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  1. Only thing your bitting is the gaffers D!!K . It’s a Sunday so I try keep it clean saw you yesterday and my god. I spotted you mile away new you were the guy who spouts some shit in this . On game side hope for gaffer and players use do well in Scottish .
  2. As Darvel aren’t the best in the juniors so if one top teams come calling then I am sure if money is right he goes. Same goes for you manager he won’t be at Darvel all his life if he keeps doing well .
  3. I’m sure they can compete week in week out with squad they have without going crazy with the cash if they get to top league
  4. Fair comment and you sound if you are a fan of the club hope use start getting results soon
  5. Listen going bye last 2 games they seem good bunch of guys but come in if you have anything to do with team then you clearly no what am Talking about
  6. Took in the vale for 2 nd week in a row . And if I am honest I couldn’t believe my eyes when I see the fat guy again starting and from what I saw was on the vale bench I’m sure the fans will want to no what’s going on when you have guys like turner Chisholm on bench surly they must play in front of some off the guys that started . Saltcoats thought they win World Cup at end if I’m honest anyway hope vale get it sorted as sound bunch of guys .
  7. Happened to take in your game today. And for the life of me how can you play that fat guy in middle of park think his name is Gary the guy is terrible hearing from the side lines that he is the managers friend that says it all. Thought draw half time was fair result see vale changed shape and after that all went to pot . Need to start stronger team in my eyes can’t play played cause there is managers friend only my opinion
  8. Mr Kelly usually uses his puppets to speak to people . He would known exactly what was going on
  9. Well to An extent tho as he seems to be staying on the park must be keeping the mouthing to minimum
  10. Everyone seems to be going on about Meggatt which I don’t doubt he is an talent at this level . But one for me is miller who seems to have shut his mouth and let his feet do talking and popping up with goals every week from midfield
  11. Just waiting in Darvel legends comments Aaron will be great addition to Darvel when he probably doesn’t no who he is nor never saw him play
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