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  1. Aye, Mr but that is simply the company who runs the club. There's a difference. Trying phoning or contacting either the SFA or the SPFL. Or if you prefer talk to someone who works in the legal profession. I will even give you the description of where I heard the gentleman describe objectively that Rangers did not die and their history does in fact still stand. Go to the You Tube app on your device, go to the magnifying glass symbol which allows you to perform a search, type: Celtic fan lawyer radio phone in and search. Of the results that come up search for the thumbnail picture of a big black book that says "LAW" on the side. If you click on this, I think the guy's name is Michael and he is obviously a Celtic fan but is also a lawyer and he tries to explain how it is, as much as it pains him that Rangers haven't actually died or indeed lost any of their history. I believe that it is something that is quite complicated and difficult for people, even those who work in the legal profession to try and understand because of the intricate nature of it. It will have been the same for Hearts and Dunfermline. But from what this guy was saying, the simplified version is that the company who runs a club is not really the same thing as the club itself which it would seem is actually a separate entity in the eyes of the law.
  2. Newsflash! Rangers did not die and neither did any history accrued before they were shoved down. The company that run the day to day business of a club is not really the same thing as the club. So although the company was liquidated, Rangers FC still exist as do their 54 league titles. That was from a Celtic fan who is also a fully qualified lawyer.
  3. David Murray was was a very decent owner, so said the staff who worked for him. I am not talking about players, management or coaching staff either. I was chatting with a lady who works as a cleaner for the stadium and she said that David Murray was the best boss she ever had and the lady concerned must have been in her fifties at least. Not saying that he was perfect, there's nobody who is but I would rather have Murray ahead of King everyday of the week.
  4. Good question, buddy. I don't know what it is exactly but there's something about King that I have never really trusted. I think perhaps Gerrard is beginning to realise that he's simply not really going to see the sort of transfer funds that are ultimately required to be able to seriously compete for the big prizes.
  5. When was it that Rangers got shoved down into Division 3 as it was known at the time? 2011 or 2012, am I correct? So, that is...let's see now 7 years ago and during that time your club Aberdeen FC didn't half take advantage of the circumstances by amassing a grand total of how many trophies exactly? And I am the one no taking things seriously??? Oh and btw Good luck with the new stadium at Kingsford in the Westhill area of the city.
  6. I am sure it would suit your purposes to think so. But I have it on good authority from someone who works in the legal profession and is also an ardent Celtic fan that the club that we know as Rangers and their history are not the same thing as the company who ran the day to day business of the club and so therefore any history accrued before 2011-2012 still exists today and is therefore recognised by the SFA and SPFL and will stand up in a court of law. So dream on, buddy boy Rangers did not die.
  7. I saw an article in one of the national tabloids and it was Dave King the current Rangers chairman claiming that Rangers could end Celtic's domination of Scottish football. Well I for one cannot see any real evidence that the current Rangers board or squad are capable of doing so,. If King is serious then he really needs to find some serious level of investment because as far I can see, Rangers are a hell of way from winning any trophies in the foreseeable future. It's typical of King though, he can talk the talk but he never really could walk the walk and I have seen absolutely nothing to change my mind on that score.
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