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  1. Hard one to call this.We will have to improve from Saturday. Took us ages to get into our stride Saints wont lie down thats for sure.Big game for both.Being at home on our pitch might just swing it in our favour,but I certainly wouldnt put my house on it.Mon the Lions.🦁
  2. From what ive heard.Main concern is keeping Dykes here.Dont know if wee can.This attacking midfeilders situation
  3. Trying to get a live Stream of this.Difficuilt.But 25 mins in still 0 0.
  4. Ryan Hardie scores for Plymouth.I thought he was still at Blackpool. Christ need to keep up with transfers.
  5. Sorry off topic.But see Villa have just signed former Liverpool goalie Pepe Reina. Sarkic dropping further down the pecking order.Frustrating to say in the least.Would love to have him back here, unlikely though.Shame.
  6. Would love to see him back but the nature of loan deals means you are always at the mercy of the parent clubs.Frustrating but thems the rules. Hopefully Gary has a plan B for this scenario as im not too confident in who we have left at the back. Waiting patiently to see what we do.
  7. Never heard of the boy Currie and Stranraer currently bottom of league one.Doesnt exactly enthuse me with confidence.No offence to the boy.
  8. Ambrose i could maybe stomach as long as those bomb scare moments are out of his system.As for Moshni, no no no!
  9. Through our short history weve come accustumed to things like this happening when at the time weve been doing so well.Thats the price of succsess i guess.Sarkik would be a big loss for us,but loan deals are so fragile in their nature that theres not a lot you can do about it im afraid. Hes their player and if they want him back its their right to do so.Would be great if he stayed,seems to like it here.If he goes then its just another headache we'd have to deal with. Fingers crossed.
  10. For me, of those mentioned I really hope Lawless is here for the foreseable future.The Sarkic situation is a worry though, hopefully hes here till the end of the season.Would make a big difference to us being safe or not.Really hope disruption is kept to a minimum and as ive said previously i cant wait to see the back of January still intact.
  11. Think we are going to be linked with a few players and viceaverca.Until i see it confirmed by the club il try and ignore all the rumours at this time of the year.We are doing better than i expected and personally i cant wait to see the back of January.
  12. Doubt very much we would get any way near 1m for Dykes as much as wede love to.He seems to have settled into our system of play and could be a massive part in us staying in this league. Would hate to weaken our forward line more than would be neccsesery. Cant wait till January is over.Big decisions ahead.🦁.
  13. Not saying that it would have made a difference, but Lithgow and Devlin missing from our backline due to injuries. Cant wait to get them back.
  14. Ach well,good while it lasted. Park the bus Livi.Anybody but Broony.
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