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  1. The idea originally was that hopefully Celtic were still in the CL so could play Tues/Fri or Wed/Sat. As for Rangers, they only have two Scotland players (neither of which would probably start).
  2. I don't think that's correct. From what I've read on here, on Twitter and by speaking to a few folk who are knowledgeable on the subject. Both clubs (Cumnock and Petershill) informally inquired about possibly applying to the SFA for a Club Licence and were told they'd be knocked back due to the fact that they were playing in the Juniors - and not in a pyramid league. No Formal Application took place.
  3. Ffs I was talking about PPV for away fans and non-ST holders. Otherwise I would have referred to a Virtual Season Ticket. Which is something entirely different.
  4. That won't happen with the likes of Falkirk justifiably wanting more (due to their F/T status). I imagine it'll be around £7-10 at this level.
  5. Nah it's a thing the BBC filmed saying "BBC iPlayer - Wasted on some"
  6. Ah, that would make more sense. This is why I thought it was international betting partners: https://media.sportbusiness.com/news/img-finalises-spfl-betting-rights-deal-as-pixellot-technology-added/
  7. FC Schoneberg play in the 2. Berlin-Liga, the 7th Tier of German Football. If he's playing for their reserves, I would suggest he's not good enough for us. This is their ground: The only possible good thing I could say is that Luis Zwick came from that sort of level. However, I can also say that Luis Zwick came from that level.
  8. The original reason that the Cameras were installed IIRC was for Betting Streams internationally. I think the premiership clubs were too worried about pirated streams so the SPFL made up for it by adding Championship games and paying for the Cameras to be installed.
  9. I really doubt they care that much, especially a club that has a foreign manager like Spurs.
  10. The Rumour is £3m now, with £2m more coming in installments and a sizeable sell-on (probably 20%). Decent bit of business for Aberdeen that. Be funny if Villa come in with a bigger offer now though.
  11. Spurs don't take the Europa League seriously, they'll field a shadow side most likely. Galatasaray won't.
  12. Yeah at Ibrox, Rangers will fancy their chances but Galatasaray are no mugs, and are the slight favourite for the tie. Hadjuk Split would also be a difficult tie, similar to Legia last season.
  13. I disagree with this, Galatasaray are probably the one side Rangers wanted to avoid. Spurs would most likely be easier.
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