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  1. Archie even [emoji23] this years harvest [emoji849]
  2. That's archive Thomas away. Think he will be a big loss. Was always impressed by him
  3. My highlight was Craig telling us we wouldn't get any players on loan in the future before back tracking as he isn't involved at hearts anymore. Absolute bumpkin of a boy
  4. There was a boy a few seasons ago who would berate the opposition keeper mercilessly. Can't mind the team but he was at it for a good 5 minutes of the usual character assassinations before he continued walking on and said " he's having a great game to be honest but you need to give the keeper shite"
  5. The good cat jonesey is loving the weather but now seeing as I don't have jobs to do he's happy to bask. b*****d
  6. Trying to get the grass cut today ran into an immediate setback
  7. I voted Todd for my player of the year. I thought Barr had done fantastic but what you'd have expected from him. But, I felt that Todd went from a bit of a bombs are in his first few months with us to being this really confident defender who knew when to put the boot in when needed. No doubt mango has brought out the best in him and deserved the accolade but I feel Todd should get praise for the way he cemented himself as a first choice CB
  8. Alice and David must be feeling like if a league 2 team got to the Scottish Cup final. Foregone conclusion that steph is winning and they are there for the day out
  9. Good signing in the interim. Hopefully the teams form continues to protect the keeper as well as they protected kev and PJ
  10. Trying to find her gran's plot in the graveyard today. Asked her where it was and she comes out with "it's behind a headstone" Cheers really narrowed it down.
  11. You'll need to get to league one for that [emoji6]
  12. Was impressed with Kyle Miller today. Best game he's had all season in my opinion. Tough opposition but really think the back line never looked troubled and Morrison didn't have a save to make.
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