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  1. Aye,the old adage of getting of to a flier will seriously be in jeapordy this term.Dont want to be cut adrift,even this early.Gutted for Jack and Jaze. Hopefully we gather ourselves and start to punch above our weight again.πŸ‘ŠπŸ¦πŸ‘.
  2. At least we're taking the defeat with dignity.Reallity is Rangers we're comfortable winners and never in danger.Livingston won't be judged on this game.Not many teams will take points at Ibrox,and I include Celtic in that bracket.Our agenda is massively different from Rangers.And I sincerely hope we confound the doubters once again this season. Congratulations on your win,well deserved.
  3. Do you really think he'll tell you L/F.Hides behind his keyboard.We will get it all next season from him as usual telling us all I told you so.
  4. Only thing that consoles me is that we cant due to circumstances be any more drossed than we currently are.Big players due back and so will we.Here we go again..
  5. All ifs and buts Atlis.For me the Alloa game is the one that will ultimately prove to be so costly in this competition. However we do have a knack of doing things the hard way.Just not so sure with this current team.Left the Stadium last night totally underwhelmed as did many others.Heard so many saying, its going to be a long hard season.And their dead right.🦁🀞.
  6. Penrice is not Premier League standard imo.Our defence in the coming season is severely lacking in quality and it could hurt us in the long run.I kinda get the feeling we're gonna be the Accies of the last few seasons and confound the critics.But I wouldn't put my house on it.Tough times ahead I fear.
  7. It hurts me ,but have to agree.For the good of the current team.Keahgs will know .I'd trust him to make the right decision. If he feels he can still offer quality to the club,il be right behind him.Hes a professional and as such he will know if the love affair is coming to an end.Legend.πŸ¦πŸ‘.
  8. We don't need another winger,we're well covered in that dept.An out and out striker a a good solid CB and we should be just about there.Be interesting to see how many get a run out today down at the stadium against East Stirling in the friendly πŸ€”.
  9. Best of luck to him.Deserves it.LegendπŸ¦πŸ‘.
  10. Davie has said he's looking at the lower leagues in England.Welcome Tom Parkes to the Lions Den.Could be a steal for us.Good experienced pro and should fit in to the squad.Good to see the squad rebuild continuing early.Gives us time to gel them together for next season.πŸ‘πŸ¦.
  11. Big supports don't always win honours.They help undoubtedly. A lot of provincial teams like Saints Well St Mirren Livj etc sometimes upset the applecart.IMO its healthy for our game to see the O/F are not machines.They can be beaten with ethos and beliefe. Thanks to Saints and the other so called diddy teams. We are still here. Bring it on.
  12. Probably won't happen again.No 1 in Tayside no doubts.You boys did it. Hope Perth is rockin tonight.Would love to be there.Congratulations from Livi fan with friends in Perth.
  13. Great achievement. Livi fans doff their hats to you.As L/F says enjoy your night.Well deserved.Robbed of MOTY by the way.Real fans know who it is.πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ†.
  14. This group certainly haven't performed to their capabilities for the last couple of months.Bigger picture we've had a better season than I anticipated. Livi fans recognise that we have punched above our weight. Every season we're most pundits bet for relegation at the start.And for some next season will be no different.
  15. My fear knows no abounds as you know L/F.But I'm realistic enough to see that most seasons our expectations should be tapered due to the size of club we are.We have pleasantly surprisingly punched above our weight the last two seasons and hopefully next season we continue to defy the odds.
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