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  1. Thought we were the better team today. Definitely created enough but couldn't stick it in the net. Dan Farrell pulled off a great save after a slack back pass but that was their only real effort of note (not counting the effort flashed wide from the rebound from the save). McKenzie Williamson was certainly a spark when he came on and was unlucky not to score when he beat their keeper to a long ball. Certainly some good passages of play in the midfield and Dan Watt put himself about well without reward. Just feel that once it clicks the team it will roll on.
  2. Really surprised by that. I was thinking Maurice would have left but seen it out until the end of the season. He talked the right way and seemed to have a good idea of how we should play but it rarely translated on the pitch. Anytime we took a step forward it seemed to always be followed by a poor spell. Maybe a better coach than a main man? That been said I think the management team did well to steady the ship after a tumultuous pre season and should be commended for it but now is the time to get a manager in that knows the lowland league and can build on what's been set down now. Wish Maurice nothing but the best moving on and hopefully he takes something from his time here too. Really important appointment to be made now but perfect time to cool the jets and really think about it.
  3. Completely up to you mate! My voice isn't exactly going to get me a radio gig anytime soon either I'll give you a DM to let you know the template and we can take it from there thanks for the interest!
  4. Hi guys - if you didn't know I run the Maurice Miners podcast. It's been a very tough time for us since the relegation from the championship and there's been heehaw to cheer for and it's getting harder and harder to face the next game. So in an effort to try and rekindle a bit of interest and reminisce about happier days I am hoping to meet as many supporters as possible to give me a 10-15 minute interview on what the club means to them and add it to a series of episodes (however many 1 hourish episodes I can fill). Let's remember the times that made us cheer and wail , let's dream of helicopters or laugh about the good, bad or the ugly. What was it about Cowdenbeath that drew you in? What kept you coming after all the hurt? Do you get teary remembering Toories goal to send us up? Did Mixu Paatelainen make all the hurt worth it? Do you get a sly smile when you remember Kane Hemmings opening the scoring in that storied day at East End Park? What are your worst memories? Was 1992 a nightmare you couldn't wake up from? Did watching hearts stick ten past us send you loopy? Does Bonnyrigg stick in the throat like a dry piece of toast? Is there any ludicrous memory or player that comes to mind? Did Armand One dancing to shouts of Pizza Hut give you a reason to grin? Does Jordan Garden trying to diving header a ball clear through another player still give you the chills? Did Bryan Gilfillan hopping on his one good leg to celebrate after surviving against Cove remind you that there are still heroes? If you are interested please give me a message on here or get in touch through the twitter or Facebook pages. I'm happy to travel within reason or if you don't want to talk on air, write in your stories and I'll read them. I'm also sure I could do it through Skype/Zoom but I'd probably need to have a wee play about first. We all have something to say about Cowdenbeath Football Club and it deserves to be told.
  5. After the hearts game I didn't sleep for the two days until the highlights were up as I thought I'd missed the 3rd goal! My wife was saying that I was starting to go grey off of fatherhood but it was definitely the wait to see if I got the goal in the shot quite enjoy doing it though take in a bit more of the flesh of the game rather than being stood around talking. I'm the same with you and thought it had just been a defensive mistake but the guy was adamant that Farrell had called for the ball and then stopped. No complaints either way though and it was just frustrating as we were very much in the game until that point.
  6. Thankfully I'm an absolute luddite and all I have to do is move the camera about! Worst part of the job is not being able to sneak away early on games like that though! I'll get a watch of the "highlights" when they are released as a guy sat in front of me was under the impression that Farrell had called for the ball in the lead up to the penalty but I missed it looking through that wee screen. We were definitely in the game up until the penalty though and as you said could have played until the cows came home without scoring. We've improved since the start of the season but there's a lot more work to do.
  7. Nail on the head. I really like the addition of Dan Watt but I'd say he's more of a facilitator would prefer to see Sinclair playing off him more like how we had Jordan Allan playing off of Renton (hopefully with more goals though!). Been our issue for years that we've not had anyone able to really take chances but I think we are creating more than what we had been the past few seasons. I do hope that it is a duct that'll break once we get going but I did think the result against Edinburgh University was going to be that game.
  8. Had a wee think over night and into today about the result yesterday and I still don't really see where we lost 4 nil. Don't think there was much between the two sides and after the initial pressure that brought Buchanan's first goal had more than our fair share of possession without really creating any clear cut chances. I guess that's where having a striker like Buchanan comes in handy though. I don't really see the point in playing Scott Sinclair wide on the left, it really takes away any goal threat that he possesses. All in all a bad day at the office but we need to start taking wins from teams above us and not just those floating around the bottom.
  9. Good luck to your wee one Neebs! Will be rooting for her
  10. My friend and I were on that train. We were in the last carriage
  11. Certainly thought they could have had more if they wanted too. Shame we never took the chance at 1 nil but that's the breaks sometimes. a Bad day at the office and shouldn't take away from the good work from the turn of the year. Hopefully get back to winning ways with 3 winnable games coming up.
  12. I didn't think we were that bad until we conceded and then seemed to fold like a pack of cards. Having the whole Celtic B side camped in our half with 10 to go was damning too. Poor game, hopefully move on next week.
  13. Didn't see the challenge for the stooshy today but saw the rangers CB charging down the pitch and knee as soon as he saw red we were going to get similar. Thought we were unlucky today with little between the two sides. Their number 7 was the difference maker and on another day we walk away with a result. Thanks to @Cowdenleithfor the teamsheet from the Edinburgh uni game. Nice wee thing to mark the day my daughter arrived. Also got her first scarf... If I wasn't given a chance there's no way she is
  14. A whole load of boys I'd carry back on my back if they wanted
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