higher than 10th, whereas Kelty will be looking at the promotion playoffs at worst.
  17. Disagree McDiarmid Park is one of the better away days - probably because it's super easy for United fans to get to.
  18. Pretty sure this is the same in the Europa League, some of Rangers games has 28 cameras at them, where as some others only has 20. Other Europa League games may have only had 16, so surely it's about giving the referee/officials the most amount of information possible. I really don't see the issue with that, as long as there's a basic minimum standard for VAR - which there is. Should also point out that the BBC ALBA games are supposed to have seven cameras at them next season, interesting that hasn't been mentioned in this - and all of those games will not include the OF.
  19. Amazed there hasn't been more discussion of districtisation at T7/8/9 given the increased transport costs.
  20. I mean 100 years might be pushing the limits of "short-term"
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