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  1. ALBA is mostly funded by Scottish Government. Although, I can see that happening at some point in the future. From a PSB point of view: Gaelic from 12-6, One hour of Scots Programming and rest of it English from 6 onwards.
  2. See we've announced that ST Holders will get Free Live Streams for the first few rounds of the Premiership season. Hopefully it's a SPFL production and not an Arabzone one.
  3. Educational videos thread for this pish. But Geoff Marshall and Jay Foreman are really good. For myself, I found that I've been watching a lot of Top Gear compilations recently, but also these really annoying American Reaction Channels, must be some sort of perverse intrigue. Here's them trying to "react" - stretching the meaning of the word - to something that goes over their heads
  4. Yeah Clach or Fort are probably going to be near the bottom, both of which can easily play in NCL. I would have had it in a way that It was a PO from bottom of HL vs NCL/NJ/Tayside Champion. As that seems a far more palatable proposal to the HL clubs. NCL can become Tier 6 officially for 2020-21 but with no Promotion/Relegation until 2021-22 so the Champion club can at least receive a Scottish Cup Berth. Also gives the the North and Tayside Juniors a season to grow up and try and be convinced to do the same.
  5. If they have a 14 team league next season, they could may be just play one round of fixtures - a13 Game truncated season.
  6. Yes, but they will capped to the number of ST Holders
  7. I don't see how it is an irrelevance if I've understood it correctly then the likes of Livingston could only sell around 1k virtual tickets for games against Celtic, Rangers etc. That will be a huge drop off in income especially with no hospitality etc. The clubs will be losing a fortune each game. Well there's less TV Games (on Sky) next season so maybe one or two the Livi/Accies vs OF won't be shown live by SKY and so could be watched by 20,000 Celtic fans and they could recoup some of the money that would be otherwise lost. It's not the best solution (fans in the ground) but it's the best of bad situation.
  8. Okay. I imagine it will be included as part of your normal Season Ticket. I believe County have already said as much. As for cameras, the EFL down south have been using the iFollow service for all their games for a couple of seasons now, it's usually just one (maybe two) cameras, it's not terrible quality. The SPFL currently has the capibility for live streaming of matches anyway as there's an OB Unit at every Premeirship game nowadays (bar Rangers and Celtic, who do their own in house). That Ewen Murray tweet is an irrelevance and probably only pertains to matches that are live on Sky. (In which case you could get a NowTV Sports Day pass for £7).
  9. As much as people are frustrated at the idiocy of some and lack of progress in this process, remember only six years ago we went from a pyramid of 42 clubs to now having a pyramid of 216* clubs in 2020-21. *Very Quick (and probably wrong) maths there.
  10. Scotland's Premier City at it again, I see.
  11. CNN live stream for yous: https://www.livenewsnow.com/american/cnn-news-usa.html
  12. The new channel was supposed to show some L1 games in R32 and R33 of the season. But obviously didn't happen due to Covid.
  13. I see that ALBA have picked up the rights to the Women's Bundesliga for some reason? Will probably watch it tbf. Will comms be in German or Gaelic, and if in German will anyone notice.
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