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  1. Jonesey clearly happy with the new rug.
  2. Mullen injured or have I missed him leaving?
  3. The effort that marked Bollan's team last season has been missing recently. Too many players happy to sleep walk through games
  4. Drowning my sorrows and thinking of better times. Beath brewery lager
  5. This is the angriest I've been for a long time. Absolutely nothing going forward
  6. I think that after a very negative start to the game. We've had our chances but still don't look like scoring. Build up well then it dies down
  7. We looked like we were down to 10 men after that red card
  8. Has decided the ideal time to hoover is at 25 past 3 when I have the football on. "you don't need to hear it" she says...
  9. 39 minutes Northampton keeper is booked for time wasting at nil nil 40 minutes Northampton go 1 up. Wonder if the keeper is going to be brave and time waste second half or if he is the ref is brave to book him again
  10. What can I say? Cowdenbeath is the next Manhattan[emoji23]
  11. Update- had a bit of movement but not much
  12. "I'm not catching it unless it is directly within swiping distance"
  13. Peeping Tom or making sure I don't drown?
  14. Away to work for a month... He looks quite chuffed about it
  15. "I had a patient that looks and sounds like Cameron miekelson today but can't have been him cause he has a different name" "you do realise that he's a character" "yeah but I thought that was his real name" [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23]
  16. Just sat on my winter of mixed drinks vinyl cover... Thanks jonesey thanks pal
  17. Didn't really get a look in this season. Really disappointed he's away but you csnt blame him. With the right service he will be a great striker in league one
  18. He's now doing a lowland league version to be released in October http://www.tainpost.co.uk/lowland
  19. Aye that's certainly not my wee bam [emoji23] thinks he's the sheriff of Cowdenbeath but spends 9p percent of his time getting telt off the hard cats on the street [emoji23]
  20. No idea! His previous owner had named him jonesey and we stuck with it seeing as it was a bit different. I assumed the woman was an avid dad's army fan [emoji23]
  21. The wife has started a mindfulness course online. Jonesey had other ideas for her yoga mat
  22. I'm dissapointed. I'll order it though to support the club. Hope the away shirt is a belter and I can pawn off the home shirt on my girl
  23. Hope so. I think I get more excited for the kit then for signings [emoji23]
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