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  1. Totally agree with this. It is near impossible to finish above 9th, we need to start thinking about next season and get the right manager in charge asap, if we manage to stay up then amazing, but we need to start planning for a League 2 return and hopefully see us competing again. Just as a reality check, as a club, are we a L2 club punching above our weight? Or a L1 side underachieving?
  2. Duffy announced as new manager... Not sure what to say to that. Some of the worst players I've ever seen played under him... Maybe the right guy to steady the ship, time will tell
  3. You are 100% correct here, however did you not say at the start of the season that you had patched it? Whilst that does seem a wise move for the case of sanity, it doesn't help the point you've just made. Its a slippery slope, when Fans give us, the income drops, and it becomes harder to compete in order to bring said fans back.
  4. Definitely a stalker Managers, Hartley, Thomson, Ross and Kettlewell my picks. Probably no chance for any of them!
  5. Words that you would say in front of a mirror. If bullying volunteers behind a keyboard keeps the viagra at bay, then crack on. Says plenty about you...
  6. You've done nothing except waste peoples time and bully those who play their part from behind a keyboard over 400 miles away. You're the laughing stock of our support, such a weird time wasting creep of a guy, you and your fake money. Total weapon
  7. A Pick? Or a Park? Surely not Pink or Perk? How's your invisible investors getting on these days? Still trading the old Monopoly money? How many business have you liquidated since the last time we chat? More or less than the number of twitter usernames you've had? Absolute waste of space of a man, and your treatment towards club volunteers is just disgusting. I could volunteer for 2 minutes and I would've done more for the club than you could ever do. Absolute weapon
  8. Anycunt know if the Brazilian banks have opened yet? And do Megabus still do the cheap £10 london return trips?
  9. Was Tony Wallace not another one of the long list of players that Danny tried at full back? Ross lyon Paul kennedy Ray grant Barry cuddihy John Rankin Tom Lang Ally Love My head has went blank now, but who else in Dannys tenure has been shoehorned into a full back?
  10. Montrose #8 is a terrific player, always wondered why he is always on the bench. I'd take him at Clyde no bother, been saying that for a few years now. As much as I love Danny, it is getting harder to back him. Lose next week and I think it's curtains.
  11. On that last point, it was very clever work of Gomis meaning that both defenders could not go to Cunningham thus giving him more space. He was fucking excellent today!
  12. Gomis a different player this year. Looks much fitter and playing brilliantly with some similar minded players around him. He wae outstanding today and my MOTM. Ray Grant was excellent as well, sprayed the ball about brilliantly! Got a cracking wee team here, fairly balanced across the pitch and playing some fine football. Lastly, Shout of the game... "Fucking hell Lennon, make a sub before it's too late!!!"
  13. In terms of numbers, I am lead to believe that our adult season ticket sales almost the same as last season which is very encouraging. Never had a season book last year as I miss too many games to make it worth it, but decided to get one this year as it is more important now than ever for fans to back their club.
  14. Another shaky first 5 minutes, against an Airdrie or Dunfermline we'd have went a goal down. 2 excellent goals by Cunningham who looked to have been playing with confidence these last few weeks. My fear now is his horrible sitter and penalty miss will damage that confidence. First goal was well taken by the Peterhead number 9 but he should never have had that amount of space, also Ross Lyon shouldve emptied that ball prior. Second goal, horrific defending again, the midfield should also be doing better. After that 5 minute shambles we regrouped and got behind their defence time and time again, poor finishing letting us down. Jordan Allan looks like he will be a great wee player for us, but he needs to watch his line. First half the farside linesman got the calls right. He is also a very lucky boy he did not see red in the first half. He was unfortunate with his second yellow but the resulting red could've been avoided if he hadnt picked up that stupid yellow in the first half. After the sending off the game fizzled out, didnt look like any team wanted to have a proper go and both content with a draw. End of the game, it felt like a defeat. McNally has our number everytime and for a couple of minutes I thought that hoodoo was ready to be breached, obviously not! Should have had the game out of sight in the first half and then squandered chances to regain the lead. A massive missed opportunity. A few folk blaming the ref, it wasn't the ref who caused us to lose 2 stupid goals, it wasn't the ref that made Cunningham miss the sitter and penalty. For a game that wasnt exactly dirty, there were too many cards albeit Allan's first yellow was more a relief it wasnt red. The standside linesman didn't help the ref much! But no one can blame the officials for that today! Have to say, I enjoyed my first visit to NDP as a home fan. Great view from pretty much anywhere in the stand and the low roof allows for a decent atmosphere.
  15. Just want to share this with you all. Our family were shocked and saddened at the death of Falkirk diehard Euan Anderson. A lad who with his family lived 2 doors down from my wife's house in Polmont, my wife was pals with his big sister, it was a very close community within the street. Euan was a massive Falkirk fan, despite his old man being a rangers fan, Euan chose to support his local team and travelled with the Shuttle home and away. I honestly have not met a person more Falkirk daft than Euan, only the legend that was Stevie Black who left us in 2016 being the same as Euan. 4 weeks ago Euan collapsed and died whilst playing 5s with his pals. Last week me and Euan would've been exchanging in banter prior to our teams meeting up in the League Cup, but his untimely death meant that did not happen. The Shuttle have organised for a 25th minute applause to celebrate the life of a Falkirk diehard. I hope that the whole stadium recognise one of their own. God bless you Euan. Hopefully the Bairns do the damage today in your honour.
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