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  1. The pronounciatiion from Queens and Thistle fans always leaves me with a sense of ,why didn't I do better at school. Are Big Falkirk that bad.You tell me.Had this as a stonewall draw on my coupon,as did many others.The Web showed Falkirk for what they are atm.Billy big baws. But in free fall.
  2. FFS.I suspected Falkirk were going through a bad patch but cmon.As a neutral im at their stadium next week for hospitality.Been told a suit is required. Maybe body armour would be more appropriate. Said weeks ago that changes would have to made.Think that has to happen asap to give yous a chance of salvaging a so far disappointing season for yous.And Cove next week.But you guys know this.Good luck.
  3. Yeh,thats my concern as well.Ultimatly its the Police who will make the decision, not the club.But Sky are in town so I guess they'll do their damndest to get it on.
  4. Forget the plastic etc.Ragers don't like coming here.Were 5 games unbeaten. Huge task for us for that to continue. The longer this game goes goaless will give us confidence.Weve nothing to lose here but you never know,as Slippy found out previously. Mon the Lions..
  5. You guys know that with everything that's gone on at Falkirk the last few months,your going to get ripped apart from opposing fans regardless.Swings and roundabouts comes to mind.From the outside I detect a change from top to bottom may benefit yous in the short term.Not patronising but your own fans have voiced this many times recently. I genuinely wish yous well..
  6. As a neutral, still looking forward to my visit to the FFS in a fortnight v Cove.Reckon Sheerin will still be in the dugout by then.Thought against ten men so early you might have had a chance,but no.Tendancy to grab defeat from the jaws of victory seems to be the norm at Falkirk atm.Surely yous have got to turn a corner eventually, or am I dreaming?.
  7. Might be just another helmet.But listen to the majority of your fans.The last couple of months have to use your words chronic for your club no debate.For a club your size without patronising should comfortably negotiate yourselves out of this league. Your fans know this and you've still plenty time to readdress this.Suspect changes at managerial level is inevitable. Just don't leave it too late when it becomes unsurmountable.
  8. Yeh,just seen it again.Stonewaller my arse.In real time it looks like it but as has been said,correct call from the ref.Would have been an injustice to Livi who deserved their point.
  9. End of the day.A share of the points probably the best outcome for both.Alnwick pulled of a couple of decent saves for Saints. Buddies will feel robbed of the chance to sneak it at the end.But overall Livi deserved their point on the balance of play over the 90 mins.Terrible game to watch,but there will be a few of these in the months to come.
  10. Its called banter mate,look that up in your dictionary. I'd suggest contery to your view many Bairns would disagree about your assumptions of your teams performance today.My grammar might not be to your obvious superior standards ,but the sentiment is still there.Yous are struggling, and you know it without being patronising.
  11. Ive told myself to f**k off many a time.But thanks for your encouraging response.Hope that award is in the post.What a walloper I am..
  12. Yep,hard on Saints.But Stryjek would have probably saved the pen,he's used to it tbf.But agree,terrible game from both.
  13. Hi,cretin here.Said last week whilst beating a dogshite Dumbarton not to get carried away.And what happens?.Suspect wee Hartley will come back to haunt yous on the 11th.Agree with the majority of your supporters, Sheerin has to go to give yous a chance off the playoffs.Cant see it happening though.Falkirk losing to Montrose says it all.Tough times in Grangemouth.
  14. Ffs you were playing Dumbarton.As has been mentioned, dugshite,your words not mine.So Sheerin gets a reprieve.All good now in Grangemouth.?.The thousands,sorry hundreds know better.Wee stab at that title.Aye right.
  15. FITS.worth.I think results elsewhere went for yous today. You've plenty time to turn this around.Hopefully by the time I visit yous on the 11th v Cove.Sorry Hospitality. Christ surely you guys can get your arses into gear.Or do I stay at home?
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