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  1. See Livi are looking to sign French winger Adama Diakhaby.Hes on trial and looks decent.Will have to move a couple on to make it happen apparently.
  2. Congratulations to Davie Martindale on his manager of the month award.Hopefully more to come.Hes been a breath of fresh air to the Scottish game..
  3. Sorry,wasn't being offensive. As an outsider looking in seems that both Falkirk and Dunfermline have struggled against a so called lesser team in this league. As for Clyde,seems they need to get their act together not just against the so called big hitters in your league but those around them.Thats what will keep yous up imo.
  4. As a neutral, will try and make it to the next Bairns v Dunfermline game.Could be season defining for both.Blood and snotters. Both too big for this league imo.
  5. Anybody on this thread think that Livi even this early will be safe from the drop.Asking for a nervous friend..
  6. Still feels like a defeat. 3 points in the bag,and we contrived to blow it.But bigger picture, 7 points from the last 9.Il take that.Going into the WC break best in the Lothians again.Edinburgh..
  7. Hearts got away with one there.Livi could have put this game to bed.And should have.Shows how far weve come when dissapointed with a point from Tynecastle.Pity Anderson wasn't on to Bury the chances we had to do so.Top 4 though will do for me..
  8. Having these points in the bag is a big plus for us.Decent return for Livi in the first part of the season.But im sure Davie will take nothing for granted.Imo we should have had a few more points than we've got,but most Livi fans will be happy where we are im sure.Long way to go but heading in the right direction. .
  9. Another win and another non appearance from Scrutinizor. Sorry Don's fans,this is a guy who habitually comes on our thread every time we lose.Hes been conspicuous by his absence the last couple of weeks. No doubt he'll crawl back out next time we lose..
  10. We'll know how this game will pan out once the starting 11 is announced. Will Martindale be brave enough to set us up as an attack minded force.Would love it,but suspect not.If that is the case I'd hope we could take something from this despite the fact we're at home.Mon the Lions .
  11. Lost cause.Im in the Premier League and doing nicely thank you very much.Was trying from the outside to give you both kudos for your respective supports.Dont know why I bothered.Sure in maybe 3 or so years we'll lock horns.Do your homework before posting pish.Lol.Wee clue..
  12. Incidently. Wheres Scrutinizors summary of last nights game.Oh,forgot.He only comes on when we've lost.GIROND you.Not a Livi fan and we all know it.Just lose yourself.
  13. Sorry to dissapoint I'm not.But I do envy the support you both command,even in League 1..
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