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  1. In all seriousness I think he's about 55 years old and a few years ago he was shagging a 19 year old and his current burd is 25 years younger than him 😂 I seen him once described as "looking like my lesbian auntie" 😂
  2. HP Baxxter shouting what we all think
  3. Aye I know Kinnaird is like that but I'm guessing the new houses round the station must be there same seeing as it was old industrial land, same problem Dumbarton have with their stadium by the sounds of it.
  4. Where I am it's sand based, used to be able to empty my hot tub onto the lawn and the grass was dry again within the hour. Pain in the arse during the summer trying to manage the lawn though, few days of dry weather and the sprinklers need to come out.
  5. Possibly. I remember years ago there was inspections at 1 and 2 but maybe things were changed after the outrage of supporters busses heading to Ross Country for example to find at passing aviemore the game was off.
  6. I mind last year you guys had a right shite squad at the start then went on to have a decent season. Duffy was like that with us as well, signed players very late and the first quarter is like a preseason.
  7. Considering there are no fans to worry about, Clyde being reletively local to Dumbarton a 1215 inspection is ridiculous, could've been easily a 2pm inspection. Interesting to hear of no groundsman being there this morning however, tactical considering Dumbartons threadbare squad?
  8. I'm in Larbert mind you but our rain was that bad the all year round golf course across the road has shut today with how back the flooding was on all the greens.
  9. With the overnight pishing rain, anyone any idea how the pitch is holding up and if it's likely to still be on?
  10. Tell your mate to try bancodobrasil or sambadejaneiro . Tell him we'll pay for the round when he's up and we'll speak to the club about him getting in for free again 👍
  11. Excellent win and performance at the weekend but Dumbarton are no easy task. On Saturday we played against a team who played higher up the pitch which suits our quick front line and fast play. Dumbarton will be sat further back and as we seen last weekend, let them get behind you and they will finish. Will be a stuffy game and Dumbarton won't be there to just turn up, they'll be fired up for this and will be looking for the win. On paper it's a Clyde win, but it won't be as simple as that.
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