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  1. Why does he persist in playing O'Halloran up front. He is like a fish out of water. We have 0 goals and 0 assists playing him there. He can only play in one position wide right, that is where he scores and gives assists.
  2. Jordan Northcott we do not have a striker on the bench MOH has tried and failed (Cancel forgot out on loan) Ross Callachan who can play central
  3. Yes every one can change a game but it is a waste of a sub, there in no way that he will use all 3 today.
  4. Tommy has 3 wide midfielders on the bench, Wright, Swanson and O'Halloran why does he need 3?
  5. I do not think Tommy will start Gordon or MOH . Since we last played Motherwell in September MOH has only had 2 x 30 minute spells. No way can he be match fit and sharp enough to start (no matter how hard he trains.) Swanson is in the same boat. Gordon also lacks match practice. Tommy has played Wright, Kennedy and Wotherspoon that would suggest if he plays Kennedy up front, Wotherspoon would start and MOH or Swanson getting 30 minutes. I do not believe Tommy will start 2 up front it will be the usual 4:2:3:1 and it is the question of who will replace Davidson, Craig or Holt Clark Ralston Duffy Kerr Tanser McCann Holt Wright Kennedy Wotherspoon May I hope I am wrong, as I too would like us to play 2 up front.
  6. Now I know Tommy's lost the plot. Stevie May has been crying out for support up front. What does Tommy do put two up front and take him off
  7. The goal, very poor defending by Kerr (again)
  8. Back to suicidal and immature defending. Positive from yesterday St Mirren also lost.
  9. I take on board the comments but let them worry about our formation and tactics. We are at home and if it's not broken do not try and fix it.
  10. I would play the same team again. Why change after two wins?
  11. I agree, he will not start MOH, he has only played about 30mins in a month. He will have lost his match sharpness.
  12. So you agree that would be better captain as he is not as bad as Kerr. Who do think should be Capain. Or should Kerr just plod along in the hope that he eventualy become a captain and hope his game will return to the standards of last season.
  13. In the league: Clark, Kerr, Tanser and Davidson have played every minute. (900 mins). Kennedy 767 mins and McCann 754 mins are the next closest. If Tommy like most managers wants his Captain to be playing in every game ther are his choices. I believe the Captain should be a leader who can rally the team when things are going aaginst them and raise the team to play better. Also give out praise and a bollocking when needed. There is nothing written in stone that states you cannot have a club captain and change your on the field Captain from game to game. In my opinion this is what is needed. It has been suggested that Craig (233 mins played) and Wotherspoon (250 mins played) have the qualities to captain the team. Therefore make them captain when they play. If he has to chose a player that is playing every week, I would take the prssure off of Kerr and give it to Tanser because at this momentin time Kerr is contributing nothing as a captain and it is hindering his game.
  14. Great game just the result we needed and other results brought the bottom 5 closer together.
  15. Not in the game I am watching he and Wotherspoon are swiching left and centre. in the 3 behind May. We are not playing two up front
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