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  1. Fucking hell, what have I read these last few pages? No wonder I never go on this, if I was a supporter of another club reading this I'd think clyde fans are all greety faced p***ks. Not just us, Falkirk fans on P&B are a total special breed but the Falkirk fans I know personally are all sound as f**k. Indifferent start to the season but we're pulling out results, just need a bit of consistency. I do agree we need another centre half and another centre forward but other than that, just some confidence and hopefully consistency, the latter being something no team in this league has except East Fife who are consistently shite.
  2. Got to admit, I've been disappointed with the attendances. You'd think after 18 months people would be choking to get back to the games. Unfortunately as someone said earlier, some folk have found other things to do on a Saturday. Half of the young crowd that sit in our section have went awol.
  3. If that goal was morelos or kyogo the media would be talking about that all week. Yet another contender for goal of the season by Goodie!! As I told my son, enjoy the watching him in our colours as we'll never see his like again! Big 2nd half coming now!
  4. Aye you get airline codes that make them even cheaper. Think it was £43 each for the ones to head for Spain. You only need a lateral flow to come back, 30€ at some German doctors in alcudia, I speak German but they probably speak better English than me nae doubt. The fucking joke is we can't use randox for the way back because of stupid Scottish government rules whereas in England you can use any of them. A randox package was something like £83 for the outbound test and the day 2 return test but we need to pay this CTM mob £88 each for just the day 2 effort, load of pish.
  5. Who did you use for your tests prior to leaving for Mallorca? I'm double jagged and got my certificate but my wife and eldest child will need tested. Looking forward to getting away, the tests are a pain in the arse but it beats this shitey weather.
  6. Genuinely surprised at Lamont getting a gig at Alloa. Cracking wee guy and when on his game, a terrific wee player. Unfortunately he only turns it on now and again and lastly his fitness is a fucking shambles for a professional football player. I wish the lad all the best of luck but I can't see him and Ferguson getting on well after a few weeks.
  7. Nicol might end up with some coaching role. He's brilliant to have within the squad and can still do a turn. Lamont I'm sad to see go, got all the talent but his fitness is shocking. Mcniff a great servent and again, sad to see him go. Unfortunately he's not L1 level. Happy enough with those retained albeit cunningham has to up his game, maybe with a midfield behind him next year it might work out as there is a cracking player tbere Howie is a fuckin machine, terrific player.
  8. With everything that's happened this season, staying up has to be considered a success. Now we have a pretty challenging season to look forward to in L1, we just need those fucking Brazilian banks to open so we can get that much needed investment.
  9. Aye I think I've maybe got the cleats too far up my foot nearer my toes, maybe needs to come back a wee bit. Other thing I noticed cycling with clipless shoes was my knees and lower quads killing me. No idea if this is because it's my first bout of exercise in 7 months, or if its the cleats or the height of my seat
  10. Not a great commute home when my back tyre went down and my pump fucked the presta valve and halved it . First time I've had a bike with these valves and they're a nightmare! For those who have shoes, did you fit your own cleats or get someone do it for you? I fitted mines last night but my right heel was pretty uncomfortable whilst cycling today.
  11. Got gifted this from my MD last week! Not had a proper shot on it yet due to not having cycling shoes and matching cleats but got those tonight. Been using a hybrid bike for the last 4 years so looking forward to this and seeing the difference when out on rides Unfortunately my fitness is a shambles thanks to 7 months of no exercise after my achilles rupture back in September. Hoping this new bike will spur me on again!
  12. I guessed he did the radio commentary, just a hard listen which is a shame as the stream is great.
  13. This commentator is fucking brutal to listen to, not just the shite he's talking but doesn't allow any voids, always has to be talking! Tempted in putting on an album by Jess Glynn as I'll probably tolerate that a bit better.
  14. I always thought it was Joe Miller that was involved or connected to the DPC?
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