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  1. Pitts knows the high regard we have for him.The chances hes had to leave us over the years too numerous to mention.Hes stuck by us .And to us Lions the epitamy of a true Livi legend.And long may he continue..
  2. So,home win,aye.Livi just turn up to make the numbers up. Diddy team upset the applecart.Headlines in the city of discovery tomorrow. Back down to earth.Good luck in Europe, then come home to reality.
  3. You do realise your coming up against a resurgent Livi.Great result the other night.What's more important, Europe or Premier league. Id suggest the latter.The Lions be up for this,no doubt.So suggest shitfest draw here,unfortunately.
  4. Nevermind Bairns.On the plus side,youl provide the clubs around you with welcome income with your huge traveling support.Chins up boys and girls.
  5. Yeh, get your point but the painfull fact is we don't have anywhere near enough season ticket holders to fill the West stand on any givin Saturday.The club is a business and has to generate as much income as they possibly can. Its sad but most other clubs do it,and we're no different. There will be Sevco fans in our stand.Wouldnt it be brilliant if they have a shitey day,although highly unlikely. Depressing. .
  6. Club said a few weeks back that sales were up 48% on last season.Would hazard a guess at around 1100.But as I say just a guess. Club don't usually divulge total sales..
  7. Don't think you'll find many Livi fans expecting to much from this.Best chance we catch Rangers cold,but highly unlikely. We are not ready to take on the Govan juggernaut at the moment imo.However the Glasgow two don't like coming here and hopefully we give a decent account of ourselves.Definatly would be a shock if we took something from this.More important games ahead I feel.But nothing to lose so might as well have a go.Mon the Lions.
  8. The Rangers game and Sky coverage will more than take care of that.£££.
  9. FWITSW.Caley have this in there own hands.Livi after today will as usual scrape into the latter stages regardless of Caleys result midweek.And well deserved. If Livi can keep ten men on the pitch.Theve a chance.
  10. If its last chance saloon. Id take him.The guys in front of him would Have to put a helluva shift to take pressure off him.The support is divided,and rightly so.Max,got other things on his mind.Ivan reasonably reliable. Do we get Shwake back from his loan spell.The Colchester thing seems to have fallen through.Wrve always been good in the goalie situation. Until now.
  11. Solid opponent.Albion Rovers have just scudded them.Reckon a home win is on the cards.Whether that will be enough remains to be seen.Caley well in the driving seat.Might sneak in through the back door,as weve done before..
  12. Thank fech.Nicky getting Goncalves outa jail there.Sets us up next week with a wee chance of getting out of the group behind Caley.Albion Rovers beating Kelty,strange group.Caleys to lose.
  13. I haven't pressed the panic button, yet.But as far as this competition is concerned as it stands.Any thing other than 3 points,and we're out imo.
  14. Not sure what starting eleven Martindale will go with today.Hes been so unpredictable recently trying to give everyone a run out.Got to improve considerably or can see us struggling here.Hope I'm wrong.Mon the Lions.
  15. I expected yous to put a few past Kelty at the weekend.Hope your defence is as suspect as ours.Both sets of forwards could have a field day.Bring it on..
  16. Think this group is gonna be a lot tighter than some would envisage.Cove still to play,Caley edge theirs,Livi doing what Livi do.Its early doors for all of us.Reckon Livi Caley on Tuesday will tell us.Home win and we can all rest easy.
  17. Yeh,agree with your latter comment Atlis.Maybe cruising the wrong terminology. And changing the team certainly didn't help either.In the context of the group yeh we're top but we don't half do things the difficult way when it could be so much easier for us.Wel find out on Tuesday night for sure.
  18. Surely a rocket up the arse from Martindale after that.3 0 up and cruising.Yeh its a win,but cmon.Caley won't be as benevolent on Tuesday night.Still a helluva lot of work to be done before the proper season starts.Slightly concerned .
  19. Good to see Bruce on the bench.Injury not as serious as first thought apparently. .
  20. Could be a hidden gem in there,if his videos are anything to go by.Welcome to the Lions Den big man. .
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