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  1. Fair play to Morton today our overwhelming deficiencies up front showed up and cost us dearly.Morton were the hungrier team and deserved the win.Its early days for us and hopefully we get this out of our system and quick. Imrie has got a decent team there and I'll look out for yous in the coming season.Lets see if you can defy the odds like I hope we can,again..
  2. FWITS worth.That wasn't the Livi I'm used to whatching.Due to injuries and an overweight unfit replacement.No complaints. We had nothing up front which Morton capitalised,and fair play to them.Our defence especially our goalkeeper had an absolute mare at best.Weve got to get our proverbial arses into gear,otherwise could be going to Greenock in a couple of years.
  3. Yeh,no Anderson ,Hamilton off injured.An unfit Goncalves up front.Said weeks ago,we've got to get a decent striker in before the season starts proper.From our point of view,early doors I get but this really has to be addressed.
  4. Only a friendly today against Morton.Will be good to see all the ex Livi players back at Almondvale.Decent run out for both teams.Just great to be back..
  5. Have seen Goncalves .He's no Bruce.If Bruce is gone youl see what I mean.Im talking Premier League here.Christ as many other Livi fans have eluded I hope this is just paper talk.
  6. TBF.Aberdeens loss was our gain.Weve seen the best of him.Was always going to be difficult for him to replicate Dykes Hardie etc.But he did.Would be or could be the difference of us fighting our expected relegation battle or with the newbies defying the odds once again.Hes had the chance of top six cruelly taken from him.Hope he stays.
  7. Good comments from fellow fans.Right let's get down to the nitty gritty here.Bruce goes for relative megabucks.What have we got left striker wise .Imo zilch.Id hoped someone decent would come in if he got injured to help us.Hasnt happened. Look at the current options. Is it just me or am I whatching a different game.From wingers,mid field to the back yeh fine.But up front.Bruce goes,we have a problem.Livi fans know what I'm saying. I'll leave it there.
  8. Hearing rumours Sunderland enquiring about Bruce Anderson. Hope this is shite.Really can't afford to lose him after Forrest and Bailey. We're gonna be tested here.If he goes our striking options will be devastated imo.Only Hamilton as a recognised striker puts the fear in we.Of course if its shite,disregard this post.
  9. Hes just been relegated from league Two with Oldham Athletic. Doesnt fill me with overwhelming confidence.Videos always look nice.Looks like as has been said the type of player that Davie likes and of course within our budget.Like the other newbies,will reserve judgement until weve actually seen them.Until then .
  10. Shafted once again from the SFA.Was stupidly hoping for a decent start to the campaign. ie Killie Ross St Mirren St Johnstone etc.But once again theve excelled themselves.Pathetic.Hope the Lions get it right roond them and as weve done before put that spanner in the works.Cant wait..
  11. Really encouraging. I've said for years it would take us a while to build our fanbase back to respectability. I'm hopefull we'll get there.Would be great to get the West stand full regularly and plenty more for others to come back to.Sure the players would be greatfull for all the support they more than deserve. Well done to all..
  12. Thing is weve become accustomed as a so called diddy team to losing players weve become attached to.Its in our DNA.Forrest Halkett Dykes Hardie Fernandez to name but a few.They won't be the last,but weve appreciated them when theve been with us.And givin us some great memories. We move on to the next chapter in our relatively short history. .
  13. Yeh,was a good end of the season for us.Congratulations to the POY award winners last night.Thoughrally deserved . Well done to all.Not long to go before we go again..
  14. Wee had big hopes for Jaze.Your fans are right,there is a player in there.Just not ready for the rigours of the SPL yet.But he's young and the potential is definitely there.As for Keoghan.His playing career is coming to an end at this level imo.What a CV he's got.Legend at Livi.But weve got to move on.
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