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  1. Some day that was! Certainly the complete opposite feeling 8 years on
  2. Take the hint neebur...have a break [emoji3531]
  3. A sad day for us. I was disappointed with the lack of urgency from the players yesterday but looking forward to seeing Berwick and East Stirling again after so many years. A great chance to press the button without fear of being club 42. Good luck to the Rose in the new season. Met a few of the fans and they were a good bunch. On to the next adventure [emoji170][emoji1054]
  4. The beast getting his turkey and cranberry lick. Merry Christmas folks!
  5. "Hurry up, Harry come on.... We're going down in lockdown"
  6. Thought we were due one after the tackle on mango? But If our handball penalty was one then they should have had one of toddy. Its been a while since my heart has stopped at a game but that done it
  7. Poor game. Cammy Gill with a couple of great saves. Was saying about needing a slice of luck through the week and we got it in the penalty. One of the poorest attempts I've seen.
  8. Not a mask in sight. Their utter contempt for the safety of our Lord and saviour is disgusting. Tweeted to scotrail.
  9. Out at a gig in Dunfermline and the only danger I see is the amount of townies. Sturgeon and her legion of lick spittles can do one
  10. The first time in a long time I've walked out with a smile on my face. Good performance and hopefully we can keep it up in the next couple of weeks
  11. After missing the last game against Forfar and having no competitive game last weekend I am looking forward to being back. Stirling will be a tough test and we sorely need to break the bad spell. We will win eventually and why not tomorrow? Hopefully if we do go behind the players heads don't drop and start to panic but stick to the plan being implemented by Ross. Mon the Coo let's push on!
  12. Plymouth Argyle vs Wigan Athletic yesterday. Last minute winner for the Lactics was a sore one to take as the second half was all Argyle. A sellout with over 15000 there. Great wee day out at the fanfest too.
  13. Was getting on a flight earlier, every seat taken and in the queue a woman told my wife and I we were too close to her. Obviously being a hard man my initial response wasn't sorry but a finely balanced argument about it being ironic she was getting on a packed plane... (it wasn't, I shat it and apologised immediately and took a dramatic step back)
  14. I wasn't there today, but going by the BBC it was exactly like elgin. Lose a goal and lose the head. Need a rallying result that I was hoping today would bring. We can turn this around just need a bit luck. It will come i am sure we just need to keep the faith
  15. Quite refreshing that. Bollan was awful for bemoaning effort levels then starting the same 11 the next week. Hopefully some players that have been known to coast through games take it as a warning that they aren't guaranteed a spot and kick on to their full potential
  16. This. One thousand times this! Had premier sports the other night and it was the first advert every single break. Must have seen it about 20 times that night. Infuriating
  17. Really sorry to hear that mate. Hope you're doing alright
  18. I made the fateful choice (mistake) to go up to Elgin so missed it. Glad you got an exciting game.
  19. Aye you're probably right there to be fair. Can't be easy having no service
  20. Stay in the hunt and let Maurice bring a couple of players and pray for 9th I think
  21. Thought he did really well. We need a striker ASAP as it seems Liam buchanan is more interested in arguing with the ref.
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