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  1. Reluctantantly I don't think Hamilton is cut out for for the SPL.Shame as we had hoped he would step up and take his chance.He hasn't unfortunately. The forwards we have left need to give Davie a decision to make at the end of the season.At least another season in the SPL will give him the opportunity to do so.
  2. Sounds promising.Need to have a look at him first.But if he's anything like his countrymen.Could be a rough diamond . .
  3. Not too sure the options left at our disposal in the forwards area will be good enough to cement a top six place.Hope I'm wrong and il say so if and when they prove me wrong.So many permutations are leaving me punch drunk..
  4. Thats a huge blow to our top six aspirations. Not sure if the other forwards are good enough to carry us over the line.At least we have that cushion over those below us,which was the objective in the first place.But so frustrating.
  5. Anderson was a big miss for Livi.They were largely non effective up front and barely troubled the Hearts defence.Hearts in the main dominated this game and thoughrally deserved the points.And yes Mackys goal was a belter.Hopefully Livi put this to bed and take the opportunity in front of them .
  6. Been hoping for years to get a scoreboard or screen.Guess finances dictate otherwise alas.Would be good if we could get a company to sponsor one right above the East stand🎞.
  7. Needs players around him,which he doesn't have at Falkirk to get the best out of him.Hel be deflated,but hel come back to us having learned what it takes to be a top player.In the right surroundings hel do just that..
  8. Came on this site a couple of months ago after attending the Cove game pre Xmas. What I witnessed from the Bairns was awful.Thought new new year aquasitions of Jacobs and Kabia from my team would have helped yous not to mention Griffiths.Seems I was wrong..Wont patrionise but the vibes from the Falkirk support tells me half that team don't deserve to wear that shirt.Granted Jacobs is coming to the tail end of his career, but Jaze still has his in front of him.Dissapointing that he seems to have gone of the ball.Obviously I haven't seen him for a few months,but I hope he comes back to us having learned its not always a bed of roses.Anyway,apologies for the rant..
  9. Sorry,L/F.You know where I'm coming from..Livi first any day.But I'm a Scottish Geordie for nearly 50 years.And both are doing nicely thank you..Any chance of the Suadies extending their benevolence north of the border,ie West Lothian. .Seriously Hope both supporters show their respective support for our brothers tomorrow. Our help is on its way.Football has to take a back seat..
  10. Cant believe I'm saying this without being patronising. Absolutely delighted that my wee team,ie Livingston are clear of whats happening down at the bottom.Our objective has just about being achieved. Ahead of Tomorrow weve a chance of deciding the destination of the league title . Make no bones about it,as I've said our aim is just about achieved.Weve nothing to lose Tomorrow and will give it our best shot.But its the relegation thread,and in just ecstatic we are not involved.Good luck to all concerned. .
  11. As I said L/F.If we can soak up the pressure that will undoubtedly come at us and sucker them in,we've a chance.Dont know if Davie will go with our tried and tested Nouble,Forrest ,Anderson that proved fruitfully for us recently.Suspect not.Horses for courses and all that.Our midfield will have to have a blinder to take something from this not to mention our defence.Scenes at the end with Max having a clean sheet.Then I woke up..
  12. Anyway back to the football.Rangers late goal against the sheep puts pressure on Celtic to get a result here.Expect them to come out all guns blazing.Longer this goes goaless will give Livi confidence of taking something here.Weve done it before,and can do so again..
  13. End of the day,Dundee were beaten by the better team.Hungrier decisive and due to poor defending from the hosts got what they deserved. Weve pulled ourselves clear off a potential relegation battle and are looking up as opposed to looking over our shoulders. As for Dundee,you've got ten cup finals to get yourselves out of this mess.Wont patronise, but you've a helluva job to get out off this.Championship beckons.
  14. Just for Livi fans.Bet yous can't wait for our friend Scrutinizors summarising of todays game.Only usually comes on with a damning critique when a result hasn't went for us.Cant wait to hear his comments after that.But alas I suspect he's gone to bed.Sure he'll be back soon enough.Brace yourselves lads..
  15. Rubbin my eyes here.Wow.Keep going Livi.Surely game over.
  16. End of the day,Saints are on good form as are we.Goodwins departure will in my opinion won't have a significant bearing on this game.Its an important one for both and I'm really looking forward it.Just hope its not a boring 0 0.Big crowd expected unusualy for us.Got the makings of a belter.
  17. Hope your right.Wont be easy.Buddies are still a threat, even without Goodwin.But we're back home and that could swing it our way.Will be baltic out there.Wrap up well.Mon the Lions..
  18. You called that right mate,but better team won..
  19. Exactly.See Dr death Scrutinizor is back with us after a defeat.Only time he offers a damning critique.Livi fans know better.Ignore his pathetic summaries as we usually do.We know where our priorities lie.And were on course to give him or her a severe kick where it hurts.Lets see his comments end of the season.I suspect not.
  20. On paper our arguably our strongest starting 11.Cmon the Lions,let's do this..
  21. League is still the priority for me. I see this as a free hit and one where weve a genuine chance of going through.Despite their current form,I darent write Hearts off.Their at home and imo will be favourites, but its a one off and I really hope the Lions have a real go here.First goal will be crucial, and hopefully its us that gets it.Good luck Livi. .
  22. Huge incentive for both here.Montano will be a loss for Livi after his ridiculous red card on Saturday,but Bailey should start this and big Joel is back as well.County have been on terrific form as have Livi.Tough one to call.Find myself sitting on the fence for this one.Hopefully the 3 points coming south.Mon the Lions..
  23. Don's fans prior to this in the Almondvale suite,were incesent they would lose.Wasnt being takin in by this.But they were dead right.Sheep.were awfull.And for once in a long time we got the result we deserved.No pitch invasion required. As for Livi,we know inconsistentcy is our worst enemy.Were not far away from our objective once again.Itl never happen,but would love to have Aberdeens resources and fan base.Ive said many times before on here big clubs and big supports don't always win games.But granted it would help us without being patriotinising.
  24. Gonna be wild out there,weather relentless.Wrap up well.Mon the Lions..
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