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  1. There will be more saying told you so when he has not Bagged his 5th league goal by November.
  2. Scotland vs Cyprus saturday match thread

    It may be time to approach Martin Cranie (Sheffield Utd) again. His father is Scottish and he is a better option than the centre backs we have now.
  3. I do not rate O'Halloran as a forward. He cannot jump or hold the ball and we lose his pace and his ability run at defenders on the wing. He played wide right in our cup final year and wide left on is loan spell from Rangers. For me he is a wide player not a forward, I would like to see him on the right.
  4. Same outcome last time Saints visited Hamilton, not pretending Saints not good enough
  5. Not a shot on target sums up St Johnstones performance
  6. You are correct but I was quoting creative players.
  7. No Davidson, Kennedy or O'Halloran certainly making it easy for Hamilton
  8. We have done what needed to do, finished best of the rest. Now it time to look after our best interests, not Hamiltons, St Mirrens nor Dundee United. Anyone a yellow card away from suspension does not play, anyone who has bad knees or a slight injury does not play on that horrid pitch. Look after our players, sorry to the St Mirren fans out there but you would do the same in our position. Having said all that I still believe what ever team Wright fields will more than capable of a victory.
  9. Our best striker; 3 goals and 3 assist speaks volumes about why we need another striker. Kenny Milller is 39 and does the same job and playing for the worse team in the league and scores 8 goals. I am not advocating we sign him. We obviously disagree about the main duty of a striker, for me it is score goals. But that's football we all have opinions but it is Wright's that matters.
  10. I agree we got a mixed bag from Kane. I am not a great supporter of him as a striker. I cannot deny that he always gives 100%. (like my old maths teacher said he tries hard but fails to make the grades) For me effort is not enough, he had at least 3 very good chances yesterday and missed all 3. Stats do not lie. This season 3 goals, 3 assists and 46% of shot on target. It does not make good reading for a centre forward. Therefore do we play him again next season and get the same results or do we try someone else. I know the £1mil question where do we find some one to replace him? I feel we will struggle next season without a centre forward who can score goals. https://www.bbc.com/sport/football/teams/st-johnstone/top-scorers
  11. One swallow does not a summer make, one win does not a title make. What it does make is Celtic will be vulnerable next year if Lennon gets the job and Celtic do not invest for next season those players out there today will not the title next year.
  12. A stroll in the park for Rangers, congratulations on being second the first losers. As others have said that should put a nail in the coffin of Lennon getting the job full time. This must give Hearts hope for the final.
  13. 83rd min Celtics first shot on target