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  1. Mr Kelly usually uses his puppets to speak to people . He would known exactly what was going on
  2. Well to An extent tho as he seems to be staying on the park must be keeping the mouthing to minimum
  3. Everyone seems to be going on about Meggatt which I don’t doubt he is an talent at this level . But one for me is miller who seems to have shut his mouth and let his feet do talking and popping up with goals every week from midfield
  4. Just waiting in Darvel legends comments Aaron will be great addition to Darvel when he probably doesn’t no who he is nor never saw him play 😂
  5. Lol Killer instinct wow you are at it 😂😂
  6. This same player who got put on his bum of the Darvel captain last year in the armies hope he apologises for his bad mouthing can’t be running about doing that in the juniors
  7. Still am behind him but its football mate if better offer comes he won’t be there . My point was at Darvel icon slagging. Others teams which isn’t nice
  8. Soon as gaffer get better offer he won’t be no were let’s face it use are a stepping stone to we’re he wants to be and that’s in Rio league with better team than Darvel . Right time right place for him to take over Darvel end off
  9. Lol all about Darvel soon as mr Kennedy goes it will be same as his amateur team all the players follow . use will be back to being absolutely pish enjoy while it last as and try stop bad mouthing clubs and grounds people are trying to improve the junior game IE gartcairn
  10. Your ground was a shit hole till boy so long ago you are just one they small town mentality idiots who don’t get out much
  11. You think you should of win every game use have dropped points in well as neutral draw in my eyes fair results and quick thinking from big murph caught use all zzzzzzzzzz
  12. Vale need to start getting consistency or it could be long season ahead
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