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  1. It has been stated many times and on the club website that MOH is a striker. Tommy has played him there. You could add a couple of more goals to your list
  2. Will Tommy play his back 3 in preparation for the next 2 games against the old firm? He will probably play his usual back four, Wright and Wotherspoon wide with McCann Butcher and Holt in the middle and May up front
  3. Tommy will go with 1 up front. He will flood the midfield and play not to lose. Every point counts Clark Duffy Kerr McCart Booth O'Halloran Holt McCann Craig Wotherspoon May He may even have a surprise at Right back?
  4. If St Mirren and Hamilton draw against each other and lose their other games, I recon we only need a couple of points 😎
  5. Clark Ralston Kerr Gordon Booth O'Halloran Holt McCann Wotherspoon May Hendry If he plays 1 up front Craig in midfield
  6. This transfer window has thrown up more questions than answers. Have we improved the team and have we improved the squad? It was as Tommy said 1 out 1 in. Vihmann out McCart in, McCart has to be an improvement in the squad. Will he improve the team? He will have to be better than Kerr or Gordon to do that. Tommy may play 3 at the back and that may improve the team. But if it was his intention to do that why sign a winger when we already have 4. We are now back to 5 wingers and Tommy will now play a team without wingers, if he does it is a strange signing. Callachan out Butcher in. This is a wait and see Butcher in on the mend from injury it so may take him some time to get up to speed. Kennedy out Jones in, I cannot see Jones being an improvement on Kennedy. The squad may be slightly better but the team is poorer for the loss of Kennedy.
  7. Celtic youngster Chris McQueen. We have enough in the Kinder Garden
  8. I would put MOH along side Swanson. He is not a striker. Just look at the chances he is missing.
  9. They will not all have a relegation release clause.
  10. The point I was trying to make is if we get relegated those with relegation release clause will be off and the squad will be even thinner
  11. How many of them have relegation release clauses in their contracts.
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