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  1. Think we are going to be linked with a few players and viceaverca.Until i see it confirmed by the club il try and ignore all the rumours at this time of the year.We are doing better than i expected and personally i cant wait to see the back of January.
  2. Doubt very much we would get any way near 1m for Dykes as much as wede love to.He seems to have settled into our system of play and could be a massive part in us staying in this league. Would hate to weaken our forward line more than would be neccsesery. Cant wait till January is over.Big decisions ahead..
  3. Not saying that it would have made a difference, but Lithgow and Devlin missing from our backline due to injuries. Cant wait to get them back.
  4. Ach well,good while it lasted. Park the bus Livi.Anybody but Broony.
  5. Cant give Celtic the room they got there.Theyl bury you.Cmon Livi.
  6. No bad.Held them for 19mins.Here we go.God help us.
  7. Expect this will be different from the last time. Damage limitation will do for me.Bigger games ahead for Livi rather than this.
  8. With Dykes being under contract for a while yet we could certainly dig our heels in and wait for a really good offer Even more so now,we have to get another striker in and quick. Lees wages should help us source someone to help Lyndon.Should have been done months ago imo.The consequenses for our failure to do so just dont bare thinking about.For fechs sake Livi,get the finger oot.
  9. Yeh meant to put in the necessity for us to have back up Atlis. Worrying that clubs are sniffing round Dykes as well.We will find out soon enough if the club are serious about staying in the Spl.Cant keep relying on mids and defenders to bale us out.
  10. Not sure if money would be an issue here tbh.If Lee wants to go i dont think the club would stand in his way and allow him to further his career at the place he knows so well.In the time hes been with us hes served the club admirally and if he were to go im sure most Livi fans would wish him well.
  11. Nea chance.Why would he drop two divisions when hes doing so well at Livi.Not to mention putting up with those supporters if it went tits up.Wont happen.Fact.
  12. It wont be his last game in charge and you all know it.Yous cant afford to punt him.He will be here till January. By which time youl be playing catchup. Falkirk # Boring.Going nowhere.
  13. Listen mate,been there got the t shirt etc Your club arent listening to yous.Its hard and you ask yourself whats the point.The point is you support your club through thick and thin We all know Falkirk will come good eventualy. But yous will have to get your house in order from top to bottom.Ffs sort it out.
  14. Unfortunatly theirs an element of the Falkirk support mainly middle aged mind you that wont recognise yous have a problem here.Yous got out of jail today. But your club arent listening to yous.Its tough,but yous will have to ride this out.Tough times ahead in Grangemouth methinks.
  15. Good post mate.Says it all about whats happening at Falkirk at the moment.When realism sets in its sad that such a so called big club has slumped to these depths. Their support is crying out for change from top to bottom.Worrying times in Grangemouth.
  16. You might be right mate,big time mentality obviously getting to the Bairns.Wouldnt like to be outside that ground if this continues.
  17. And yours is better.Dont support any of these.But think Falkirk's asspirations are a wee bit higher than Dumbartons.Scenes at Dumbarton from Bairns fans says it all.
  18. Ffs Falkirk.Another coupon buster. Get a fechin grip.
  19. His names Gary by the way.And hes right.If the quality that the Rangers possess cant stand up to the physicality in the Scottish game then yous have a problem.Whithin reason weve got to use any wee advantage we can against a vastly superior team.Not expecting much from this game but theres no point in turning up if we feel weve no chance.Hope we have a real go.You never know?.
  20. Holt and his so called puppet master definatly had Levien and Mcphee in their back pockets as i recall.Dont panick, niether are going anywhere.
  21. Crispy. You know where our problem lies. Christ Rafa,Dolly Jack to name but a few..They are still our players. At the moment toothless up front.
  22. Totally agree L/F.I certainly,wasnt being harsh.Sarkich didnt cover himself in glory.Its so frustrating knowing that we dont have that striking option that so many teams would struggle to contain. Auld firm next. Help ma boab.
  23. Are you havin a laugh. Devlin who has been magnificent for us recently and Dykes missing.Your a Livi fan.But Ffs. No striker means no return.Fact.
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