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  1. Fair play to Bet365 that's a class gesture 👏 Respect from a SkyBet fan.
  2. Well BOD Thistle play at Aberdeen Sports Village which is certainly not far off HL requirements. Needs turnstiles, and a peh shop. But I'm pretty sure when that poster on another thread said BOD Thistle, he meant Banks o' Dee and not Foxholes Thistle as some are calling them.
  3. Alloa are certainly not the worst team in the league - although you'd imagine when they play United they're probably a bit more up for it. They certainly look a lot better than Morton and Thistle. Fair play to 30 odd, Alloa fans that came up.
  4. One of the designs that Fiorentina are looking at for their new 40,000 seater home.
  5. There's this page called Abercrush at Aberdeen Uni (and RGU) , where folk are just putting the name of a crush into a bot with a message, e.g.a girl I know liked a musician and put "J*** S**** I like your guitar, you can play my strings any time" It's honestly been some of the most honking Freshers patter I've seen.
  6. Got an Aberdeen - Dundee train this evening. Not really a c***s on a train story, but the train felt like it was a way to fall to bits. Automatic Doors opening and closing without prompt, flickering lights etc. Wifi wasn't working properly and just to make it worse, a c**t two rows from me was streaming WWE on his tablet without using earphones. The doors on the train when getting off wouldn't open, just a bit shite. Just looked it up and Abellio bought the Class 43 second hand from First Great Western ffs.
  7. Banks O'Dee is right next to the railway line, but quite far from the station (about a mile)
  8. Don't know about that, they Americans are hard as nails:
  9. I mean that can be said of any and every football player that has either a good agent or an Adobe PremierPro subscription. Still surprised yous haven't punted McPake yet. Reckon a loss to Arbroath will be the death nail?
  10. No, I hate talk like this. Gives me flashbacks to Rado saying "We can win the treble" One game at a time. If we're 20-odd points clear then we can focus on that.
  11. ArabAuslander

    FIFA 20

    EA are a bunch of con-men. Praying on a mostly young audience as well. Shower of c***s.
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