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  1. Right f**k it. Get Lennon and Moore out, we should be doing an Arbroath. All that money we get from local businesses and social club, Where's the money going? Get dishon out as well. Aim high
  2. It was more a case of an established league 1 team with the aim of promotion against a league 1 team who've just been promoted from the league below. We're not going to compete with Airdrie Falkirk and Raith this season. The rest us our level. Once Matchday 9 is finished, then I'll properly evaluate.
  3. You talk some amount of shite, stick to the 4 paragraphs plus posts as I usually skip them.
  4. Spider baby haha, I call her Monkey baby. She was climbing stuff before she could walk, it's brutal! She keeps climbing on top of this wee kitchen thing. It's on wheels so she'll quickly suss out how to use it to climb up higher places...
  5. Anyone else's brains fried by that BabyTV as well? Brutal to watch
  6. Sunday morning and I've been up since half 6 and not even got work today... The joys of having a baby right there! My daughter who's 14 months next week started working a fortnight ago, nightmare alone! But she's climbing up everything these days. My wife nipped into the kitchen the other week to go back in the livingroom to find the wee yin standing on top of the TV cabinet holding onto the TV that's on the wall! Had to move to subspeaker so she couldn't use that as a step
  7. Fucking hell... Does every other recently promoted team expect to be battling af the top of the table? We have just played 2 of the best teams in the league for f**k sake. Everycunt blaming the defence again, what about the midfield right in front of them?? We matched Airdrie until around 65mins when the legs were going. My major fault with the team right now is the fitness levels but we've just played 2 full time teams. The negativity from c***s on here is ridiculous, why don't you all put your fucking phones and tablets down and next game get involved in the singing and encourage the boys. This was never going to be an easy season, every level you go up the challenges become more difficult. 3 games in for f**k sake. Get a grip man!
  8. How you guys liking Fordyce? Thought he was a cracking wee player when we had him on loan fae Livi a few year ago.
  9. Actually took the 3 1/2 hours required to read one of Sao Paolo's posts, the one regarding offloading some particular players already??? Fucking hell man, that's all...
  10. Can't believe some Clyde fans are hitting the panic button already... 1. We have just been promoted into a league we've not been in for over 9 years. 2. Our first 4 games, 2 are miles ahead of the rest and will battle it out for the league, 1 has had a great start to the season, has a neat squad and a decent manager, the other a hybrid full time squad with some great wee players and another decent manager. 3. We're not a 1st division team anymore, our last 12 years have confirmed that. 4. We've got a top manager who knows what hes doing, it needs to be respected that he probably has the 3rd or 4th lowest budget in the league. Only Dumbarton and Stranraer I'd imagine have less. 5. Our best player is not 100% fit, my own player of the year last season (Rankin) is still a few weeks away, big Kristoffer being out is unfortunate and Cuddihy missing yesterday was also a big loss. We were never going to go up and set the division on fire, we've not got the setup, money or fan base for that. We've just got in the league, a mid table finish would be a success and then next year we build again. A bit of patience doesn't go a miss! Right now our level is with East Fife, Forfar and Montrose but we have to earn that place. Once we play those teams we'll see how we get on. The defence is a fucking shambles but they need protection from the midfield. A few arses will be booted but I trust Danny and Alan to get it sorted. My personal thoughts really are the injuries to our crucial players and the hard start in the fixture calendar was never going to be a Good mix. It was also going to be an early kick in the baws to a team that strives on confidence, the fans need to get behind the boys. As for comments about Lennon laughing? f**k me 🤨
  11. Strangely enough it's been quite refreshing seeing the comments from the majority of raith fans here, I've always found raith fans to be a good bunch. Looks like you do have a proper wee fanny who's handy with his keyboard Not seen yesterday's highlights yet, but safe to say that Raith are too big for this league and have been down here for too long.
  12. If anyone is doing any football weekenders. Borussia Mönchengladbachs home games will all likely be on a Sunday given that all Europa league ties are taking place on the Thursday before each scheduled home game. Only the evening Saturday kick off v Schalke04 being the exception. Bit of a shiter but you get good flights into Eindhoven from Edinburgh on a Friday afternoon (or Sunday morning) and back on the Monday afternoon (there is a Sunday morning flight at 1030 as well but f**k that) Borussia got Augsburg on Saturday the 5th of October but this will likely be a Sunday game. 42quid Ryanair Sunday to Monday effort (Edinburgh to Eindhoven return)
  13. The cups only a shambles because of this colt team shite.
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